Jesus says… I am NOT a Taskmaster

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Jesus says… My Yoke is easy & My Burden light… I am NOT a Taskmaster

October 2, 2016 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

Jesus began… “Clare! I need to talk to you. There is no need for you to be harried. There is a time for everything. You need to clean the house; that is legitimate. I am not standing over you like a taskmaster cracking a whip, STAND! KNEEL! GO BACK TO COMMUNION! WITHDRAW FROM THE ACTIVITY!

“My Bride, there is a time for everything and today is the day you do housework. Stop being scrupulous! It’s embarrassing to Me, as though I was cruel and demanding. I am not. I understand this is the house’s turn. I’ve made adjustments for that.

“I just want you to be coming to Me first thing every morning, because you have been pulled away numerous times and kept Me waiting. For what? A floor? Dirty dishes? Nothing a Sovereign should have to wait for to see His Bride first thing in the morning and receive her love and affection.

“Not under threat of punishment, but because she loves Me. What I have said to you about putting all the work last was also to spare you the push, the rush, the disorder of going to the world rather than Me, first thing. You have done valiantly to pull away.

“But now I want to moderate things. I know you were saving Me for last so you wouldn’t be pressured by any that needed to be done. Although the concept seems right, it isn’t practical. Have you noticed the things to do, the list, gets longer and longer. Guess who’s behind that one?

“That is why, I want you coming to Me first, My Love. What if I want to spend the whole day with you? Are you available? You see, I can make that choice first thing in the morning when you are fresh and not harried with to-do lists and worldly agendas.”

“I want our time to be intimate and sweet, not under threat of punishment. Satan is trying to exaggerate and spill over into unreasonable demands, to sour our relationship. All of you, My Brides, are very sensitive to pleasing Me. So, you are also prone to scrupulous spirits, demons who constantly make you question every single thing you do. That is no way to have a relationship with Me.

“My Yoke is easy, My burden light. Don’t let the enemy convince you otherwise. They will take anything I say and blow it up way out of context to cause you false guilt. What I am looking for is VERY simple. Come to Me, spend time with Me, pray to Me and listen for My words of life and love. And do it FIRST thing in your day.

“I know you need healing. It was a hard shot. But as you have been mulling it over you realized that this was not just for one item, but a habit, springing from self-will and not submitting to Me. THIS is what We are looking for. And you know that most of the time the answer will be ‘no’ because We don’t want you living as the world lives with an eye to what’s new. Besides, it’s important for you to help the poor around you.

“What’s old and usable is always best. That way, you are not entangled in endless revisions, keeping up and being owned by what should be useful to you. Rather, it begins to own you. I know you understand this. I don’t want to frustrate you, so just assume that if you get an idea, it may very well be from a demon of Avarice. And if you can find a way around it, you don’t even have to ask Me. This is the best way. Have My mind and My heart.

“So, when it is the proper time for cleaning once a week, do it without scruples or condemnation. Do it joyfully as unto the Lord. Come here, My Love…”

(Clare) He pulled me to His heart. And He said…

(Jesus) “I know you need healing.”

(Clare) A tear ran down His cheek from His left eye.

(Jesus) “I know well what you are suffering inside. I know all about your fears for the future as well. I have made provision for you.

“I’m really on this and with you, that this will never happen again. I am WITH you, Beloved, truly with you. Not with a whip but with tender kisses on your forehead, loving arms to comfort you and ears to listen to every movement of your heart, which I adore.

“We are going to do this together. I know you don’t trust yourself, and that is the best possible posture. This way you will stay on guard and cleave to Me. Understand, it was not just one thing that caused the correction. It was a habit of self-will, and in essence rebellion – not to seek Me first before you did anything.

“I truly have every faith in you that with the generous help I am giving you, you will not take off on your own again. There will be trials and temptations, but I will always give you ample warning. You are not going to fall into this habit pattern again. This lesson left a lasting mark. Although it is painful, it was necessary. And healing is coming. I hear your remorse and tears every day and though I want to rush to comfort you, there is timing involved, for your own good.

“Now, I want you to look forward to the promises I’ve given you about the music we will make together. The portrait is beautiful, because it is a product not of your skill, but My grace. We both know what one of your drawings looks like. This, however, is Heavenly and not from this world. Well done, My faithful spouse. Now let us enter into the joy of creating music that will bring hearts to Me, and that I can anoint to heal. I love creating with you.

“And for you, My Brides, the fruit of your efforts will touch thousands of souls for Me, so don’t be discouraged when you hit snags. Clare hit many snags in this portrait, but see? We got through it. So, be encouraged. I can do amazing things through each of you if only you will allow Me to.”