Jesus says… I want to speak to Those, who are considering Abortion

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Jesus says… I want to speak to Those, who are considering Abortion

October 21, 2019 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

Jesus began… “I have said it before, and it bears repeating: your child is a priceless gift that I am fully prepared to provide for. You will lack nothing. What I have given to you I am well able to sustain. Pay no heed to the voices that tell you how much your child will cost you to raise. Each day I will provide both the physical, emotional, and mental needs of you both. Only, cherish this human being who has the DNA to change your world significantly for the better. What has been given is priceless, and will bring you more joy, wisdom, and riches than you could ever have earned on your own.

“There is a generation, that is about to grow old, that is childless because they were selfish and wanted only their freedom to make choices and live their own way without obligations. They are a pitiful lot who have no one to share their later years with. Alone, childless, and looking back on their lives, they see the emptiness they have lived.

“As others who were unselfish raised their babies and went on to have grandchildren to bring them support and comfort in their later years.

“Children, if you are considering abortion, you are considering death to your own flesh and blood. Death to your child and death to your soul—for to kill is a mortal sin unto the death of your soul. If you are considering terminating this pregnancy by killing this child, you are about to make the worst decision for your future that you could ever make.

“What is in that child is priceless beyond compare, and a gift that will accompany you in your later years, bringing you untold fulfillment and joy. You sacrificed for them when you were younger. And as a result, they will sacrifice for you as you grow older.

“If you call yourself by My Name… Christian. And you kill this child, you are quite mistaken about who you belong to. You have not given your life to Me. You have given it to the world and Satan’s agenda. Embarrassment, poverty, lack of freedom, interrupting your career… all these things are no justification for murder.

“Repent of these thoughts, My Child. Repent and protect the life of this unborn little one.

“For those who have chosen to deal with embarrassment, inconvenience, added costs and all the things that come with a baby—I tell you the truth. This day you have chosen Life, and I am standing with you. I will provide all that you need. I will be your comfort and your strong tower. I will cull the people out of your life that are unsuitable for you. I will bring you a good husband. I will see to every one of your material needs. This and so much more I will give to you.

“Understand that this child you are carrying is very unique, one of a kind, born for this time in history. This child will be a part of the Remnant that will rebuild the world when I return. This child has gifts that span way beyond the other generations before it. Spiritual endowments that I have deliberately written into its DNA.

“What you have is a magnificent gift, not just another mouth to feed. These children will bring peace and justice into the world as no other generation has. That is why Satan is fighting to kill them. He is afraid of what is in your womb – and he has good cause to be. This child is anointed from its very conception. This child is your salvation. Not the salvation that I have won for you, but the salvation of leading a happy and fulfilling life, because the decisions you will make will be wiser and bear more fruit in the long-term than murdering this child would bring.

“Cling to them. Cling to your child. Protect it and shut down the lying tongues that are trying to seduce you into murder. Come to Me. Pray for wisdom, and I will be the father for this babe.

“I love you. I forgive you for considering death to this unborn, and I am entirely committed with all the resources of Heaven to provide for you both. I am your God, your lover, your friend – and the father you need to raise this child. Angels surround you to protect you and keep you both from harm.

“Be at peace. YOU have made the right decision.”