Jesus says… The dividing Line between My Faithful & The Lost becomes sharper & clearer

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Jesus says… The dividing Line between My Faithful & The Lost becomes sharper & clearer

August 19, 2019 – Word from Jesus thru a Prayer Warrior

Lord, we are all feeling and watching the division in the world between the dark kingdom and the Kingdom of God grow wider and clearer, almost every day. We pray that as Your faithful ones keep their eyes on You alone, You will grant us the strength to continue to stand for Truth and Your Kingdom, no matter what the World is doing. Amen.

One of our Prayer Warriors received a word from the Lord just a little while ago…

Jesus began… “The dividing line between My faithful and the lost is growing sharper, clearer, and more defined. My faithful gather lost souls to Me amid the civil strife and uproar, to take their places in My Agenda, My Kingdom, My Salvific plan for souls. This is a result of your prayers and offerings, My Bride.

“In a similar way, Satan is gathering those faithful to him, to take charge over his high places, his demon armies, and his idols.

“I want you all to fortify yourselves. What do I mean by this? Praise and worship, deep prayer and moderate fasting, reading the Scriptures and holy books. Strengthen one another by sharing what you have learned from Me with those around you who will receive it.

“Each and every one of you have learned from Me; each and every one of you have something from Me to contribute to the Kingdom. Be sure to share the Living Waters with your brethren.

“The servants of Satan cooperate with each other on the surface, but secretly undermine each other for greater position, and Satan encourages this behavior. Let it not be so among you. My people, I do NOT condone this kind of behavior, in deed or in thought.

“Repent, those of you who have taken it upon yourselves to undermine My vessels unto honor, and each other. Repent and see to your own house. I know best how to deal with My servants.

“My faithful Brides do not undermine each another, but edify My Body with fresh manna from My hand, honey from the rock, waters from the flint.

“Fortify yourselves, My people! Draw away from idols, all inordinate preoccupations that steal your time with Me. Television, entertainments, dinner parties and ice cream socials. Summer cookouts and barbecues. Forsake all inordinate affections. Satan is counting on you being unprepared when he makes his move. Deal wisely. Seek My will and obey in all things.

“Now by this, I am not talking about cutting out meaningful time with spouses, children, and family. I know what they need better than you do, and I will provide the time and opportunities for that. Only do not be consumed by it.

“Put Me and My agenda first. My faithful priests and bishops, take your stands. Set your faces like flint and your hearts to seek Me, to pray and to lift up My Body in intercession. I am your strong tower, your rock of refuge. I am the shield at your right hand, your banner and mighty fortress. The next three years will be critical.

“Beware the spirit of Division among you, and its auxiliaries… Anger, rancor, jealousy, discontent, a critical spirit. A controlling spirit, a spirit of self-will, which is rooted in pride. A religious spirit, spirits of fracture, and a party-spirit.

“Do not be attached to any of your possessions; cling only to Me. I am with you, and I love you. If you are weak, cry out to Me. I will hear, and I will help you.”