If you embrace the Bible, yet reject these Letters…

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The Lord says… Those, who embrace the Bible & reject these Letters, deny My Word

My Word has gone forth, yet who has embraced It?… Who has cupped their Ears to listen?! Says The Lord

April 18, 2010 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord… If you embrace the Bible, yet reject these Letters, you deny the word of The Lord; and if you embrace My Letters, yet reject the Bible, you deny the word of The Lord… For I am The Author and Finisher thereof.

Is this not how it has always been, even toward every prophet which I have sent?… Even to YahuShua, who is called Jesus and Christ, who is and was THE Prophet and Deliverer, The Mashiach?

For the people to whom the prophets were sent indeed had a form of godliness, yet denied the power thereof, saying within themselves, even one to the other… ‚We believe the Torah, yet we will reject these sent to us. Yea, we shall stone them in word and by deed, and cast all their cords from us…‘

Though it was I, Myself, who had sent to them prophets, even The Messiah who is called Christ. And was not the word of God through His prophets, even the words of The Messiah and His apostles, added to the Bible?… For I do not change.

Indeed, there is nothing new under the sun… For as My people refused Me in all times past, with a stiff arm and stretched out neck, with their foreheads hardened and their hearts calloused, so it is even to this day…

For all these who dwell in the churches of men are very rebellious, an insolent and deceived people; and all these devout of Israel remain blinded, a most stubborn and high-minded people…

Houses full of blind guides, who speak to the deaf, endeavoring to teach the dumb the songs of men… Says The Lord.