Mistranslation & Misinterpretation leading to great Obscurity

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The Lord says… Mistranslations & Misinterpretations lead to great Obscurity

July 25, 2007 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For a Sister in Christ, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Question regarding Genesis 9, where Noah drank too much wine, and Ham, his son, saw him naked and uncovered… Some churches and Christians believe and teach that Noah cursed Ham and his son because Ham committed a homosexual act with Noah, while Noah was drunk from the wine. Others believe that Ham had sexual relations with his mother, while Noah was drunk from the wine, and this is why Canaan and Ham were cursed. And still others believe that Ham impregnated his mother, while Noah was drunk from the wine, who later gave birth to Canaan. These same churches use Leviticus as ‚evidence‘ for their belief… Lord, are these teachings correct?

[The Lord answered] Beloved daughter, you seek Me and this is very good, for all who seek Me in this way shall be lifted up. Behold the day is coming quickly, when you shall be refreshed and made new, beauty of such a kind which never passes away, nor shall it ever depart from you again. For you shall receive of Me anew, renewed and restored, a light shining within you which never fades, nor can it flicker, nor can it be extinguished, for where I am you will be also… Life without end… Amen.

So then, My beloved, hear and understand that which I have spoken through Timothy already. And be very careful that you do not deny My word, nor add to, nor take away from it. I am The Lord.

For if I come to uplift and take you, you being of My body, My bride, The Church, then I shall surely correct and discipline you… Even I shall do likewise unto all these churches of men, even unto all who bear My name… For I do love them, yet their robes have become soiled, and are very unseemly in My sight, not at all befitting servants of The Lord.

Therefore I have sent to them My prophets, even to the great outpouring of My own Spirit, so they might receive of Me in abundance, by which they would be led into true discernment, a greater revelation of who I truly am. For I am The Word, and if I am The Word, even The Cornerstone of all truth and prophecy, its very fulfillment, then these who seek to partake of Me must first wash their faces, and they must do so with clean hands. Then will they see well enough to go out and cleanse their filthy robes… Yet they will not go out, nor have they received.

Here is truth and wisdom concerning these blasphemies, of which you have accepted in part, even making some of them your own: In the days of Noah there was much violence and great perversion upon the face of the whole earth. And so the wrath of God came upon all the inhabitants of the earth in those days, and none were saved except those appointed, who had walked uprightly before God, obeying His every word… These, having hearts which were right and good, were spared.

Yet I tell you, if even one of these eight souls were not of a right heart before God, neither would that same one have entered into the ark. For all those, who were appointed unto wrath, received of wrath and were consumed.

Yet these eight, who abided not as the multitude, but chose instead the way of The Lord, holding fast to a more perfect way, trusting and obeying the voice of The Lord their God, were credited unto righteousness. So then, by no means, did these of Noah’s household commit that which is a disgrace to their father and to themselves, even to the committing of that which is worthy of death.

Beloved, you see with tainted eyes, through a veil covered with scarlet and purple. Remove this veil, and wash away all this mud with which you have been splattered, and see with greater eyes. See according to righteousness, and now look upon these who were saved by God’s own hand, with new eyes; for they had been accounted worthy to escape and were lifted up above the waters, though they remained in the midst of them… Look no more for sin and disgrace, where none exists!

Do not add to, or take away from The Word of The Lord Most High!… What is written, LET IT STAND… Seek The Lord only, in humility, and your eyes will indeed be opened… For only The Lord may add to His Word, so you may come into a greater understanding, yea, an unveiling of the Word’s majesty, both brilliant and subtle.

Beloved, hear and understand, and be very wise when discerning these things presented to you by those in the churches. Become wise according to this wisdom, which I have given you, and listen NOT to the churches of men. Stop your ears from hearing the arrogant speeches of their scholars, and turn away from all their men in authority. For I do not know them! Their doctrines are their own and very perverse in My sight!

For they seek glory for themselves and have corrupted their ways before Me, even as they do continually pervert My Word and pollute My name before many witnesses; always seeking out the darkness in men, to expose it, while they themselves hold onto judgment, embracing every contemptuous word and deed.

Therefore, this is what I say to them… ‚Cleanse your hands, you filthy sinners! Sanctify your hearts, you double-minded hypocrites! For the day is coming, and is already here, when all you have built shall be brought down! Behold, it shall fall with a great crash! And all you have wrought shall be tried, it shall surely be tested, and you shall be found wanting!… For the Day shall declare it!‘

Know and understand this also… The translations of My Word by men are greatly erred, and lead many into an even greater misinterpretation of My Word, which is coupled with the pride and arrogance of the churches of men, who seek not the Truth as it was written by the children of God, in their own language, by which one is better able to see the Word as it really is and was meant to be.

For eight upright souls, who held fast to the strict uprightness of their father, entered into the ark; and nine went forth from the ark, as it was written. Yet you continue in your assertion, that Canaan must have been born of Ham’s mother by incest. Here is wisdom… How can Noah curse the name of his son’s son in anger, even calling him by name, if that son is not yet born, nor named? Therefore, you do greatly err.

And beloved, who having committed an act of abomination, in secret, then proclaims it before his brethren? And who having his own wife, being upright before The Lord, seeks to lie with his mother in his father’s own tent? And who being upright in heart, abiding by the strict moral code of his father, commits an act of abomination with him?!… BLASPHEMY! For if such as you or these churches imagined were so, I would have destroyed Ham in that same moment, and his offspring with him!… Therefore, no such act took place.

You lack knowledge, and have no understanding of the will of The Lord your God. For it was I, by Noah, who cursed Canaan, even from the beginning, long before this nation was established. Thus the will of God was fulfilled according to prophecy, for that done in a moment of anger was according to shame and not disgrace, of which came to be written and was also fulfilled.

Thus, here is the sum of the matter… Noah did not speak of his own accord against his son, nor his son’s son, who were both standing nearby to Noah’s tent… Rather Noah prophesied of that which was fulfilled, and came to pass, according to MY will… I AM THE LORD.