Jesus says... Draw the Line on your Involvement with the World

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Jesus says… Set yourself apart from the World & Receive My Peace & My Calm

March 24, 2015 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

Jesus began… “Peace. I speak Peace to you My Bride. Your heart is full of apprehension and expectation, many knots tied here and there, Oh how I wish for you to rest in Me and have My Peace. I do not want you to pass that apprehension on to My Children, rather Peace, Rest and calm.”

(Clare) Lord I don’t know how to do that?

(Jesus) “Well when I hold you in My arms you let out deep sighs, and My Peace, flowing like a river from within Me, finds its place in you. And then you bring that peace to My children. That is why this time is so very important to Me to Us before you write. What are you feeling right now?”

(Clare) Peace.

(Jesus) “That’s exactly right, this peace and calm is from Me. Each day you need to function more and more on this level, because I will use you to minister peace. This is important to Me. Don’t underestimate the power of the enemy to derail the faith of many simply because they were filled with worldly anxiety.

“There are plenty of people on the internet talking about all the threats coming upon the world especially for Christians. My People need to find Me and My Peace. Your channel is to be about finding peace in Me, I am their refuge, come to Me and be enveloped by Me, rest in Me.

“Clare they are troubled by so many things, decisions, fears, apprehensions, will I suffer? I cannot promise that this time will be free of all suffering, every day has its issues. But I can promise that they shall not feel My Wrath, they will be taken before that happens. But you know how you get tied up in knots over doing this or doing that and things seem so complicated, sometimes you have to fight your way out of a web just to be here with Me.

“Well many, many, many of My Brides have not simplified their lives and cut off things that bind their time. Many. I want this to change, I want them to begin to live right now as they will in Heaven. Yes there are duties to attend to, but if they re-assess these things they will find ways to cut their time in the world by at least half.”

“So many things are taken for granted, like going to the store. You know what you’ve experienced there, putting it off, and off, and off, until finally, it HAD to be done. Well this is a good thing because the stores are very fracturing, very disruptive to the deep peace I impart to each one in their quiet time, in their involvement with the world, be it a seemingly harmless TV show, a trip to the store, a magazine, all these things are fraught with ideas that stick in their heads and rob them of peace. It is so important to have a pure heart AND a pure mind. The mind can only handle so much and if it is secular in nature it erodes what takes place in My presence, it clutters the mind so there is no room for Me.”

(Clare) But after a while Lord, don’t we need a break to keep our perspective?

(Jesus) “Yes, but make it a break that is simple and pure. Like a walk in the field, noticing the buds on the trees, the grass peaking through, the playful antics of cats and dogs, don’t trouble yourselves with long distance planning. Don’t engage in ‘I’ve gotta fix this, I’ve gotta fix that.’ These are the devil’s ploys to draw you into projects that will tire you and deplete you of your spiritual peace. They very often require trips to the store or shopping on the net. This is very, very, very detrimental to a spiritual person and alas they don’t pick up on it, they think it is just innocent work that has to be done. But Satan knows better so he commands his demons to work on guilt over projects that should be done… ‘you’re irresponsible, you should have done that last year, etc. etc.’”

“I don’t want their minds in this place. I don’t want your mind in that place. I want everyone focused on Heaven and My coming for them. Part of the foolish virgin’s problem was that they were so tied up in the world it didn’t occur to them to bring oil for their lamps, projecting from there, they thought, well, I’ll just be a little while and back to work.

“Their minds were on what was waiting for them to do at home, not really on Me or My agenda, very much like Martha. But the wise virgins, like Mary, thought they could wait, and wait and wait for Me, it wasn’t a waste of time, it was bliss, because all they had on their minds was Me, everything else was a burden and so they were happy to think, ‘He might be delayed, good, then I can just be quiet and wait.’

“I’m serious here Beloved. I want to get a concept across, the foolish virgins were carnally minded, taken up with the doings of the world, they considered having to wait a waste of time. You’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about. You’ve struggled with this all your life, and it’s only been very recently that you’ve for the most part overcome yourself.”

(Clare) That’s very, very true. I used to look forward to spring time, planting, gardening, making things ‘nice’ but now, I put it off because I am so involved in ministry with You that’s all I care about. Going to the store is something I hate, to a fault I’m afraid.

(Jesus) “Do you see how far you’ve come?”

(Clare) Yes Lord, You have done this thing in me.

(Jesus) “And you cooperated.”

(Clare) Well I can see one thing, that the enemy has tried to drag me into spring cleaning projects and getting deeper into cleaning, etc. And somehow I’ve managed to suppress that urge.

(Jesus) “I’ve been watching over you and helping you recognize the traps.”

(Clare) Yes, indeed they are traps.

(Jesus) “May I say to you all, you don’t have time for this, keep your minds strictly on Heaven, My coming, and what simple thing you can do for your neighbor in a spirit of brotherly love. Draw the line My Brides, I’m coming, don’t get seduced into any worldly endeavors that take attention off of Me. Keep your eyes on the Prize, military people do not get involved in secular affairs. Do only what is necessary as a matter of duty, and when I say necessary, I mean ‘get by’ necessary, not throwing yourself into projects that will deplete your energy or attention and make you weak.

“When you are in a weakened state, the enemy is nearby. Like wolves that study the herd to see which are most vulnerable, the demons study you and wait until you are tired, overworked and exhausted, then they pounce on you with doubt, fear, insecurity, unbelief. Don’t allow yourselves to go there, stay vigilant, stay alert, stay centered on Me, keep your eyes open and don’t walk into any traps set for you. When I say traps I mean an urgent phone call where someone is asking for your help, and you can see it’s going to wear you out. That’s not Me, that’s not brotherly love, that’s demonic, luring you into being worn out so in your weakened state they can tempt you to sin.”

“Another trap is, ‘Oh I just HAVE to do that!’ something you’ve been putting off. Stay calm and really look at the problem, is there a way around it without you diving in head first? Clare, that’s why I’ve been holding you back on the front house, this is a HUGE temptation to cause you to collapse in fatigue. So far you have been wise to sidestep it and think of ways around it. That e-mail was a trojan horse unleashing all kinds of ‘have to’s.’ You have been trained in seeing that so you didn’t fall for it, but it was a BIG temptation to pull you off of Me and your ministry.

“You stayed calm and deliberate. That’s what I’m talking about, My Brides, stay calm and deliberate, assess the situation and do only what is absolutely necessary. Make sure it’s not a trap that will suck the life out of you and draw you away from prayer. Right now, none of you can afford to drift off, I need your full attention on Me. I will help you. You are not alone. My Spirit will whisper in your ear, ‘don’t do it’ and you will feel a check in your spirit. Obey that, do not toy with the idea, follow what you know is My path.”

“In the world there are endless invitations to get this or that done. Don’t be foolish, let the world bury the world, but you follow Me.”

“I am with you My Brides, time is wrapping up, I’m coming. Don’t collapse in worldly fatigue on your doorstep. Stay vigilant and save your time and energy for Me and Me alone. You will never regret it.”