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August 14, 2006 - From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For Timothy, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord to His servant… Your sins are forgiven you. For by the blood of My only begotten Son, which was shed for you, are you made clean; by His blood alone are you made worthy… By His suffering are you purged, by His stripes are you healed, for today’s sins, for yesterday’s sins, and yes, for those of tomorrow. Therefore one who asks anything in The Messiah’s name, in accordance with My will, shall surely have it, starting with the forgiveness of sins.

So then Timothy, O disobedient servant, obey My word and believe what I tell you, for I shall not speak of this again: You are chosen not because of your righteousness, but because of your spirit, of which I Myself have given you. Therefore look not to today’s stumblings, rather look to tomorrow in where you have overcome. For you have stepped out in faith, and I shall surely remain faithful to My promise. For not only are you a man of much promise, but you yourself are that promise which shall be fulfilled, even as an answer to prayer… A vessel through which I shall fulfill the sincere desire of those who have called out to Me for help and guidance; a vessel by which My will is made known and My plans made plain; a vessel by which I shall pour out My words upon them. And if My beloved call upon Me for food and drink, shall I not provide them with a bounty? And if I appoint you to fulfill these tasks shall I not provide for you also, so you may accomplish My will and feed them?… All prayers answered in their due time and season.

Timothy, My son, you are that man of promise, Who shall also receive the fullness of My Promise at the time appointed, Enabling you to keep those promises which must be met…

Yet until that time, you must continue to fulfill Your promises to Me through obedience…

Or how shall I send you?

My son, I know you, I have always known you, and I know you as you are and will be in the years to come; behold, even in My Sanctuary I knew you and loved you, even as I see you with Me where I am, together in My Kingdom to come, where you shall have many friends indeed. For I tell you, many of these to whom I send you shall be the very same you have led there, some before and many more after; yet not by your own power or leadership, but by the power of My own Spirit which shall be fully established in you… I am The Lord.

For is this not also the union I spoke of, and the means by which you shall come to know My dwelling place, remaining in My presence at all times and through every season, until the day comes when you stand before The Son of Man in His Kingdom… Lo, you shall run swiftly to embrace Me in that day, having served in My name even one week after your beloved are taken, even as I shall catch you up into My arms also.

Timothy, you are chosen; forever will this fact remain. Therefore I ask you, what have you done worse than your fellows, worse than your predecessors? Have you murdered as Moses or David? In your heart, yes, you are guilty, but not in action. Were the prophets of old liken unto Me? Do not blaspheme, they were not; they too were men of continual stumbling and sin. Did they not push ahead through the pain, and endure in spite of themselves and the tempter, for My name’s sake? Did they not become great men? Yes! Were they then perfect? You know the answer.

Timothy, there are none righteous, no not one, Save He who alone came from God and Walked among men, holy and blameless.

For by Him alone are you made perfect in My eyes, By Him alone are your sins washed away and remembered no more; Behold, I have separated your sins from you As far as the east is from the west, as it is written…

Beloved, I see My Son in you, And where He resides all sins are washed away.

For though you stumble you are made worthy, a continual washing; only doubt causes you to stumble in this way. For any man, who has come into the full knowledge of the Truth, will not stumble. Yet this time is not yet. Until then, use what I have given you… Let faith be your shield, salvation your helmet and the word of God your sword, as My presence gives you strength; My son, build trust by that which I have placed in front of you, grow fat on The Word, and perfect obedience and steadfast trust will follow.

Timothy, you are My prophet, for you hear My voice; this is not disputed. Yet those upon the earth lack understanding. So then I ask you, My son, where are you and where are you going? For you are a man of stumbling, full of doubt, continually assaulted by the evil one, for he knows the truth of who you are and will be… Timothy, if even the devil believes, how is it you still doubt?

My son, you have but two roads before you, only two paths to tread: To serve Me completely in trust, or to serve Me not and return to the world and serve mammon; yet you can serve only one master. I know your heart, stop staring at the fork in the road and run quickly to the left, for I wait for you! Let go of your worries, let go of all you hold onto in this world according to your flesh; stop listening to the devil!… Rather free yourself by means of The Truth, for you are already free! Therefore run quickly, move forward, and by the power of My own Spirit established in you shall you quickly outpace the evil one! Neither shall he approach you, anymore.

For what is Mine, I have given to My Son; And what belongs to The Son, the devil may never own…

For though satan seems to rule this world, he rules nothing! NOTHING!…

For I AM THE LORD, the earth is Mine! Behold, even every star you see in the heavens is Mine! Even all creation belongs to The Lord!…

And that which is Mine I have given to My Son, For He overcame the world from the beginning, The very same who fashioned it and saved it…

Behold, the world is My footstool, And all therein is put in subjection to The Son, Because He is and was, and shall always be, The Son of Man!