Jesus elucidates… When Ministry becomes an Idol & Satan’s Ploys to separate you from Me

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Jesus elucidates… When Ministry becomes an Idol & Satan’s Ploys to separate you from Me

August 2, 2019 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

(Clare) Your mercies are new every morning. Thank You, Jesus, for caring so well for us.

Well, first of all I want to say that it’s been another day where things were around me that had to be taken care of, almost immediately. Not everything was like that, but many things were. And it kind of threw me. I never did manage to get into the deep and sweet fellowship with the Lord that I’m accustomed to in the morning. And I felt badly, because each time I would pursue the next task that needed to be done, I knew He was waiting for me. And I just couldn’t bring myself to stop! So, I asked the Lord… ‘What is on Your heart tonight, Jesus.’

Jesus began… “You are My Love. I miss you, Clare. What’s gotten into you Beloved?”

(Clare) ‘The world?’

(Jesus) “Well, not exactly. Am I worth waiting for?”

(Clare) ‘Yes, Lord. You are.’

(Jesus) “Then why can’t you wait? Why can’t you sit still and wait for Me?”

(Clare) ‘Well, I do feel that we are making some headway…’

(Jesus) “Getting things done?”

(Clare) ‘Yes, strings. Loose ends. Yes, I do feel like we’re getting things done.’

(Jesus) “And for this, you keep Me hanging? I really do understand you. Much better than you understand yourself. One thing to watch out for: when you feel better, don’t bounce off the walls, but apply yourself steadily to the work I set before you. First of all and foremost: prayer.”

(Clare) Truly, Lord, I can hardly believe you are speaking with me, I have been so distracted today. And giving in to one thing after another. I just don’t deserve Your fellowship.

(Jesus) “As a parent, what do you do when your child loses sight of where he or she is going? What do you do when they are headed down the wrong path?”

(Clare) ‘I pray and reason with them.’

(Jesus) “So why should I run from you or turn My back on you, when you really are wanting to stop this compulsiveness? Should I make Myself even more inaccessible. Or should I be right there by your side coaching you?”

(Clare) ‘I understand… I get it. What a wonderful God You are, Jesus! How could anyone not love You?’

(Jesus) “Very simply, they don’t know Me. They know what others have said about Me, and they don’t read the Bible. They are afraid of it, so they never learn how very tender and approachable I can be to a soul who is floundering.

“But I want you to recognize that you are also hanging under a cloud of Condemnation. It works in two ways. It causes a wedge of false guilt to be driven between us. And it causes compulsive behavior, which keeps you avoiding Me because you pile on more in order to be too busy for Me.

“This is nothing new to you or any of the Heartdwellers, and it is a calculated tactic of the devil to separate us. Over-work is another one. Taking on more than is necessary is also a divide and conquer tactic.”

(Clare) That’s interesting, dear ones. I got this particular rhema today. This is from my box of probably a good 1,000 rhema cards that I’ve collected over time, writing down Scriptures and words from the Lord. It says… “Simplify. Rid yourself of all unnecessary desires. Learn to live with less, and you will have more time for Me. Turn your back on whatever threatens to come between you and Me. I will help you. Do not let failures discourage you. I am with you in this.”

But how, Lord? I feel so good that what’s been hanging over my head is finally attainable, and I am able to finish it. So, I get up in the morning surrounded by loose ends that make me want to tackle them until they are all cleaned up and completed.

(Jesus) “I would much prefer you left it unfinished and lavished your time and attention on Me. I understand what is going on inside of you much better than you do, My Love. And you are heading down the road to lukewarmness. Though you think of Me constantly, your mind continues to be taken up with what is going on outside of our relationship, and not within your heart with Me.

“This is how a ministry becomes idolatry. The chosen soul begins to push Me aside and make Me wait, so he or she can wait on others and minister. Yes, ministry feels good. It feels good to help a soul with grace and insight. And that good feeling can be the very thing that entices you off into the world. Prayer becomes dull and boring compared to getting things done and communicating with others.

“Dear ones, it matters not if it is your husband, your children, your ministry, your home-making. Whatever is that path you push prayer to the side for, is your idol. Satan is very talented at taking so called ‘Good’ activities and goading you on to do them when you should be in prayer. There is a sense of accomplishment that satisfies the flesh and a soul when they are busy. Beware when you say… ‘Oh, it feels so good to finally get this done. The Lord won’t mind. I’ll pray tomorrow.’

“Yes, I do mind. Very, very much. I had gifts for you that you know not of. I needed your gentle touch on My cheek, your love and caring. Time is your most precious commodity. It is something that can never be regained once lost. I long for you to lavish your time on Me. I long for you to care enough that you are willing to wait quietly for My approach, even days if necessary. With anticipation – and not boredom and a desire to be active.

“What you are falling prey to is common to all men and women. It will take real effort to stop this habit. It’s very much like a long tanker which begins to stop six miles before the dock.”

(Clare) Lord, I need Your help, desperately. Only You can do this thing in me.

(Jesus) “Well said. But you have another advocate in Heaven, who on Earth mastered the art of waiting for Me. Her name is Mary, and she loves you dearly. Ask her to pray for you, Clare, just as you would ask Carol to pray for you. The Holy Spirit will take that request to her tender heart and she will lift you up to Me. You know that to Me, she is irresistible. When I see her concern, it fuels My desire to help, just as in the days of the wedding at Cana. She will also whisper in your ear when you are headed the wrong way. It is called the Marian multiplier. You pray, and she prays, and much favor is released to accomplish this holy end, which is weighing heavily on My heart, dear one. Please, Clare. Give it your best effort. It hurts when I don’t see you, and I can’t lavish what I want to give you, upon you. Please. Give it your best effort.”

(Clare) Thank You, Lord. I will, Your grace enduring.

(Jesus) “My grace is always with you for the better. Always. All you need to do is call out to Me, and I pour through you. Be at peace, dear one. You are greatly loved. And the things you fall prey to are common to all men.”