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August 5, 2010 - From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For The Lord’s Little Flock and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Holy One, your Redeemer… What is the knowledge of man? It is a stumbling stone. And the pride of man, is it not a rock of offense? How shall the blind see, unless someone heal them? Or a man grab hold of a line, unless it is first placed within his reach?… Such is the arrogance of men who seek out knowledge, that they may proclaim their own glory, believing falsely that they know the way already! They are deaf children, unable to hear the voice of The Living God, nor will they pay attention! For they do always refuse guidance, nor can they be led!

Yet the faithful servant of The Most High is wise, for he fears The Lord and waits upon Me with all patience and faith, nothing doubting. A servant such as this reads My Word, and knows I am The Author and The Finisher thereof, for I live in that man. Thus pride has no foothold and arrogance flees away. Behold, in him is no want at all, for The Lord is his fullness and his justification is in The Lord. And when he awakes and when he lies down to sleep, I am there… I am his life, and he is My joy.

Therefore, when a man such as this comes to an impasse in My word, according to his own understanding, what is his reaction? He continues on without hindrance or doubt, because his relationship with The Author is intimate, and his trust is without reservation. He remains at peace, and waits upon The Lord his God for the light of understanding, knowing that every word is true; ready to receive the spirit of the Word, stumbling not over its letter. For this man, My servant, has already decided in his heart that My Word is true. And until one is established firmly upon this premise, that indeed My Word is absolute Truth, he will remain daunted; striving to see but never fully understanding, straining to hear but remaining dull of hearing.

Thus for the wise and faithful servant, all barriers are removed. For his peace is in the knowing, I AM WHO I AM, though he yet stands at the beginning, unable to see the end… An heir of all I will reveal to him, when the fullness of time has come in.

And this, beloved, is what remains lacking among you; and this is why you struggle, though it need not be… Let go, for I am enough! Be still and breathe Me in, and you shall surely receive of that which you long for, that which you need! Or have you so quickly forgotten, I am your Author? Behold, I am also your Finisher, your Father.

For it is written… “Fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of The Holy One is understanding.” Outside of this is vanity, a false way, leading to great vexation of spirit, for I AM THE LORD. From the beginning it was I who had done it, even to the end I shall perform it; and behold, all shall be fulfilled according to My will! Therefore, to fear The Lord your God is indeed the beginning of wisdom, for how can one know Me unless they first acknowledge Me? And how can one fear Me, unless they believe I AM WHO I AM?… He who causes to be, He who called all things into existence, The Creator of Heaven and Earth!

Therefore, this is wisdom… I AM… And this is salvation… Immanu El…

And this is the loving mercy of God, in Whom all things consist… YahuShua!…

By Whom you shall also receive understanding… THE LORD.