I can wait no longer

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November 10, 2009 - From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Behold, I shall come in an instant! In a moment, I shall reach down and take My spoil! Says The Lord. Therefore, let the remnant of Israel be found waiting with eager hands, and let those grafted into My olive tree bear summer fruit! Let the sprigs sprout quickly, and let not the seedlings be withered; let not the noonday sun wilt or scorch any of My pleasant plants! Be moved from your places, oh My people, and be hidden! Be exalted, oh My beautiful ones, and find sanctuary in the tabernacle of My mercy! Be sheltered from all this burning heat, until the indignation passes by and The Majesty comes!

Therefore thus says The Lord…The time has come and is also ending! For I can no more endure all this iniquity! I can no more tolerate all these abominations which proliferate throughout the earth!… This generation is a trouble to Me! I am weary of bearing them!

Therefore, thus says The Lord… No more shall all this wickedness go unpunished! No more shall all these abominations stand! For I shall surely rid Myself of My adversaries and take vengeance on all My enemies! I shall surely come down and pour out wrath upon them! Behold, it shall be poured out on the face of the whole earth, and I shall not spare! It shall come down like flooding rain, like great hailstones, fire, and brimstone! Behold, it shall flow like great torrents of running waters, mixed with fire and blood! For that stored up shall be released from its hold, and that filled up shall be overturned!…

Yet you, O most foolish generation, will not fear Me; and you, My own people, will not believe. For you do always push out the hand against My messengers, and draw back from those I sent to offer you bread. Behold, you say you are My people, yet you cover your ears when The Word of God is spoken aloud, and hide your eyes when My words pass before you on the screen… Yet the time has come! And though you yet resist My voice, and turn away your ears from hearing My words, My wrath shall speak on My behalf and My power shall testify to the indignation of The Lord!

And though you run and hide yourselves, hiding in holes and in the clefts of the rocks, I shall flush you out!… Behold, the people have become a snare; by their own foot are they taken! For they fasten nets in their iniquity and dig pits in their wickedness! Thus in their own nets shall they be caught, and into their own pits shall I cause them to fall! I am The Lord.

For the dark clouds gather and the lightning flashes on the horizon, yet no one seeks shelter, not one abides in safety, nor does the sound of thunder make them afraid! For they are a foolish people, a most arrogant generation, a corrupt people heavy-laden with iniquity, a people who make many lofty assertions without knowledge… A wholly ignorant people who reject the knowledge of God, yet embrace every corrupt theory created by men of science, who know not their right hand from their left!

Therefore, thus says The Lord… I call My beloved to wait upon The Lord, to wait upon their King, for I am coming quickly! And I shall fill My vessels and send My anointed into battle! And they shall strike at the nations with a sword, a mighty sword, which I Myself shall give them, even the Word of My mouth! Behold, I will beset them with the gifts of the Spirit like jewels, and envelop them with the Glory of My majesty! And in them shall My name be en grafted; even it shall be written upon their foreheads! Says The Lord… Behold, I shall speak, and they shall declare My judgments to the nations! With their left hand they shall strike down their enemies, and with their right hand they shall uplift the lowly and oppressed! For I am The Lord, and I shall surely perform all these things by them! Then shall the multitudes tremble and know, I AM THE LORD, and these are My witnesses! For in them I shall dwell like a flame of fire!

Behold, the Day has come! Declares The Lord… I can wait no longer! For the cries of the oppressed, and of the hungry and of every starving child, of the believer and of the penitent, have reached deep into the ears of The Lord of Hosts! For My beloved are murdered in every corner, and My servants are persecuted from city to city! And the unborn are torn in pieces, in every city where satan dwells! THEY ARE BROKEN AND MURDERED BEFORE MY EYES!… Shall I not repay?! Says The Lord. Shall I not come down swiftly to punish and destroy?! SHALL I NOT DELIVER RECOMPENSE IN FULL?! Says The Almighty.

And what of all these houses called by My name, all these arrogant assemblies, all these denominations among the churches of men? Have any of these brought forth an offering worthy of acceptance, an offering of tears with sincere repentance, laying themselves upon the altar?… Who, among all these, have offered up prayers and supplications for the afflicted?! Who has come before Me on behalf of the unborn?! Where is the outcry?! MY EYES HAVE NOT SEEN IT, NEITHER HAVE MY EARS HEARD IT! Nor have I seen any, amongst all these churches of excess, strip themselves of all their fine apparel that they may clothe another! Nor have they bent down the knee, nor offered the hand to even one of these I sent to them asking!

Evil and wicked generation, brood of vipers, I have sent to you many witnesses; even the poor and the needy testify on My behalf! Behold, I have sent angels to you, you who call of yourselves Christian! Yes, I have sent many; without ceasing have I put many in your path!…


Therefore thus says The Lord your Maker, even I who bought you: I have looked upon you, I know your ways and all your doings; yes I have watched and I have listened, I have beheld your hearts and read every intention…

Therefore let it be known to you… You have been weighed, O churches of men! And you, O nation not desired, you have been judged! AND YOU HAVE ALL BEEN FOUND WANTING!… A most rebellious and deceitful generation! A great multitude of insolent people! Unruly children!… Your kingdom is finished, and all your houses shall be left to you desolate! Your every sanctuary shall be torn down, and you shall be broken in pieces! And of your gates, they shall be left wide open, and your enemies shall come in and take their spoil!

Churches of men, I had given you time to reveal your faith by works, to show yourselves worthy of Me, that I live in you and that you know Me, yet what is this I see?… A stiff arm and a stretched-out neck, a face full of haughty and high looks, a mouth teaching blasphemies and lies in My own name!

And so I shall leave you alone and desolate, all your lampstands removed and taken, all your candlesticks put out and toppled… Behold, you are estranged! I do not know you! Tears, many tears, deep and heavy sorrows, for she who would be My bride is not My bride! She has departed from Me and lusts after others! She remains a harlot!… And so I leave her to her own devices, with six months to repent.

Behold, MY Bride is chosen! She has been called out and shall soon be lifted up!…

For she is Mine and I know her, and she has known Me also, For she continually seeks My face And has not ceased from listening for My voice; Her lamp is filled and ready, her eyes gazing upward, Singing soft melodies in her heart to the praise of My glory…

Behold, I will come and marry her, and she will be taken, Caught up to My Father’s house for one week in The Lord… And we shall be together.

In that day, I shall wipe away all her tears…

Even every one she shed on the behalf of others; Even every one she shed over all this evil, Because of all this death and oppression; Even every one she shed in repentance, Of which I have counted…

Every tear she shed in seeking after her Bridegroom…

Every tear of love.