Jesus says… Silence is your Friend & Mine… There you will hear Me speaking

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Jesus says… Silence is your Friend & Mine… There you will hear Me speaking

June 7, 2019 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

(Clare) How delightful are Your arms, Lord. I wish to keep them wrapped around me so much more. I do not want to lose that grace. How sweet it is! Thank You, Jesus, for holding me this morning. Oh, my Lord, the sweetness of Your arms and the heavenly vision you have given me for the Refuge of Your Sacred Heart is SO sweet, so incomparably pure and sweet. Truly, I am beginning to feel it now. And I was able, because of that, to begin on the drawings for the buildings.

Jesus began… “Beloved of My Heart, this is My gift to you and to My Father. A tiny place on Earth where He can rest His Head in the midst of the turmoils of the world. That is why you must not allow anything unclean on the property. I will forever protect this piece of land bequeathed to you from on high. For it is truly a place where My Heart will find rest.”

“The sweetness of the fulfillment of the vision is truly intoxicating to the angels and Saints alike. A place where all of Heaven can resound with a glorious AMEN! For it is a Sanctuary of My Presence. How beautiful is Your dwelling place, Oh Lord My God, on High.

“Here I will work the mysteries of sublime intimacy with chosen souls. I will bring them into a consummate union with My Heart, because this is what they long for. Oh, how tender and precious the love of a soul is for Me, Clare. There is nothing to compare to it.

“This is why My Father longs for their return and fellowship, that He may indwell them night and day with the infinite love of His Being. And I long to inhabit My Bride and share fully in her life, dwelling in her glorious beauty, seen by the angels and Saints.

“Yet, My Beautiful Ones, as you are being purified from disordered affections for the World, it will at times be painful for you. Much remains unaddressed, even in My vessel unto honor, Mother Clare. From this place on the mountain top, she will be given the perspective necessary to lead you. Not only deeper into My heart, but to help you navigate the pitfalls of self-will, and how the enemy uses your affections to ruin you – if he could.

“Yes, he knows you so very well, as he has studied human nature throughout Time and has assigned some of the subtlest demons to entrap you. For this reason, trust in her and obedience to her wishes is your safeguard. I have endowed you with a conscience, and she will never ask you to violate that place that is sacred between You and I.

“However, the enemy knows how to weave a deceitful web to catch you. For that reason, do not lean on your own understanding. But do all you can to conform to her directions. She has embraced meekness (when in her right mind) and does not force things on you. Her suggestions may come across as personal preference, or unimportant to your way of thinking. But oh, how mistaken you are. These little things have a history behind them, and you would do well to take those gentle requests to heart and live them.

“Silence, My Brides, is your friend and Mine. In the silence of your heart, you will hear Me speaking. So much conversation is unnecessary and opens the door to sin and judgment. I want you all to cultivate a quiet and gentle demeanor – not just on the outside, but especially on the inside. In this way, you will make it possible to dialogue with Me. You will hear Me clearly, and we can converse with one another in this joyous state of heart and mind.

“When you begin to release the busyness of the world, your heart will at last be able to soar with Mine. Yet, at times you will also dwell in the dark valley, in order to benefit other souls. I will teach you the ways of Love, sacrifice and humility. The pillars of a life lived only for Me. You will find that the more of the world you dismiss from your mind, the greater and deeper your peace.

“In this world, you cling to a continuous stream of noises, both of people and places. And the mind is endlessly running like in a squirrel cage.

“But on the Mountain, you will learn to cling to silence. You will not fear the stillness of your soul. Neither will you fear the dark. For you are the radiant light shining into the darkness, and I am continually by your side, protecting and nurturing you.

“Brotherly love will abound as each of you sees to the needs of the others, so that none lack for a fire, for warmth. Or company in difficult times. Whatever is needed. In the stillness of your hermitage, you will feel an increasing sense of purity and peace. This life is designed to remove the clutter you have been so accustomed to in the world, to make a giant empty space that I can at last fill. There will be times for sweet fellowship and sharing that is meaningful, as well as contemplative work as you contribute to community life. All will be ordered by Me, My Brides. And your peace will surpass what you have ever known before.

“So few understand how contaminated the world really is, even in the best of circumstances. It is only when you have broken with it and dwelt in silence that you will recognize how taxing and distracting it truly is.

“For those of you on the Channel who cannot live this life, I will not abandon you. There will be rich lessons from the Hermitage, and you also will benefit from them. I have some wonderful teachings planned for you, so please do not think you will not grow with the others. Because as you implement some of the changes into your lives, you also will be filled with more of Me.

“There will be many, many healings, because of the combined prayer efforts of the desert dwellers.”

(Clare) Oh, Lord, these are some beautiful promises! Thank you. I believe and receive every word. No wonder the enemy has put up such a fight!

(Jesus) “Oh, don’t worry – he will continue to oppose you! He cannot stand holiness. You are a noxious odor to him and his workers of iniquity. But as long as sin stays on the outside of the Hermitage, he will not have the advantage. And yet, I must allow some of this pressure to teach you all how to hold up under oppression. And I must say, you have done a marvelous job, all of you. Truly, you have all learned to cleave to Me and to the vision of our holiness, and our oneness together.

“There is not one among you, Heart Dwellers, that cannot live a similar life in your own home. The secret is in the use of your undedicated time. When you go to sleep and when you rise. It is very profitable for you to get up as early as you can, so that your mind is connected with Mine first thing. So that Our Hearts and Minds can be prepared to tackle the day together.

“I, alone, know what awaits you every day. That is why you must come to Me to be prepared. Although you may be subjected to the noisiness of the world in your own home, you can cultivate inner silence, reflection on My Word and our precious times together. This is why I launched this Channel, to help you do exactly that.

“But for many, there comes a time of reckoning. If you are unequally yoked, your life will change. Your values will be different. And if you have married out of My will, it will be very hard for you. You will be forced to make a decision… Me or another. For some of you, this will be traumatic. But I will be with you, for you chose Me above all that you could have had on this Earth.

“Take heart, Dear Ones. I am with you. I will help you. I will lead and teach you, even in the very place that you’re in now. And the lessons from the Hermitage will be very rich indeed. I am with you, and I love you. Be at peace. Be at peace and pray for Mother Clare.”