Look up! For the Beginning of the End has come

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The Lord says… The Beginning of the End has come…Look up! The Lion shall roar

January 17, 2008 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy During an Online Fellowship, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

[Timothy] Lord, reveal Your glory! Let Your light arise on the earth! Let it break into the hearts of our beloved! We ask in Your holy name, Lord, we cry out… ‚How long, O Lord?!’… O God, glorify Your name!

[The Lord answered] I have glorified it, and I will do so again! And when their day comes, they shall all kneel and bow down; yea they shall cry, they shall surely wail. Behold, they shall be healed and lifted up! For I AM THE LORD… Yes, I have done it, and I shall surely do so again.

For I have heard the cries of the afflicted, the sound of their weeping has come up into My ears. Their suffering is always before My face, from every land does it come forth. Without ceasing do they cry out, day and night, both those who have knowledge in The Beloved and many who have yet to receive the knowledge and love of the Truth.

The revelation of who I truly am, the acceptance of Him who I had sent to them. For He is the face of God, by whom all things were created, the heavens and the earth… Your Redeemer, The Holy One.

Thus says The Lord, your Redeemer… I am come, and I shall also return in all My glory!… In the power of My strength, I shall break the backs of the wicked! And in My mercy, I shall hide the humble and gather up the innocent! They shall be taken and hidden beneath the shadow of My wings!

Behold, I shall not cease from gathering them, until the number is fulfilled. I will continue the harvest and send the angels, and they shall ascend and descend upon The Son of Man, until not one stalk of wheat remains and not one seedling of grain is left… All shall be gathered into My Father’s barn. Then they shall know, I AM THE LORD.

Thus says The Lord… In no wise shall this world prevail! In no wise shall these nations stand! All shall crumble! All shall be brought down! All shall be wiped away. I AM THE LORD… Only one nation shall be left, only one shall be left standing, even this same one, the apple of My eye. Yes, I shall surely do it, and it shall be done. And all these, who have received inheritance of the same, shall come from the east and the west, and stand with them, for they are grafted in and remain with Me, always at My right hand; even as those who had forsaken Me shall also return.

For the day is coming when I shall pour on the house of David, and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Spirit of grace and supplication, and they shall return as they look upon Me… As they look upon The One whom they pierced.

Yes, they shall mourn and they shall grieve, even as one grieves for a firstborn son. And as it is written, there shall be great mourning among all the families that remain, every family by itself, says The Lord. Yet do not think that I save Israel, and the sons and daughters thereof, for their own sakes.

For I shall save them for My servant’s sake and to the glory of My own name… Lo, it shall resound in all the earth on that day! Behold, they shall all come to know God and many shall return, even from among those who pierced Me and spilled My blood, the blood which I shed to restore life to the world, life without end.

Therefore rejoice, and be not afraid, says The Lord your Redeemer… For I am with you, and I shall surely deliver you out of all these troubles, out of all this madness… Rejoice, I say, for the end of all things draws nigh!

For I had come with salvation, lowly and riding on a donkey, a colt, the foal of a donkey. And behold, I am come again, and I shall surely fulfill even all that is written of Me!

For the day has come and The Lion shall roar! Yea, I shall roar as a raging lion, and all My enemies shall be devoured!… ALL shall be put under My feet! And those who are Mine shall in no wise pass from My sight, for no one can steal them away from Me… No one is able to snatch them out of The Father’s hand!

Therefore, rejoice! Even in the midst of all this wickedness and sorrow, rejoice! Even when they come against you and persecute you, for My name’s sake, rejoice! Look up, for the beginning of the end has come! And when it is finished, I shall make a new beginning, which has no end… The restoration of all things… Peace… One thousand years… Rest.

Come now, and enter into My Father’s joy, which is in Me; For behold, you shall soon enter in and our joy shall be made complete… A return to the Garden and My joy… My love holding My hand… All tears wiped away… The old order of things passed away… All is made new… My life, your life… My presence in you and with you, forever.

And as it is written, so shall it be… ‚The earth will be filled with the knowledge and glory of The Lord, as the waters cover the sea.‘