Jesus asks us to have uncommon Respect

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Jesus says… I have wonderful Plans for Each of you!… Have uncommon Respect

May 3, 2015 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

(Clare) Here I am, Lord.

(Jesus) “Here I am too.”

(Clare) OK.

(Jesus) “You don’t believe Me.”

(Clare) Please, can I see You, Jesus?

(Jesus) “Close your eyes. If I were any closer…oh ye of little faith.”

(Clare) What’s the matter with me, I wanted to worship tonight and it was so flat.

(Jesus) “Make better use of your time.”

(Clare) What does that mean?

(Jesus) “Get here sooner. No really, I do mean that. Try getting here much sooner, like 10:00.”

(Clare) OK.

(Jesus) “That will help, Beloved. You are tired, but this is the time of the day when the sap is going down not rising up.”

(Clare) So I’m a sap??

(Jesus) “Did I say that?”

(Clare) Kinda.

(Jesus) “Yes, you’re a sap, for Me.”

(Clare) OK.

(Jesus) “You say OK a LOT.”

(Clare) I agree with You a LOT.

(Jesus) “Good answer. Very diplomatic, slightly flattering and absolutely TRUE!”

(Clare) You’re making me laugh…

(Jesus) “Oh, that’s good…! I was afraid you were going to fall over dead, you were so excited about us being together tonight… I love you sweet Bride, I’m sorry you are tired and you are fighting the time of day.”

(Clare) Thank You Lord for taking time to cheer me up, You are so kind and fun to be with.

(Jesus) “Well, I want My Bride to know what to expect when she gets here to Heaven with Me, I love to have fun.”

(Clare) What would you like to speak to us about.

(Jesus) “About Respect. I want My Brides to respect all men and women, regardless of age, race, education, station in life. I want souls to recognize Me by My respect for others. This is something you can do for Me. Lack of respect has led to terrible down grading and a sense of loss and uselessness.

“It is even assumed that I don’t respect the rights of every man woman and child. It is not understood that equipping you with free will was a tremendous sacrifice on My part because I wanted you to choose Me out of love, freely, not like a slave who has no choice.

“Respect is a mark of recognition that you are ‘special’ and you all are indeed special to Me. When people disrespect you they are saying, ‘Your life doesn’t matter, you are disposable.’

“This has a tragic impact on humanity, it kills the will and the desire to dream. Nothing could be further from the truth! I love each and every soul with not only respect but dreams for them and a future that is rewarding. Yet because authority has been wielded unjustly, they equate Me with authority which is often callous and dismissive of an individuals rights.

“I want My Christians to treat people with uncommon respect, restore to them their sense of value and worth. Restore to them their sense of importance in the world. Reinstate them and show them that they are valuable. This is one thing that is lacking so seriously in human relations that you will be surprised at how it turns people 180 degrees around.

“Instead of kicking the dirt and walking away, shuffling uselessly, it will restore hope and put a spring in their step that gives them new hope, enthusiasm about who they are and who they can become.

“I have wonderful plans for every man woman and child on this Earth. Wonderful plans. But so many assume that I am dull and boring: all about rules and regulations, all about being quiet and pious, all about dark and restricting. Yet, you know that is absolutely untrue. Heaven is a place of glorious light, a place of purpose and creativity, a place where joy makes every foot dance, every heart leap and feel deeply necessary to My plans.”

“Yes, that is what I want to convey. You are important to Me. I have plans for you, beautiful plans, things you will love – not dark and restrictive but filled with brightness and new hope. When you show respect to others you bring them into My dimension, you are declaring their beauty, and their reason for being. You are saying, ‘To God, you are very important.’ Not just a cast away or byproduct of your culture, but truly a diamond in the raw.

“You are an individual, different – there is none like you, and this is not flattery, this is truth. And because you are unique, the plans I have for you are unique and especially fitted to the nature I created in you.

“Separating people from the crowd, taking away the numbers assigned to them and acknowledging their unique identity – the beauty of who they are – is even a mystery to them. But by showing uncommon respect you say… ‘There is something special about you, hidden greatness, something beautiful inside’. In essence you are affirming Me in My Creation and that each one I create has intrinsic beauty that is waiting to be brought to the surface.

“This goes so much against the grain of society and human relations that it will stop a soul in its tracks and make them wonder… ‘This person is different… what is it about them that has touched me?’ And that’s when they find out… God is living in you, you are His ambassador and to Him this soul is worth every pain of Calvary, every lash of the whip, every mocking, every blow of the hammer. At what a great price they have been Purchased! Yes, that is the true worth of every man, woman and child, nothing less than My passion.

“So when you show respect, you declare this in a subtle and hidden way. But it reaches the soul and touches them, they feel the difference in you from others…they feel ME. And in recognizing Me, half the battle is won. I am not who they thought I was, NO, I am the One who created them fearfully and wonderfully made, unlike any other, unique. And worth dying on the Cross for.

“This is what I want you to convey in your relations with others. Respect. Uncommon respect. That causes others to stop and ask themselves… ‘What is so different about them?’ And when you get their attention, that is half the battle, they aren’t in a defensive posture anymore – rather they are curious and want to know your secret.

“I bless you, My Children, with a new grace… Uncommon respect and My fragrance to touch hurting souls and bring them here to Me.”