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August 16, 2005 - From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For a Brother in Christ, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

[God The Father] My Son, you are misled, and it is you who has done the misleading, for Timothy is My prophet and does all that I ask of him. All he has written are My words, not his… He only obeys that which is asked of him, through the mouth of The Lord, and given him through the Spirit. You have taken My word, and become the person who you warned Timothy not to be. Careful, I say to you… You speak My words out of context, and do not understand their meaning. You have cast them at your friend, you call beloved, as a stone… You speak in ignorance.

Behold, in the last days I have poured out My Spirit…

In these last days, My sons and daughters Shall dream dreams, see visions and prophesy…

Only those, who receive My Spirit, shall do these things…

And only those, who accept the Spirit, shall they be done through.

This is the baptism, of which Timothy has been baptized… Not of water, but The Water of Life, which is in Christ Jesus. Baptism by water is nothing and is earthly. Let yourself be baptized by that which is spirit, which leads to eternal life. Nothing earthly can enter My Kingdom (the Kingdom of Heaven).

Again, you have used My words, spoken by My prophets of old, against My prophet of this day… You lack understanding. Which prophets is The Lord your God against? In which is He displeased? Shall The Lord come against His own prophets, who speak the words given them of The Most High?… Certainly not. I do not stand divided against Myself. These prophets, of which you refer, are false and of other gods, and they who in vain do imitate the true word of God for their own devices. Timothy is not as these… He have I chosen; he has not chosen this of himself. He has asked for no fame, money or consideration. He is now, at this time, only My messenger and vessel, My servant. He have I given spiritual gifts because of his total acceptance of Christ for his salvation.

To each penitent man, who accepts The Son’s sacrifice, To them shall the Spirit be given…

This is not equal…

Let each man be given, In accordance to their faith and acceptance of their heart.

My love and forgiveness is equal…

It is man’s acceptance, of that gift, that remains unequal.

Do not feel judged by your brother… He has not judged you. It is I who shall judge all. He only obeys My words, yet you have judged him by that which he has obeyed. Shall you judge God and correct His ways?… I am The One, who corrects and disciplines those I love.

I have called Timothy to be My disciple, prophet and apostle. He is yet a child, soon will he become a man. So then, he has not received that which has not been given in two thousand years, because he has not yet reached that point in which his faith can sustain that which is given for My purpose. For now, he only hears Me and writes as commanded. No one may know the day or the hour of The Son’s return… In this you speak well. But The Son, Himself, has appointed His followers to know the season of His coming, which is upon you.

Son, I am well pleased that you have searched for the Truth… Read on, and you shall find it. For the Truth was given to all the men of God to write in a Book, and now is given once again. Read all I have given Timothy, and have now given to you; search the Scriptures as well… Then will you have understanding.

My Son, know this: All can not hear the voice of God… Only those, who have the Truth within them and have been forgiven in the blood of The Lamb. My beloved son of men, have you accepted My Son’s sacrifice into your heart? Do you follow His ways?… Only those, who accept Him and follow His ways, love Him and know Him. You say you love Him, then why do you not obey Him?… To know The Son is to love Him and obey Him, because you had first accepted Him. To know The Son is to know The Father. Accept not The Son, and you reject The Father also. What then, My child? For all those, who disobey and do not accept He who I sent to die for them, have become the children of their adopted father, the devil. So indeed, there is a separation of the people. You say, “None are better or worse than another”. Rather, those, who accept The Son and follow the commands of The Father, are better, for they have their reward. What of the wicked and the heathen? Shall they be equal to the redeemed?… No, they shall be cast out and burned with fire, unless they come to repentance before The One True God, in The Son’s name. All is not equal, My son. All has not been equal since Eve had tasted the fruit, which I had forbade her, that she not eat of it. All under Heaven have sinned… In this have you spoken well.

In sin, all are equal…

All sin is sin and requires forgiveness, which is equal…

As is the reward equal, given freely to all who ask.

Shall I give My reward to those, who do not ask and shake their fists at Heaven, and trample upon My commands, and shout My name as cursing, and receive My Son as insult?… Certainly not! But, oh, what rejoicing in Heaven when one of these, lost and hard of heart, returns home with hearts made new in Christ.

[Jesus The Christ] My Son, you are very beloved of The Father, yet you have not returned home. You tread upon the path, neither stepping forward nor backward. What is it you wait for? I have sent Timothy to you, to bring you My words to awaken you and stir your soul, and to move you from your place. Come now… You are thirsty and starving, and know it not… Eat, drink and be filled. Then can you come together with your brother, and have peace.

I am The Beginning of your faith, and its Finisher… I am The Bread, The Water, The Chief Builder and The Cornerstone… I am Life… The Beginning and The End… I am in The Father, He is in Me… Come follow Me, and you will know The Father.