Jesus invites us to come up higher

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Jesus says… I invite you to come up higher & A WARNING to Prosperity Christians

October 4, 2016 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

The Lord began… “Surrender is a good word to describe what I am asking of My Heartdwellers. Surrender coupled with commitment to stay surrendered. I have more for you, Clare, much more, and more for My Brides – so much more. It depends on how hungry you are, how much of Me do you want? How much are you willing to forego to have Me? You look at someone like Heidi Baker… She has quite a bit of Me. Do you want that much?

“Do you want more but are happy where you’ve settled? Do you know that there is no such thing as ‘settling’ where you are just maintaining? Decay, sloth and lukewarmness settle in on top of the place where you say ‘thus far and no further.’”

“Shall I lie to you and tell you there are no risks to staying at the level you are at? Yes, there are risks, serious ones. Not the least of which is that you will get sick to death of your complacency.

“You will feel as though you are hugging an empty shell when you hug Me, because I went on and you stayed at that old familiar, predictable, manageable level.”

(Clare) This truly is disclosing the struggle of my heart, even the lifelong struggle. I finally make it to a level where I can cope and now You want me to move on. And He replied…

(Jesus) “That’s right. That’s totally right. Because I never stop moving. There is always something in your nature to conquer, always uncharted territory I have never revealed to you. And it’s a steady climb upwards – with a few plateaus – but they hardly last long enough to get comfortable before I keep moving beyond that point. Now you are looking at all the hurtles. I already have a provision for the hurtles… Look at Me.

“Those who do not make this commitment are going to run into deep trouble as the world disintegrates. What has not been given, what has not been offered, will simply be taken.

“But make a note of it, there is one thing they can’t take from you… ME. They cannot take Me away from you unless you grow bitter from losses. That’s their plan by the way, turn Christians bitter.

“They will be asking… ‘Where’s the good life, the abundant life He promised you?’ And the enemy will provide the answer… ‘With the One World Religion. There you will have an abundance of all you need.’

“Oh, yes, prosperity Christians are being set up and have been set up for what will inevitably take place. ‘Where is that land of milk and honey? This land is full of thorns and briars?’ And the enemy will point you in his own direction with all the frills.

“The REAL Jesus will become outdated and passé.”