Jesus explains to His Bride... How you can hear and see Me

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Jesus explains… These are the Reasons, why you can’t hear Me?

March 28, 2015 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

Clare began… Thank you Lord for holding me so tenderly and showing me the many faces I have adored You in…and melding them into this.

Jesus answered… “My Bride, I didn’t want you to feel alienated from Me, I truly am all those things to you, yes, indeed the pictures you have used capture unique facets of My person and I have no objection to you using them. I only want for you to be acquainted with My actual face so that you will in no way be shocked when you see Me.”

(Clare) Oh Sweet Lord, how kind you are to me.

(Jesus) “Oh Sweet Bride, how I love you.”

(Clare) You certainly show it in so many ways, I am totally overwhelmed by Your gifts to us. Please comfort Ezekiel, please pull him out of the doldrums. Please?

(Jesus) “My Love he is carrying a very heavy cross for Me right now. Shall I remove it from him?”

(Clare) Well, no, perhaps if I explain that he will carry it with more confidence.

(Jesus) “Perhaps. But he has offered himself to Me as a total sacrifice so many times, and I rejoice to share with him what I must endure on behalf of souls.”

(Clare) I thought you endured all that on the cross.

(Jesus) “Sins, yes, but the dynamics of brewing situations, no. There is much tension in Heaven right now as well. We are all on the edge of our seats, so to speak. (Carol’s vision) Waiting, waiting, waiting.”

(Clare) I thought you said last night, ‘a date has been set.’ ?

(Jesus) “I did indeed, and that is what we are waiting on. You know how it feels to wait, however you have not nor will you ever know what waiting for this moment is like. It is like non other in history. It is horrendous. Waiting, waiting, waiting.”

(Clare) Can You tell me more?

(Jesus) “No My Love, except that you are very close.”

(Clare) Close in time or close in thinking?

(Jesus) “Both.”

(Clare) OK.

(Jesus) “Listen to Me, dear one, hold up under the pressures of this life only just a little more, don’t grow weary in well doing as you began to do today. I would say to you, you will receive your reward, but I know better, it is not for reward that you do this. You truly are a shepherdess, laying your life down day after day for the sheep. This is what I have always wanted for you.”

“There are many who wish to have this relationship with Me. I exclude no one, let that be made clear. My arms are wide open to all who seek Me…until they find Me. I am not an easy catch. I need to know how much I am wanted, I need to see a relentless bride searching hi and low for Me. Then, I shall surprise her with My presence. Most people give up way too easily, this is the majority of the problem.”

“Most people give in to the lies of the enemy, ‘you’re not worthy.’ Nothing could be further from the truth, unless you want to say, ‘Unless you are willing to seek Me until you find Me you are not worthy.’ Now that would be correct.”

“The other issue of purity is also major. Two facets: one is that the more stimulus you glean from the world, the less sensitive you are to My presence, My still small voice, My gentle breeze and embrace.”

“The other facet is uncleanliness. Feeding on the filth of the world makes a heart very soiled and unfit as a habitation. The house must be clean or at least committed to cleanliness.”

(Clare) Wow Lord. We needed to hear this!

(Jesus) “I know. Oh how I love each and every one that is seeking Me. That is why I am here to explain the direction they need to take. You know the things that offend Me. Sin offends Me very much. Sin in clothing, or lack of it, sin in violence, crime, hatred, gossip, backbiting, jealousy, adulteries. Soap operas are the epitome of sin and extremely noxious to Me. Like your nose in fresh dog excrement noxious. I mean very, very bad. These things not only offend Me but also the Heavenly court, the angels and the saints. Yet in your world they are matter of fact part of every day life.”

“If My Bride wants to find Me, she must lay aside these things and purify her heart and mind from all forms of entertainment that portray sin. This means music, clothing, behavior, speech, murder mysteries, wars, things that portray sin in any form. I don’t have a problem with biographies that show the progress of a soul coming to Me, that don’t make entertainment out of their sin, but simply portray where they were. It is the scintillating entertainments that spoil the perception of the delicate and clean things, dulling the senses and offending Me greatly.”

“Understand, that I too must endure what you are watching and thinking about. I too am in that bedroom watching unspeakable filth, I too am at that murder scene with all its suffering, I too am present at that intrigue that will steal and ruin the lives of hundreds caused by greedy men. These things HURT Me. Please My Brides, do not watch these things in movies or TV they are SO hurtful to Me. Do not listen to music or look at magazines, billboards, pictures that depict suffering and sin.”

(Clare) Lord, I remember how you recoiled at some of the images I was going to use for the nuclear war video.

(Jesus) “Oh Yes, horror of horrors, I created that soul, to see his very body on fire disturbs Me deeply. Remember I was there when that soul set fire to his body, I too felt the suffering, I had to work with his soul, determining his destination. No, No! Do not trouble Me with what you look at, listen to, think about. No. No. Do not put Me through that.”

“How can I embrace a Bride, when her mind is full of filth such as this? These things have half lives, they linger and linger and linger. Over and over again I must see these things as they are recalled to your memory.”

“Do you understand, “Blessed are the pure for they shall see God.”? Do you now understand why so many cannot find Me in their prayers? Yes, seek Me until you find Me, but first, clean your house. Come to Me clean, create a throne room in your heart that is undefiled with the filth of this world. And I must say it is not only filth, but worldliness that is offensive to Me.”

“Carnal preoccupations with cooking, sewing, decorating, buying, selling, having this and having that. Wanting this and wanting that. Oh those idols are detestable to Me and when I find that kind of clutter in a heart, I want to run the other way. And when I see that a soul prefers that to My company, well My heart collapses in sadness. Oh how could you prefer these worthless idols to Me, how could you?”

“I’m not talking about when you fall into a mood, or are deeply hurt and disappointed and you head for the Hagen-daas and a movie. Although keep the movie pure. I’m talking about making a conscious decision to forego time with Me for useless things. That’s why I get so disappointed with you when you follow rabbit trails on the internet. What a waste of time. And you are getting much better My Love, not following news stories that bait your curiosity. Much better.”

“These are willful sins you do not recognize, ‘Oh Lord cleanse me from my unknown sins.’ When you get done surfing, you feel conviction, ‘You know, I shouldn’t have wasted all that time.’ Your heart sinks a little knowing you’ve disappointed Me. Not only have you wasted time, you’ve also filled your mind with unnecessary cares, then you speak them out to others and pass them around, so you not only affect yourself but others as well, giving them a bad example. Do you see what I see, now?”

(Clare) Yes Lord, even for the first time, I am understanding why I feel a certain way after doing something that wasn’t your perfect will.

(Jesus) “Well, My Brides, I am not saying this to condemn you, do you understand that? I am answering your prayers, this is what I require of you, this is why you have such a hard time seeing and hearing Me. Work on this and I will bless you with visitations and consolations. I promise you.”

“Well, that’s enough to chew on for tonight My dove. Thank you for responding to Me so readily, all the dear ones on your channel have been on My heart, and now we can all work together to fulfill your dreams and desires to be with Me.”

“I love you all dearly and tenderly. I am coming for you. Prepare yourselves.”