Jesus says… Always seek Me on where to live & Pray against Tragedies

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Jesus says… Always seek Me on where to live & Pray against Tragedies

October 24, 2019 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

Jesus began, “My Beloved ones, My Brides, always seek Me on where to live. It is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. To choose to please the flesh is foolishness and will not lead to a deeper walk with Me. I want to send you where you need to go to grow and serve others. Rarely does that coincide with your ideal climate. In fact, when you come to serve Me, prepare yourself for trials, because I will desensitize you to your preferences. I will send you to a location at the worst time of the year—because this is not a vacation, but a war zone.

“I need two things when I do this. Number one: I need to teach you the things that are most important to you. And things that you can only learn where I am sending you. And number two: you are needed in the location I send you. There are always souls there that are marked to be touched by you. Please do not complain when I send you to Alaska in winter and the Amazon in the summer. Of course, that is extreme. But I use it as an example to prepare your hearts to be obedient.

“The fewer attachments you have to any earthly thing, including where to live, the freer you will be to serve without distraction. Sometimes I do choose an ideal environment for both your flesh and your heart. Rejoice when that happens, but do not become too attached, because I could move you on.

“In everything you undertake, there are layers of lessons, layers of gifts and friends, layers of opportunities. Right now, Mother Clare has the opportunity to fight the darkness in her location. Her enemies make note of where she might be most vulnerable. This is a good thing, because then I use their attacks to make her stronger where she was weak.

“For you see, all things serve My purposes. The enemy imagines differently, but they cannot see nor understand the whole picture. So, they do not realize I am using them to build up My Kingdom into ever-increasing cycles of strength.”

(Clare) I realized, wow. They didn’t understand what Your death would mean at all! Or they never would have killed You. That’s amazing! Just amazing. The Lord knew how He was going to use that whole scenario of His Passion. I asked the Lord… Lord, please tell me. Some around us are talking about big trials coming, etc. etc. You know, the usual speak about the bad thing that’s going to happen next to change the world. Is this something I need to be concerned with? Because I haven’t heard anything from You about this in a while.

(Jesus) “Clare, dearest. There are many prayers going up, because My people have woken up from a deep slumber. So many more now understand the truth about their government, and they have joined hands and forces to implement changes. I am so pleased with this growing awareness and plan of action.

“Yes, there are dangers, but so much has been averted. It is as it has always been: more end-of-the-world talk, every day. More Preppers buying into provisions every day, preparing for the inevitable. Every day.

“But I want you to stay with Me in the Wedding Chamber and not indulge or concern yourself with the gossip mills.

“My prayer warriors who are faithful are awakened to the needs. But mostly, I want you all to draw so much closer to Me, because when you breathe the air of the Spirit that I breathe, you flow in and out of the prayer needs with Me. Your heart, being united to Mine, senses the pain and prays. I pray through you, even with your understanding. Even as I did today as you prayed for the children kidnapped for Satanic Ritual Abuse.

“When there is serious cause for concern, I will let you know. But until that time, be led by My Spirit to pray in unison with what My Heart is feeling. And always, always pray for your President.”

(Clare) Jesus, do we need to prepare for something?

(Jesus) “Prepare your heart to be closer to Mine, more in sync with Mine. This is the only preparation you need. There are so many rumors in the spirit and in the world, but until you specifically hear from Me, continue to bring your heart into deeper union with Mine. Repent for those things I bring to your mind, repent for your nation. Continue to increase your fasting and self-denial and seek only My Face and live. Do not get caught up in the endless rumors. Rather, be caught up in Me, and you will know what is important for you to know.

“My people, continue to pray against tragedy. Don’t expect it. Rather, expect Mercy. Pray for Mercy and be free to enjoy Me in your deepening prayer times. I love you. I am with you. And I long to hold you near to My Heart.”