Jesus says… I wish for you to prepare for your Death!… Pray against the planned Events

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Jesus says… I wish for you to prepare for your Death!… Pray against the planned Events

September 7, 2019 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

(Clare) Thank You, Lord, for preparing our hearts. Please grant us the graces necessary to pray these things will not happen… Amen.

Jesus began… “My precious Heartdwellers. I wish that none should die in their sins, and for this reason I am asking you to prepare for your death. What do I mean by this? I want you to do a life review and write down any sins you have forgotten and not repented for. I want you to make peace with your families. This is so very important for you personally, and what will happen immediately after your death.

“And how they will live out the rest of their years. I wish to leave no doors open for bitterness, resentment, open wounds, false guilt, and all the other things the enemy uses to get you to swallow the hook and get reeled in. If you are at odds with anyone, please go and make peace with them for both of your sakes.

“When you leave a door open from a hurtful incident, you are setting up that person to be sifted and tormented with false guilt, or even real guilt, for the remainder of their years. Do not allow this with anyone. Rather, bring closure. There are those who will not be touched by these events if they are permitted to happen; but there are many more who will.

“I am asking of you two things… A life review with apologies and forgiveness, and fervent prayer that these events will not be permitted. There are still many, especially in suburbia, who have not responded to My pleas to live a holy life. They have turned a deaf ear and continued on their way, never taking the time to find out about their President but condemning him for his openness.

“Yes, the others do these things behind your backs, the ones that you do vote for. They murder, they steal, and they laugh you to scorn – because you go no deeper than a man’s manner of speech. And so, they have played you very successfully.

“President Trump has not even dreamt of the kind of things these men and women do for entertainment, torturing and killing little children. Yet he is gruff and up front. Not to be taken lightly. Yes, he can be rude and crude, but nothing like what the others have made a practice of for decades; abducting, torturing, and killing children so numerous they can no longer be counted.

“If this incident is not stopped by your prayers, this is the very group that will suffer the most loss. I am calling to you, My army of intercessors, to pray this event is thwarted. Pray that My Father lifts His Hand and stops what is to be a most cruel onslaught attack on American soil.

“There is hope if you will pray. There is also hope, if you repent for the sins of your lives and repent for this nation.”