Jesus says… You must pray or your President is a dead Man… Are you with Me, My People?

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Jesus says… You must pray or your President is a dead Man Are you with Me, My People?

December 19, 2018 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

Jesus began… “What you are hearing, what you are seeing, all that you and Ezekiel and others are feeling is but an atom of the disgust with the state of this world. How I love the world! But how disgusted I am with the headway Satan is making, while My people are out shopping for presents and making merry, with no thought at all of what I want them to be doing. And now there is something terrible coming upon them for their disobedience.

“Children, the enemy has waited for this time when you would not be on the city wall guarding those within. You are very close, so very close to losing everything.

“I have asked. I have begged. I have pleaded that you continue to pray for your President with great intention, responsibility for his welfare. But when I look upon My Christian people and what they are doing, I see they are not on their knees. Their houses are bright with lights and decorations, but that brightness in the Spiritual world is not Light—but a dense darkness. It twinkles and shines on the outside, but within it is dark – the substance of which is death, materialism, and Godlessness.

“The enemy knew you would be distracted, so he waited to move forward into his most devastating plans. You do not attack when they are guarding the walls. You attack when they are decorating the walls, making merry, getting drunk on the things of this world. Now he will call his forces forward in the most devastating attack on America that will ever go down in history.

“THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN! What I am asking of you in this moment is to repent! Stop the shopping and spending and get down on your knees! Fast and pray and come against this tide of darkness before it is too late. Yes, it IS almost too late. But if you heed this message and spread it, put your hearts into prayer, it will be stopped.

“This is your last chance. If you do not act on this now, there is nothing more to do than wait for disaster to strike. But it is true. If you have not prayed, I will hold the disobedient accountable for this. Because it was not My time, and I wanted you to hold back this tide of evil that is even now rumbling beneath your feet.”

(Clare) And you know, it was strange when He said that. I heard marching, like thousands of BIG soldiers marching. Burly, hairy soldiers – not the kind of soldiers that we have in the military. Like giants. Like 10-foot giants. And the ground beneath me was thundering from the sound of this monstrous crowd in the bowels of the Earth.

(Jesus) “Yes, the minions of Hell, the soldiers of darkness hidden deep in the Earth are panting to be released on the nations. They are lusting for your blood and working up a storm of fury. Clare, dearest, all of these things are but whispers compared to what is real and soon to come.”

“My Beloved, you have no idea the pains I am suffering because people are ignoring Me in My very real Passion, all over again. For what is yet to come… It’s devastating. I suffer very real pains with very few to comfort Me, My Bride.”

“I long for all of you to recognize the agony I am going through in this very moment, because of the peril so many souls are in. Please comfort Me. I love it when you wipe My brow with your gentle caresses. I love it when you touch My cheek and tell Me how sorry you are for your sins and the sins of the World. I long for this attention more than any of you know.”

“Evil increases exponentially (rapidly that is, like an explosion) And yes, the Earth continues to quake more and more as Nibiru draws near.”

“Oh, do wake up to pray, My people, and pray! The heavenly bodies can go retrograde and be stalled—this I will gladly do as you pray and fast. Offer Me all that you have. Give Me deep sighs of regret for your shortcomings and the frozen hearts of so many of My people whose interests and caring don’t go beyond their doorstep.”

“Yes, terrorism is dreadful. But what is even more devastating is the cold hearts of My Chosen ones.”

(Clare) Oh, Lord, forgive me. My heart is so small, my mind so narrow, and my perseverance so short.

(Jesus) “I will let you in on a little secret about yourself.”

(Clare) What is that, Lord?

(Jesus) “You are beyond tired. You are utterly exhausted, and each day when you awake and cry out to Me for help, I come and lift you up—and I do not set you down. I carry you the entire day. You are doing very little, Clare, but hosting Me. What is being accomplished is My doing; you are merely My hands, My feet, My mouth. Your efforts are turtle steps in the desert; Mine are the waters of the cool oasis. Walk on, My little one. Soon I will sweep you up into My arms for eternity. But for now, you must walk on and know that I draw very well with broken pencils.”

“All of you, Heartdwellers, are My masterpieces. You have come to Me laying down all you have. I, in turn, have picked it up and made it into something beautiful to last through eternity. I know you are weary of those tiny, turtle steps. But oh, how great is the fruit of your renewed efforts every morning when you feel like going back to bed for a week, yet you stay up and call to Me for strength to revive you.”

“But now I want to bring this all together and tell you. YOU MUST PRAY – or your President is a dead man. You must pray, because what is planned is on a greater scale than you can even imagine. I will tell you this much. A horrendous event, such as what is being planned, is vulnerable at several points. It must pass through each one of these points to succeed. Your prayers are capable of stopping enough of these points that it will simply—fail like all the others.

“But because you don’t believe that, because you prefer to celebrate rather than suffer and pray… Because of that, Satan may succeed this time. It is TOTALLY up to you, Heartdwellers. You have stopped these events many times. But this event is much bigger and requires much more prayer. Are you with Me? Are you for Me? Will you obey Me? Your destiny is in your praying hands.

“I am counting on you to change your focus mid-stream and plow into prayer to stop this from happening. None of the criminals he is bringing to justice will be brought to justice if you do not pray. They will all get away and continue their detestable practices, stealing and consuming children and handing this nation over to her enemies. It is in your hands. Are you with Me, My People?”