Jesus says… Many of you are still concerned about the Rapture Timing & A Warning

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Jesus says… Many of you are still concerned about the Rapture Timing & A Warning

April 4 & 8, 2019 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

Jesus began… “So many of you are still concerned and caught up in the Rapture and its timing, but as I have counseled you many times, each day do your best to live for Me. Repent for your sins of omission and commission.”

(Clare) In other words, things you shouldn’t have done that you did. And things that you didn’t do that you should have done.

(Jesus) “Be at peace with those around you, and especially your families. What I want to see, more than anything else when I come for you, is unselfish living. I want to see you busy about Your Heavenly Father’s business, doing it with great love.

“For some of you, that means working and providing for your families, and raising them to be Holy. For others, it means volunteering and being there for people when they bring you a need. Of course, always discern the need, and be sure it is My will for you to help them. There are so many around you, My dear ones, who are suffering acutely from loneliness, sickness, and abandonment.

“There are many lessons to learn at the end of your days. And some of them have to do with your faithfulness to help others and visit the elderly and homeless, when you were strong and healthy. You reap what you sow. And if you find them unpleasant, your gift of time to them is even greater. For some of those, I walk very closely with them, and they are aware of Me, because I am their only possession. No matter what their failures in life, the poor you will always have with you, and the grace to minister to them will be with you as well.

“Getting caught up in a flurry of political causes often leaves you insensitive to those who are hurting around you. In fact, being caught up in anything can have the very same effect. Clare knows this well. She tends to be very intensely focused, or not focused at all. And she finds herself having to wait to spend time with people.”

(Clare) Lord, that’s so true. I feel badly when I can’t take care of others right on the spot. But You have taught me that there will ALWAYS be those needs, and if I don’t protect the time given me for music or messages, it will get frittered away. And I end the day feeling like a failure.

(Jesus) “My Love, there are times to minister, and there are times to withdraw from ministry. The enemy knows well how to send feelings of Guilt and Failure that will stick and harm your motivation.”

(Clare) Yeah – and throw me off course, too.

(Jesus) “Well, you simply cannot do it all.”

And here a Warning from Sister Clare from April 8, 2019

Heart Dwellers, our Prayer team is getting a warning that the Judgment of God is about to strike certain cities, we believe both here in America and around the world. We continue to see fire associated with this. Some places in the same city will be hit, others will be safe. This is going to be a major wakeup call before the war that will bring on the Rapture.

The Lord has not given me any further information, and I think for our own good, He has withheld the seriousness of it.

I seriously wonder if it could be the disturbance of the asteroid belt associated with Nibiru’s movements, or planet X. You may also have noticed that earthquakes have dramatically and steadily increased in the last few weeks. That also is an indicator of Nibiru moving closer to Earth.

I want to instruct you on where to find us, if Vimeo is no longer available. Vimeo is in New York City and this is one of the areas the Lord is pinpointing. Please pray for New York and the World, we may experience an incredible revival after these events. Please pray for Protection (Divine Mercy Prayer, Rosary, Psalm 91…)

(Jackie) The Link to Clare’s PDF with all different Contactdetails in english, you find below this Video. You also find PDF and EBOOKS in english, german, french, spanish, italian, russian, turkish, finnish, chinese, polish, romanian etc. on our website

Thank you all for your prayers and support.