In and by the Word are God’s Prophets sent out

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The Lord says… Cut these Cords that bind you to this World… For they tether you to Satan

October 30, 2005 – From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Timothy, lift up your head. You are freed from your sin, and will soon be freed from temptation wrought in sin. All sin is forgiven through Me, and forgiven are those who are penitent before Me. Though you stumble, I will lift you up, until that day which is coming quickly, where you shall stand and walk the way of the sanctified, which you will and have become, standing on your own accord by the strength I have placed in you because of your faith, nothing doubting.

I am The Beginning of your faith… Its Source, its Author and its Finisher. You are he who must accept, walk, and follow Me wherever I shall lead you.

There is a battle within you that must be waged, and through your faith in Me, won. All men have and do battle with satan and their own sin, that has become a part of them. I have taken your sin from you… It is only you, who holds onto that which is already forgiven you… So the battle rages.

Cut these cords that bind you to this evil world… In the world is no life at all. For even the world, in which you live, must die… It will pass away. Then will you behold that which is made new. Cut all these cords… They tether you to satan. He is cast down, and fights to hold onto that which is not his, wishing all become fallen as he is fallen.

You belong to Me and were given Me by The Father. All were created and belong to the Creator… Even lucifer, called satan. His fate is securely in The Father’s hands. Do not take counsel with him who is damned, nor take part in anything he has touched. All of his making is poison and becomes a sore and malignant ailment. Hold fast to that which is created by God and is filled with Spirit and Truth.

I am coming quickly. And yes, My beloved Timothy, you are that prophet, one of 144,000 sent out ahead of Me. Be as John, and baptize with My words and spirit… Be as bold as a lion and gentle as a lamb. And they, who would hear, will hear; and those, who would come, will come… To these have I sent you, these are the hungry and starving. To the rest, proclaim My warning only, with a mighty shout. But dwell firmly among the sheep you must feed, and especially spend time with the wounded and ailing sheep… This is your calling.

Doubt not, only obey… In your obedience will, in time, doubt, and finally, temptation, flee from you. For once I am fully established in you, and shown in your eyes as fire, and from your mouth a scorching wind, will all they, seen and unseen, flee from you in terror… For they will see Me there, and know their time is at its end.

For once The Master has stolen away His special flock, and sent out His shepherds to gather together His wild flock, these who gather shall gather, and none can come against them…

For as I AM are they who I send, for I am shown upon and within them. Whatsoever they ask of Me, I will do. Their flames shall burn bright, drawing all to their light, which is My light shown through them. Woe to those, who come against these sealed ones…

They shall be burned and cut to the heart by My witness’ words spoken, My words that are able to separate flesh from sinew, and sinew from bone, and soul from body… For My words carry life for those who love Me, and death for those who hate Me. The Words from My mouth are a sharp, double-edged sword… And also those, who are chosen, shall possess that which I also possess…

In this sword is salvation and death… All will be slain in their hearts… Many unto life, their hearts pierced and awakened…

And many more unto death, those who will not turn, so with great sadness to the dust shall they go… Dust to dust, and life to glory, forever and ever.