Jesus says... Surrender all to Me

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Let go of all your Dreams and Loved Ones! Surrender all to Me

April 15, 2015 – Words from Jesus thru Sister Clare

(Clare) We are leaving this place very soon and many of us have unfulfilled hopes and dreams. All of us have things we could have done or should have done, and now it’s too late. The desires and expectations of life on this Earth, who we wanted to be, who we a really are. The dreams we had as children, then teens and adults – dreams of family, dreams of careers, dreams of love and of who we yearned to become.

Jesus stepped in… “In Heaven I will give you a new heart, a new mind, a new vocation with all the tools you’ve always wanted and never had. In Heaven the opportunities to express your love for Me and serve your brothers and sisters will be endless. The opportunities to form deep and lasting relationships, endless. The opportunities to be loved, endless. For in Heaven you will experience the consummation of all life’s hopes and dreams.

“I have gone to prepare a place for you. Truly a place for you, where all your favorite things are. All your family, your pets, and beloved animals – all are there waiting for you in your very own dwelling. Nothing will be denied you in Heaven. You will dream of it and it will manifest. Longing for skills you could never master on this Earth, you will be adorned with. No longer will you have frustrations and disappointments, everywhere you place your foot you will find happiness, joy, fulfillment. And you shall Have Me, My Bride, ever before you.

“You will worship in the Great Assembly, you will worship Me in the forest, on the beach, in the Savanah… thanksgiving and worship will be the very language of your heart and mind, never a dark thought, always the brilliance of truth will ring you round about.

“Some of you have never known life without fear – in Heaven there is no fear. Some of you have never known real and lasting joy, life has robbed you again and again but in Heaven you will live joy… it will flow through your very veins. Some of you could never form deep and meaningful relationships – in Heaven true friends will be everywhere.

“I will dance with you, swim with you, explore and discover with you, and we will experience the fullness of life and the exquisite realms of the divine.

“The childhood you never had will be restored to you. Your parents will accompany you in perfect love, things inside of you and them will be healed and the crooked ways will be made straight.

“Soon you will be with Me in your new Homeland; life in total freedom, life full of possibilities, life where worship is the air you breathe.

“Come now, My Brides, leave all behind. Detach yourself from this world. I have your family and friends that are left behind in the palm of My hand. Your love prayers for them have reached My Heart and I am moved on your behalf. They will be with you soon enough, shining like the sun, exuding holiness. All their crooked ways will be straightened and they will live only to bring Me pleasure.

“These things I promise you this day. you may let go now, for your work here is at an end, but your life eternal is only just beginning. I love you, My precious ones, with a love that knows no boundaries. I bless you now and entreat you to keep your eyes on the Heavens for I am coming.

“Surrender to Me all your dreams Your hopes, Your wishes. Everything you’ve ever wanted to do All the things you missed out on, all your plans that fell through, all your hopes never realized, everything you wanted to learn, but somehow it never happened, everything you wanted to give, but didn’t have…

“Give Me All your dreams, all that you could have done, all you should have done. Give to Me the wonderful memories, the sad memories and unfulfilled dreams, the things you never finished, the breakthroughs that never came.

“Leave with Me the ones you love, the ones who’ve hurt you, all your heart aches, those you never reached with My Love, those you offended and who never forgave you.

“Say farewell to the broken relationships, the alienated children. The family far away, you never got to see, the grandchildren you never kissed, the times you didn’t say I love you, the times you didn’t ask forgiveness…

“Surrender them to Me, all that you have ever done, all you have not done, what has never been, lay it down at My feet, all you wish you would have done differently. Surrender it all…”

(Ezekiel 34:11-16)