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[[File:United-States.png|20px|link=https://search.jesus-comes.com/index.php?title=Main_Page]] [[File:Germany.png|20px|link=https://suche.jesus-comes.com/index.php?title=Hauptseite]]
| [[File:United-States.png|20px|link=https://search.jesus-comes.com/index.php?title=Main_Page]] [[File:Germany.png|20px|link=https://suche.jesus-comes.com/index.php?title=Hauptseite]] || '''NEW - God's Revision:''' || [[Obedience to God]] - [[The Hell]] - [[Zodiac Signs]]...
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| Searching for: ''True Prophet/Prophecies'' || Input: - ''true prophe*'' - ''"true prophet"''
| Searching for: ''True Prophet/Prophecies'' || Input: - ''true prophe*'' - ''"true prophet"''
===NEW - God's Revision:===
• [[Obedience to God]] <br /> • [[The Hell]] <br /> • [[Zodiac Signs]] <br /> ([[Keyword-Directory]])

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Searching for: Mose/Moses Input: - mose - moses - mose*
Searching for: Moses Elias Input: - moses elias - mose* elia*
Searching for: Prophet/Prophecies Input: - prophe*
Searching for: True Prophet/Prophecies Input: - true prophe* - "true prophet"

NEW - God's Revision:

Obedience to God
The Hell
Zodiac Signs

Search in the texts of jesus-comes.com and awakeningforreality.com

The main purpose and idea for this site was the full text search over all of the Lord's Scriptures, published on our Websites and the simple possibility for connecting different contributions to keywords or subjects. With Suche jesus-comes (German) and Search jesus-comes (English) the joy of discovering God's Mysteries will be encouraged and its studies simplified.

To every Scripure, the weblink to the multilingual Main-Blog-Sites with Text/PDF, Audio and Video has been added.

Much Joy and Gods Blessings be with you - the jc-team!


Jakob Lorber (Short Biography)

Gottfried Mayerhofer



The Third Testament (more links and explanations jesus-comes.com)