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April 27th, 2015 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

I had been in worship for several hours praying and worshipping, and I knew it was getting to be time to receive a message for you. Jesus and I were dancing to “All of Me’ by Christ for the Nations, and He was holding me very closely, and He said… “I need all of you Clare. You are holding back, you are not completely surrendered and peaceful there is still reticence on your part. Oh please receive all of Me, please do not hold My love back, please trust Me.”

And I knew He was right. I felt a distance, like ‘You’re God and I’m a speck of dust, I’d best keep my distance and my perspective.’

“But you are hurting Me, by not receiving My love. You are holding back because your eyes are on you and not Me. Stop thinking like men -receive My thoughts, My love, My understanding. I have created you to bring Me praise and how can I not respond in all out love when you praise Me?”

“I want to be your intimate companion, I want you to tell Me about the little things that seem silly, that trouble you – the big things that are out of your range of understanding. I want a completely open door to your whole being, without any reservations or self- preoccupation. Don’t you see? I am wounded when you don’t trust Me even with the silly little things. You are thinking ‘Oh He is God, these are trifles not worthy of His time.’ Nothing could be further from the truth. They may be trifles but they are on your mind and I love You, so I want to be a part of everything that goes on inside that precious head of yours.”

You mean even the bull headed head?

“Even that, which I understand better than you think.”

Oh Lord, this is strange for me, I’ve accepted you without conditions…but there is still this little wall I’ve Built. It’s like a wall of humanity…my humanity and Your divinity just don’t seem to mix…or at least that is my perception.

“If that were true, do you think I would bother with a Blue Morpho butterfly landing on your wrist, flashing his wings with indigo highlights for you to enjoy? Don’t you see how intimately I am involved in your thoughts?”

Yes, I do and that’s what blew me away when you first brought me to my palace in Heaven. I just couldn’t get over how many intricate details you worked into every inch of that palace of waterfalls…even down to the muting of the vast amounts of water passing through the room. Is it my faults that cause me to be reticent to be totally open and released to you?

“It’s your faults and fears. And I have told you once before there is no such thing as carnal attraction in Heaven, so you don’t have to be afraid or worry that you will fall into that, it just isn’t possible. And you already know that if there is any hint of that you are being tested by a demon. It certainly is not coming from Me nor will it ever come from Me. You know that don’t you?”

Yes, Lord I do believe that. So what else is causing my fear of total openness to You?

“You are still trapped in your insufficiency and faults. Ugly as they are to you, I am burning right through them with My Love. As you fully receive My Love, I fully purify you from these lingering faults until there is not even a vestige of them left. You may search, but you will not find them. This is why it is so important for you to release your whole being into My hands and keep nothing back. This is what I am doing, can you work with Me? Will you Clare?”

Oh Lord, I know you are helping me. Yes, I will do my utmost not to put my mind on my faults but only your love and your glory.

“That’s what I’m looking for. That’s what I am asking for. Complete surrender to My Love. In this way I will completely deliver you from your tendencies to be controlled by the earthly nature, it will simply be burnt away into a vapor.”

“You see all men and women long for authentic love and there is so little of it in the world that they begin to turn to fancies for comfort. They feel pleasure from food, beauty, and relationships. The problem is that none of these things can deliver what I have to give. Men have so distorted the Love I have for you that you back away from Me and seek pleasure in other things. But all to no avail – nothing can bring that final fulfillment and frustration builds in a soul that thinks that having all they want in life will fill that void.”

“But it doesn’t. They reach the pinnacle of accomplishment with all they’ve ever dreamt of doing and having and still they feel so empty inside. That’s why many of the wealthy are so unhappy – they are chained down by their lifestyle and not free to fly with Me. Their lifestyle becomes their God, but it never fills that empty place…so it gets covered over with more entertainments, more things, more relationships, until they reach a point of despair and feel their lives are a total failure. They reason, ‘I have everything, but I’m still not happy.’ Nor will they be until they receive Me.”

“So what I am asking from you, My Love, and All My Brides is total surrender, total trust and letting go of who you are into My faithful and loving hands. For I love you tenderly, completely even unto the depths of your souls. So have no fear of closeness to Me. You were made for this, it is your destiny and your home. Relinquish all into My Faithful Hands, and come into the Rest of Almighty God.”

“In this rest you will find completion. Yes, you will find peace and be satisfied, fulfilled and hopeful – you will lack no good thing. So come to Me, the way you are. If you’ve been playing in the mud, come to Me – I will wash you and adorn you with clean linens. If you have wallowed in your flesh…still come to Me and I will restore what you have lost. If you are weary with the goods of this earth, chained to success among men, come to Me – I will cut the fetters and release you to fly with Me into the Heavenlies. I will give you the perspective you need to be who I created you to be, not who men say you are.”

“If you have been broken and rejected in love, fear not. My heart has enough love for both of us, and I shall repair ever rip and stab wound, rubbing healing balm upon it until it is restored whole and flourishing – filled to the brim with the wine of our love.”

“Do you not see? I have come to complete you, to make you whole, to retire you from the world, to lift you into the Heavenlies, to restore righteousness, peace and joy to your life. To return to you your innocent childhood. Oh, nothing is impossible for God. I have every answer you have ever sought. I have all you’ve ever wanted. Come to Me poor, blind and naked. Leave rich, well clothed in the finest linens, eyes open to the beauty of life lived in Me. Walk no more bent over by the weight of your sins but honorably in humility because of who you are in Me. All of this and more I shall give you.”

“I ask only that you lay aside your dirty robes. In profound repentance, forsake your ways of the past, and step forward to be bathed in hyssop and redeemed by My Blood – to walk in My footsteps to reach out with My hands, to Love with My Heart. This is where you shall find your rest, your happiness and eternal joy as My grace flows through you like a river – bringing drink to the thirsty, love to the outcast, wisdom to the foolish and God to the forsaken.”

“So fear not this intimacy with Me My Brides, you have nothing to lose but that which you reject in yourself and everything to gain both now and in eternity. I love you, come to Me.”