Jesus speaks about the proving Ground for God’s Army… Community, Training & Holiness

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Jesus speaks about the proving Ground for God’s Army Community, Training & Holiness

October 26, 2019 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

(Clare) Thank You, Lord Jesus, for clarifying what Your call to holiness entails. So many, these days, are seeking to form holy friendships and communities, and our hearts are easily misled by the romance of wearing a habit or being a part of a Community.

But to see into the depths of this calling, and even apply it to everyday living for those still in the secular world, is a great treasure. Because it is true; anyone can lead this life right where he or she is at. Understanding the heart of the call is the key. I pray for those who long for holy friendships, that they will at last find what they are seeking… Amen.

And I have to add to this… it is really hard living in an environment where people are hostile about your faith. It is SO difficult! I know. I’ve lived it for years.

Jesus began… “My dearly Beloved ones, Community is not what most people think, i.e. a place where your needs are met and there is fellowship. Community must have at its core My purposes for each of you. So many have undertaken building a Community without the right leadership or mandate, and for all the wrong reasons. In these cases, Community becomes the entity that is honored. Not Me.

“The buildings, the property, the holdings, the equipment is seen as something to hold up to others and admire. No! Never! Those things are only there to be used in My service. I am your everything; all the rest is just rubbish.

“When people begin to adore and worship the founder of a Community, they compromise the Gospels to make excuses for bad behavior of that person. Then Community becomes idolatry. The leaders are held to the same standard as any of the followers, and in truth, you are all following Me. You can feel when you are in My will. You will feel deep peace and the assurance that whatever happens is all in the plan for your sanctification.

“Everyone has something to give. But so many do not know what that is yet. So, there are seasons of trial and error. And Mother Clare’s focus is on preparing you to go out into all the world and spread the good news.

“Yet there will be some lifetime members who have been chosen by Me to lead and form souls. Every person is equally important, from the one who hammers nails to the one who prays; to the one who receives messages from Me. Each of you were purchased with My blood. Therefore, you all have the same price tag.

“I am here to direct those who are being prepared for a ministry, so they can be birthed in their gifts. No matter how hidden they might be, those gifts will emerge in this environment and be supported by those who serve.

“Mother Clare is merely a servant, yet one I have chosen for her many weaknesses. Many will pass her by in holiness, but she will not become jealous or deal underhandedly with them. Rather, she will help me raise them up into their callings.

“There is room here for everyone’s gifts. I have need of all your gifts, and spiritual jealousy will be worked through until you are free of it. Ask Mother Clare… she can tell you all about that.”

(Clare) Right… We have discussed this in the past…

(Jesus) “I want all of you to feel secure and fulfilled in the direction I am leading you. And that is her solemn responsibility… to walk beside you and train you up in the way you should go, if you deviate from the right path. In Community, you learn the art of tenderness, and appreciation for one another and supreme patience, in addition to your gifts being cultivated.”

(Clare) Lord, help me. I am still having a hard time with Patience. Oh boy…

(Jesus) “There is no such thing as rivalry here, because justice breathes into the very air, as My Spirit dwells with those of one accord and each soul is honored as better than yourself. In this way, you are free to build up souls rather than tear them down to a lower level, because you are jealous and looking for their flaws to degrade them.

“This is not the world, My precious ones. This is a preparation for Heaven. And once you have made these carnal habits bow to your spirit, and exorcised them out of your life, you will find great peace and happiness, and you will be ready to teach others.

“But My dear souls, understand that sin and wrong attitudes will be discovered. They may be very painful things you never knew you had, or things you are hiding and have not wanted to deal with. But they will be exposed by My Spirit, that you may be made whole.

“My loved ones, if you are not prepared to conquer yourselves, to work hard, to suffer deprivation at times – even the cold, going without showers, eating whatever is served and living without outside entertainments. If you are not ready to renounce your own will to embrace Mine, this is not the place for you. Those who will not change for the better and get along with each other from the heart, will leave.

“Truly this is a proving ground for the army of God, and preparation to lead My people in a time of unsurpassed trial and chaos. Here you will be faced with choices to serve yourself – or die to yourself to serve another – every single day.”

“But if you recognize it is beyond your desire to be conformed into My image, please, find another place. Where they are more lax and where the dying to yourself and your own opinions is not required of you. And I will be with you, to lead you upwards to your holy destination in My Grace.

“I bless you now with insight into your own true motives, dear ones, that you may make a good choice.

“The final thing I want to tell you, My People, is that this place is sweet. Brotherly love abounds and for perhaps once in your life you will find a group of people that support and believe in you and in this vision. I know you have all suffered persecution from your relatives, because of what has been taught on this Channel. But this is a place of freedom to discuss what an impact My messages have made in your lives. And the restoration of the Early Church, which is engraved deeply in My Heart. For I have given you helps to Heaven that have been stripped from your life. And this grieves Me deeply.

“These helps are written in the Scriptures, but so many do not take the time to discern them. Rather, they follow the traditions of men, the traditions of their denomination. And they don’t question in any depth those traditions, an whether or not they exist in the Scriptures as a basis for practicing. And this Community has crossed boundaries. Boundaries across a religious spirit. Boundaries across denominations and non-denominations. It has crossed into a place of original purity of the Church that I founded. And in this place, you will find the freedom to explore and discuss those things that are written in the Scriptures, in a new light.

“I bless you now in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. And I pray for greater impartation of My Spirit to your hearts. And to open your mind to receive Truth on a deeper level. And to prove it out, for I am with you. And I desire to give you My choicest gifts.”