Jesus speaks about MARRIAGE & DIVORCE… What was the Motive for your Marriage?

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Jesus speaks about MARRIAGE & DIVORCE… What was the Motive for your Marriage?

February 20, 2019 – Words from Jesus & Experience from Sister Clare

Thank you, Lord, that Your mercies are new every morning. Heal the wounds in our hearts from foolish decisions and marrying outside Your will. Oh, please protect us from our flesh and lying spirits! God, keep us pure until You present the one meant to be our spouse. And it truly is a marriage God made. Amen.

Well, my precious ones, I’ve had it on my mind to share this little story with you. It’s an important message for those of you who walk around feeling guilty because you are remarried, or because you had to leave your abusive spouse while you were still alive.

Just recently, my first husband of 35 years ago – the one I had my four children with—came to visit our children in Taos. He was, at that time, looking for work, and I needed help with correspondence. So, I asked him if he wanted to join us. He was very happy and immediately started to work here.

He is a good man, good at communicating and correspondence. He has years of experience at call centers. He is very polite and very much of a gentleman. So, he began answering correspondence for us. I was happy with his work and treated him as a good friend. My husband, Ezekiel, also liked him and we worked together well. For the first time he got to spend substantial time with his son who is here in Taos.

Everything seemed to be going well, until one day, I mentioned… ‘Guys, if you work here, you have to be prepared to understand that we get spiritual attacks against our equipment. Sometimes with sickness, sometimes with issues that spring out of Hell from nowhere. But we do get attacked, regularly.’

Well, as it turns out, my wording was provocative for him, and I didn’t realize that. I was just stating what all our kids know: we get attacks. And that day we had had serious ones against our Internet. I didn’t mean anything by it. I wasn’t trying to force the issue – I was just warning everyone in the room.

Well, that set him off. And a day or two later he told me… ‘I quit.’ The reason, he said, was that… ‘No one tells me what to believe.’ And I tried to say at that point… ‘Well, I wasn’t telling you what to believe, necessarily – that you HAD to believe it. But that this is what happens here! At least, it’s something to talk about.’

Well, I don’t blame him. You should never tell someone what to believe. You should just offer it to them, and if they want to, fine. And if they don’t, fine. But I was trying to give him a head’s up on things that go on here.

So, I sat there rather stunned and said… ‘Nothing has changed from when you first left us. You still don’t believe! Nothing is any different. So, go ahead and go.’

And that was how I felt. It was like, these were the same issues that separated us from the beginning. And I’m not saying that my discernment was perfect. You know? There’s a reason why the Lord waited 50 years to get me into ministry. I had problems with discernment. I made mistakes. I made some big mistakes!

But you don’t give up on discernment because you were foolish and made mistakes. You just go deeper. And allow God to perfect you, which is also very humbling. And you can’t be hurt by being made more humble. That’s for sure!

So, you know, I’m looking back on this. And here, Ezekiel and I have been married almost 30 years now. And I’m saying, ‘Wow! You know, I could STILL be stuck in this marriage if he hadn’t left me.’ And I wouldn’t have been able to do anything for the Lord. I’d be living in a very hostile environment.

You see, I made a huge mistake when I married him. I had a warning that it was wrong, but I ignored it, because it was embarrassing. And I was 32 years old and wondering if I’d ever be asked to get married, ’cause I hadn’t yet. And I didn’t know what else to do, because I had already had my first child with him. I didn’t trust in my intuition. I wasn’t a Christian yet, and I really messed up. In the past, we have both acknowledged that we made a big mistake.

Dear ones, if I had stuck it out in that marriage, I would not be serving the Lord today. There was an undercurrent of hostility, although he said he loved the Lord. Something about me – maybe my arrogance, pride, or belief in things you cannot see – really made him furious. And I felt it. I felt the same thing the day he confronted me. In fact, I’d been feeling it for a few days beforehand, that there was a severe irritation there. And it was the very, very same situation and reason why he left us in the beginning.

So, I am sharing this with you, because many of you are yoked to the wrong spouse. God did not put you together. Your flesh, your fears, your poverty, your desperation put you together… But NOT God.

“Let no man separate what God has joined.” That’s what Scripture says. So, if God brought you together with your spouse, like Ezekiel and I, you should not divorce. Ezekiel and I had a test of that in our 8th year of our marriage and almost separated for good. But God healed both of us, and our problems and we reunited without problems. I could not imagine being without him, I love him so much. We are so united as one. But at the time, the friction between us on the mountain at that time was horrendous, and we almost lost each other.

So, I am telling you all this, because I want you to examine your conscience. Were there lies or misinformation involved? Were you forced to marry by an outside source? Did you marry out of necessity, out of fear? Or because you became pregnant? Out of poverty? Out of fear that no one would ever ask you to marry them?

The bottom line is… the only reason you marry is because both of you know for sure it is God’s perfect will for you, and He has brought you together to raise holy children and serve Him. That is an equal yoke; that is a marriage God has joined.

Because we had children that were a mix of like-mindedness and opposite mindedness, we had contradiction in the family. Some of the children are Christians – and some aren’t. A Christian marriage would not have produced that much contradiction, because it was made by God, and your children would be more prone to being holy. Because both parents were leaning towards holiness.

Jesus began… “I know the torment some of you are enduring over this issue. Although I hate divorce, I also hate a carnal marriage which can bring forth nothing but corruption. I have spoken to you many times that you are in an illicit marriage, but out of fear of repercussions, you stay married and the situation only gets worse.

“My mercies are new every morning. I know you made a mistake, and My heart is to help you correct it. But as long as you stay yoked to your flesh, I can do nothing.

“On the other hand, if you have a good marriage – even though it is not the one I had for you – I will bring good out of it. But I never intended for you to live in repression and torment because you were young and foolish. The choice is yours to make, dear ones. Did I bring you together? Or did your flesh bring you together?

“I am for you, not against you. And understand, that if your flesh brought you together, your partner will never be fulfilled in this marriage, either.

“So, go deep, My people. Go very, very deep and examine your motives at marriage. If it was not My doing, the marriage is illicit and should be dissolved – unless you are both happy and willing to stick it out.

“That is your choice. Choose wisely. Remember. My mercies are new every morning. And when you do the right thing, I will be with you. I will not leave you without comfort.”