Let the Passionate walk uprightly before Me

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Obey My Voice or leave… But no longer fight against Me

Let the Passionate walk uprightly before Me, and let the Lukewarm depart – Yet let not One of you fight against Me any longer, Says The Lord

July 28, 2011 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of the Lord spoken to Timothy, for The Lord’s Little Flock, and for All Those who have Ears to hear

Thus says The Lord… Obey My voice and no more fight against Me, nor seek to justify your doings by any means. Rather receive My correction and follow your Beloved’s lead… As I have done toward the churches of men, so shall you do also.

For I have turned My back to the churches of men and removed My hand from their members… Lo, My spirit has departed from them. Therefore, you also shall not touch the unclean thing. You shall not welcome them in by any means, nor shall you listen to any word they speak. You shall accept nothing from their hands, for My face is set hard against them… Against their walls, against their speech, against their leaders… Yes, even against their members. For they are all daughters with one mother.

I Myself have sent many messengers to them, even My own Spirit has spoken to each one of them, yet they choose their own way and worship their own god… They do continually deny Me!… Therefore, they are forsaken for a time.

Beloved, obey My voice and seek not to justify your doings by any means. Speak not one word against MY prophet, in open or in secret. Let not one insult burst forth from your mouth, for he is MY prophet… To insult the messenger is to insult The One who sent Him.

How long shall this little flock resist Me and question My ways? How long shall they refuse to be broken?… They hear My words, but they will not do them!

For I see no real belief in them, and their root grows from that which I have not planted… They believe only in that which they can see, according to their own expectation, and their root is grounded firmly in the world and grows contrary to God… How then shall I gather them?