Lift up your Hands to Heaven... Behold, your Redeemer lives

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The Lord says… Let go of your Pride! You are poor, blind, deaf and naked… (Original Title => Lift Up your Hands to Heaven… Behold, your Redeemer lives)

June 22, 2005 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Behold The Lamb, who takes away the sins of the world… He is The Lion… And His countenance is as lightning, and His footsteps quake upon the earth. He is coming upon the clouds, in great glory, and every eye shall see Him, and weep. He has taken away the sins of those who love Him… They shall be gathered up. Those, who refuse The Gift, shall be judged for all they have done.

Woe to those who rebel, and shake their fist against He who had made them and offered them love and salvation, for The Father’s anger is kindled and shall be poured out… His punishments for the wicked, swift.

Even so, every soul who humbles himself and calls on His name, the only name given under Heaven by which you must be saved, shall be saved. Their salvation is assured, but their plight is not yet finished, for long did they deny The Lord God and His Only Begotten, so they shall tarry upon the earth until the works, the mighty works of The Lord, are concluded. Do not mourn… The Helper will be with them.

Now come and see, and listen and have understanding, oh men and women of intellect and worldly learning… Your knowledge has made you the fool… You have become the lowliest and most wretched souls, in all The King’s court… You are poor, blind, deaf and naked… Your pride has made you a king and lord unto yourself.

Let go of your pride and be like the beggar. For out of his desperate need, he does call for help, and asks all who pass him by for food and money, so he might live just one more day.

So I ask you, prideful generation, why does the heathen rage and shake his fist at Heaven? Oh beloved, My lost and sick, you need not beg, but only become like the beggar. Cast off all that binds you to this world and ask for help, and the Helper shall come. With Him does He bring manna from Heaven for your nourishment, and new robes that are white to clothe you and protect you from the storm.

What I bring is not just to sustain you for just one more day, but a day that never ends. For the beggar is desperate, for he knows he is in grave need and understands not that he shall be given My kingdom.

You say you have no need of anything… I say to you, in a loud voice, WOE! You are in desperate need. You stand with both of your feet already in the grave, blinded by pride…

Reach out with your hands, and feel the headstone, whereon is written your name and all your works against God. Now look inside… Is not your heart fashioned after this very same headstone? I gave you a heart like Mine. You have refashioned it, in the image of the world and the evil one. From this place inside you, do you conceive and spew all things corrupt from your mouth, which defile you continually.

Now turn to Me, you are not forsaken… YOUR REDEEMER LIVES! Turn your cheek from this world, and behold My glory… For in My left hand, I hold an iron scepter, to break that stone placed at your head… Indeed, I shall break it and grind it to dust, beneath My feet… With My right hand shall I help you out of your grave, and place your feet upon the good ground.

Here, My child, take this cup from Me, and drink deeply, and be healed. Behold the wicked… They shall be refashioned and called the redeemed… From all stony places shall come rivers of living water… The grave shall be swallowed up, all headstones shattered. For The Word of God has come… And only His Word shall be written and spoken, henceforth and forever… Amen.