Love and Forgiveness awaits all Those who turn from the World

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July 30, 2005 - From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For a Sister in Christ, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

My dear one, why do you flee from the presence of The Lord? The fire burns within Me, for all those who have turned from Me… I long to gather you up and hold you close.

You have become heavy with sin, though you are yet few in years. You dishonor those, who love Me and honor Me. The Father’s first commandment, with promise for you, is to honor your mother and father. Do you love your parents?… I say to you, you do not! You say that you do, why then do you rage?… For in love, there is no anger… Love is kind, love is calm and understanding, love is patient, love shows respect. In showing of disrespect to your parents, do you dishonor Me, for I created you. You are My child, only given to your parents under their care. You were a gift in joy. Do not betray that love. Do I not correct and discipline those I love? It is the evil and slothful parent, who neglects their children and does not correct their child’s wrong-doings. I have come into your house… I now reside there. The time of cleansing is upon you… Shall you choose to stay unclean, and sleep in the bed of the wicked? Or listen to your parents?… For they now speak for Me.

Dear one, great and terrible things are coming… Evil, in the world, shall soon reach its pinnacle. Shall I leave you upon the earth, in all bewilderment, until you come to the knowledge of truth, which you will find only by walking through the fire? Do not stand defiant, and suffer judgment for that by which you stand for in your own life.

Come and be taken up…

I have prepared a place for you, where you can rest in joy, truth, and love, While the fierce storm passes below you.

You say this is your choice, and is just a belief in something, and means nothing… You are in grave error… You choose, I decide. And it is a choice leading to life everlasting… Or to eternal death, forever separated from God. I am coming shortly, to destroy all things that separate you from Me. If I strip away all things of this world, which you have become addicted to, and I take everyone you love from your sight, where do you stand?… You stand in a desolate wasteland, completely naked of worldly things and love? What is left, beloved? To whom will you turn?…

Turn to God! He has not forsaken you…

He sends His Christ into the world, to overcome it, And gather into His arms that which has become lost and desolate.

His love never fades…

His love and mercy is everlasting, shown through Me.

Why wait until all is lost and unseen?… Call on My name, and confess all you have done, and I will separate your sin from you, and cast it away, and remember it no more… To this end, I gave up everything… My power, My glory, My spirit, My very life… I did this gladly, because I foresaw the day when you would be lost and the day you would come to Me.

That place inside you, that aches and is so very empty, can not be filled with worldly things and lust… These are a leading away. I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life, who was mocked, beaten, scourged and nailed to the cross… I had no sin… I did this for you, My child, so we can be together in My Kingdom to come.

In My Kingdom, there is no pain, no tears… Even death is not found… Only love will you find there, and all things which flow from the love of The Father. Be no longer separated because of sin. You know what sins you have committed. Know this: To dishonor your mother and father is sin. Your stepfather is your father also and he speaks for Me. To dishonor your earthly fathers is to dishonor your Father in Heaven. Even this I will forgive… You only need turn to Me.

The Day is coming, the Day is already here…

When all those lost are found, Or cast out forever, as The Father wills.

Love awaits you…

Come and live inside The Father, And He shall live in you, and make you new. Turn your cheek from Him, And He shall turn His from you with bitter sadness…

Nothing old, or of flesh, can live in the Kingdom… All must be transformed and made new… The evil flame of sin extinguished.