Jesus says… Without your Prayers many of you would be dead & The World in Chaos

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Jesus says… Without your Prayers many of you would be dead & The World in Chaos

December 24, 2018 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

Good morning, Heartdwellers…. Clare received a message from the Lord last night, and she asked me to publish it for you. Please keep her and Ezekiel in your prayers. We were all called into heavy travail and intercession again, early this morning.

Jesus began… “I have looked, My people, and I have seen brokenness, contrition, and repentance. I have seen those who have taken these messages to heart—and those who have not. And for the sake of those who have cared with all their being to turn the tides, My Father has changed His plans. I will not go into any depth, because this is a time of probation. A time of testings, to see if you will remain faithful to your fasting and watches, crying out for humanity.

“Those of you who do, I have a great reward for you. I have set aside the enduring peace of His Kingdom in a very special way for you.

“But I caution you, Children. This is an uphill march with very heavy weights on your shoulders. The weight of the world harnessed to your backs as you continue to climb and pray and repent for nations of sin and degradation into which I have injected holy souls to lead them out of bondage. Pray for these holy souls that have been sent into every nation on Earth to turn the tide.

“I cannot even begin to tell you the reward for those faithful to that mandate, but it brings to mind the broken dreams lying at the bottom of your hearts. It speaks of resurrection and new life, new opportunities and restoration. The more you pray, the greater the restoration.

“If only I could explain to you the weight of your prayers when weighed in the balance with evil. If only there were an adequate way to describe how one of you, acting from a broken and contrite heart, changes the course of history. Just as it takes but a tiny flame to burn down a whole forest, so it takes but a tiny prayer, coming from the very depths of the soul, to resurrect all the good that could have been—that the devils have destroyed.

“Yes, there is yet hope. But now you know—this is the kind of prayer I need from you. Deep, grieving prayer, lowly and contrite, totally repentant. This kind of prayer, while only a tiny flame… sets the entire mountain of God on fires.

“Do not settle for anything less. Do not give up hope. Take those broken pieces down in your heart and lay them out before My Father’s eyes. Grieve over them, and beg Him to restore, totally restore, lost opportunities. Failed purposes. Motivation lost for lack of faith and the ensuing laziness to pursue these dreams.

“Yes, there is repentance for you, Children, for some of you have given in to the suggestions of the enemy, because you were tired. I understand tired, but I do not understand you not coming to Me and begging for restoration. It is because you did not believe it could be restored. But I say to you, those are lies. Press in with repentance and hard work and you will see restoration.

“Yes, My people, My Body has been partly asleep and allowed their dreams to be stolen. But now that you know, you MUST vigorously intercede for this nation and the Earth. Now that you know that, blessed and restored will you be if you do it!”

Second Message from December 24, 2018

(Clare) ‘Lord, Your words of encouragement mean so much to me. Thank you.’

Well, Heartdwellers, the Lord has a very sweet ‘thank you’ for you who have been denying yourself and reaching out and praying. Oh, Jesus, what little I know is staggering beyond belief. Oh, how horrible this Earth is! Oh, how very horrible. How can you possibly take this, Lord?

Jesus began… “For the sake of a few, for their sake, My Father holds back His justified wrath – but not for much longer, Clare.”

(Clare) As He spoke, I saw that He was covered with blood. A bloody crown dripped – and I understood the effects of evil on His person – even now.

(Jesus) “But you see, things are coming to a head. Evil is being exposed. Every day a deeper layer is exposed, and evil is being prosecuted. But had you not prayed and rallied the Heartdwellers, this moment in history could look much different than it does right now.”

(Clare) I heard the President was going to Mar-a-Lago for Christmas and I felt unsettled. Then I heard that no, he was staying at the White House. And somehow, I felt better about that. And I thought, ‘Surely there is a missile defense system there?2 But then it came to mind… ‘Unless the Lord guards the house, those who guard it do so in vain.’ Dear Heartdwellers, our prayers are the Lord’s protection and hedge around him. Lord Jesus, is there something You want to say?

(Jesus) “Except for this hedge, many of you would be dead in this moment. The world would be in turmoil and chaos, Putin would have fired on America, and you would be in the midst of plague, war, and disasters so numerous there would be no hope of rescue.

“You do not see now what your prayers have done. But in Heaven, you will see your part in this great drama. I know it has been a great sacrifice to forego Christmas festivities for fasting and prayer, but if this were your last Christmas, wouldn’t you want to honor Me, rather than immersing yourselves in the contamination of this world? Have no regrets, Little Ones. You have fulfilled My will by cleaving to Me during this time in prayer.”

“Tell them I am grateful. So very, very grateful they made sacrifices to honor Me. I am SO grateful.”

(Clare) He repeated as a tear came rolling down His left cheek.

(Jesus) “What you have done for this nation and this world is beyond your comprehension now. But I have united your prayers to the angels and Saints, who continually intercede. Along with the elements and plants and animals—who continually intercede for an end to this madness. Indeed, the entire world cries out from its roots… ‘Come quickly, Lord Jesus!! Save us!’ If you could but understand the language of groaning in the Earth, you would see that what I am telling you is the Truth.”

“Do you understand, My People? Nothing exists that is not held together by My Love, permission and power to exist. NOTHING. And so, I am intimately tied to My Creation – all of it – as a mother is tied to her child.

“And all of Creation echoes what is in My heart, and bears witness to the desolations of men’s workings and laments for freedom from this crushing disease of darkness Satan has yoked the Earth to. His sin saturates the very soil and rock and magma. And Creation cries out to be liberated from this deadly evil.

“And the time is nearing. It is even at the door – waiting in readiness to be released; when all things shall be brought back into the captivity of My Word and purpose for the Earth and its inhabitants. Made in My Image but defiled by the wiles of the enemy.

“I will come. I will restore. Pain, suffering and death shall no more exist. But first – the Purification. And I applaud those of you who have taken these messages to heart. The angels and the Saints salute you who have dropped to your knees at My request. You have done a very great work for Me and humanity, and I am safeguarding your reward. Continue to carry My Cross, Beloved Ones. It will soon be over.”

(Clare) The Lord bless you, Heartdwellers. Well done. Well done! Please continue to carry this cross of prayer. These are critical weeks ahead of us for our nation. Very critical. Let’s stand behind our President and all that God wants to do to redeem this nation.