Jesus speaks about… Suffering, Abuse of innocent Children & Release of Graces

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Jesus speaks about… Suffering, Abuse of innocent Children & Release of Graces

March 9, 2019 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

(Clare) Jesus, I receive your invitation once again to share in the sufferings of these little ones. Lord, give us strength… Amen.

My dearest family, the Lord is under unbelievable sufferings for the little children being brutally abused until they die. He has chosen certain souls to stand in the gap for these children, and even to experience some of their suffering in order that they may be set free from it.

Jesus began… “My Bride. My dearly beloved Bride. How happy I am with the comfort you have offered to Me in My sufferings. For indeed My suffering is very great as I behold the heinous acts committed against innocent and tender children, whom I brought into this world with many wonderful gifts to impart to your civilization.

“You see, this generation is VERY special and unique and gifted, very gifted. I gave them to you to bring you up higher in My Kingdom, and to open your eyes. Satan, in a blind rage, has declared war on these specially endowed children and fanned the flames of blood lust in expanding covens to cause them to throw all caution to the wind and do that which is unspeakable to these kidnapped children.

“These are the children that will lay hands on the cornerstones of hospitals and everyone will be healed. These are the children that will look the demons in the eye and tell them to flee in My Mighty Name, which they will be more aware of than any generation before them. And this precisely is the reason this butchery is going on at an unprecedented rate. It is not only for the harvesting of the adrenaline.

“I will release their giftings on the Earth at the time of their death, and though they be in Heaven with Me, they have left a mantle of anointings with those on Earth who are prepared to receive them. I ask you to pray for these children, who are so desperately suffering beyond anything you’ve ever witnessed. I am asking you to receive their sufferings, whatever they may be, for the sake of these little ones. You cannot at this time understand what relief this will bring to My Divine Being.

“Just come to Me in your hour of trial and whisper, ‘For our children, Lord.’ Bear up under circumstances cheerfully, knowing that you are doing a great work. I am not saying that you cannot pray for relief or for healing… that will always be your prerogative. Rather, I am asking you to shoulder this cross for these souls, so that I may stop this heinous practice.

“My Loved ones, there are so many mysteries tied up in the blood covenant that man has yet to understand. One of these is the exchange of pain and suffering for grace. The Scripture that supports this is Colossians 1:24 Now I rejoice in my sufferings for you, and I fill up in my flesh what is lacking in regard to Christ’s afflictions for the sake of His body, which is the church.

“My afflictions released powerful graces to you and opened the gates of Heaven. When I entreated you to imitate Me, be like Me, deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Me… When I said those words, I was giving you the invitation that I have made once again today. Suffer with Me for others, that I might release greater graces into their hearts, in order that they receive Me and keep Me as a permanent resident, sitting on the thrones of their hearts. Yes, I paid the price to redeem you from death and the grave, tearing asunder the veil that separated Us.

“But someone must continue laboring with Me for the sanctification of souls, yourselves included. And this work requires self-denial and suffering. This, too, is what Lent is all about. Denying your flesh, even your intellect to make room for ever-deepening revelations of the Divine Life. Forever climbing into the heights of My Kingdom, revealing the truths so long hidden from you, but are now at hand as you cast out the old leaven.

“The more you deny the impulses of your flesh and embrace My invitation to offer yourselves as a living sacrifice for the love of mankind, just as I did for you, the more you will resemble Me, My Precious Brides.

“Will you do this for Me? And in doing this, I promise you deeper and deeper communion in the depths of your heart with Mine, for your humility and charity draw Me irresistibly closer to you.”