Mother Mary says… Those, who are willing to lose their Life for the Kingdom, will find it

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Mother Mary says… Those, who are willing to lose their Life for the Kingdom, will find it

May 5, 2019 – Words from Mother Mary to Sister Clare

Clare began… Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the wonderful springtime joy you are bringing to us. I have some wonderful things to share with you, Family. Especially those of you who have been wanting to withdraw into prayer, and not be a part of the world anymore. But be praying FOR the world.

When we live the lifestyle of seclusion and prayer, we’re at the hub of all life. We can reach out and touch the spokes from the hub, and the wheel is what turns the world. And the spokes are the individual ministries and works that people do. And when you’re at the hub, you’re actually at a point where you can pray for all of those things. It’s a very exciting life of intercession.

Then Mother Mary began to speak… “I have many souls for you. Many vocations. As your structure becomes firmer, as the bones develop and become solid, and you are able to bear the weight, I shall send you souls. Many souls, my daughter, are in need of this instruction and structure. Many are seeking A LIFE WORTH LIVING. A life with meaning, with purpose, in truth, enduring throughout eternity. Structure is so very important to you to be able to stand. You must not be a jellyfish.”

(Clare) Here she is using an expression that I am very familiar with.

(Mary) “I wish to have an army of committed KNIGHTS in ARMS.”

(Clare) The arms being prayer and fasting with good works of every kind.

(Mary) “An army of intercessors. Not many. Carrying my Holy Banner of Love, marching through the world of hatred and opposition to God’s will.”

(Clare) I saw in the spirit an army carrying the banner of the Holy Cross. When she said, “not many” I thought of Gideon’s 300. They were men picked out of thousands, because they drank water from the river a certain way. The notes from the seventh chapter of Judges says… “The Lord desired not numerous but reliable soldiers. Those who drank from their hands were alert, standing ready to resist attack, whereas the others were careless and undependable, and the cowards had already been weeded out.” And the sixth chapter of Judges is all about the call of Gideon, who said… “Please, my Lord, with what do I save Israel? See, my family is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my father’s house.”

(Mary) “Not all will be willing to lose their life for the Kingdom.”

(Clare) Then she began to address all of us…

(Mary) “My children, those of you who would lose your life for the Kingdom of My Son, I tell you truly, you shall find it. Those of you who will not, shall lose even what little you have. For to those who have, more is given. And to those who have not, even what little you have shall be taken from you.

“Do not marvel at this saying, for unto him who was given ten talents and reproduced with those ten more, to him more was given. But to him who buried the one and reproduced none, he was put outside and soundly beaten.

“My children, you will be held accountable for what God has given you: your life’s breath, your time on this Earth, your abilities. If you do not put your best effort forward, you shall be held accountable. My children, no halfway measures, please. Give it your all. My Son gave His all. You owe it to Him. Do not withhold your best efforts.

“This I say to you, not to shame you, but to call you to account now while there is still time to repent and live a life worthy of the name Christian and full of the promises of Heaven.

“If you are slothful, you shall spend much time in the fires of Purgatory doing there what you should have done here. A serious opportunity has been set before you. It asks of you a serious response. (Link to more detailed revelations regarding the fires of purification you find below this video on youtube)

“For those of you who take my words with the utmost seriousness, I shall be by your side and all of Heaven shall be your help and entourage. The more you strive for perfection, the more the Heavenly Host will protect and assist you. I tell you solemnly, not one drop of suffering shed, not one supernatural effort shall go unnoticed.

“Satan’s scheme is to undermine your good works by saying they are too little. Nothing, my children, is too little. Everything shall be rewarded. I beg of you, put your best foot forward. I shall not fail you in the blessings that will follow.”

(Clare) And you know? When I withhold my best from the Lord, because of some personal advantage, those things that I gain are the very things that I will completely lose at death. But when I give up that personal advantage, as a fast offering unto the Lord, it will bear fruit that will proceed me into Heaven.

Then I saw Mother Mary dressed as a peasant woman with a bushel of walnuts in her arms. She poured the walnuts out onto a table that was set before me. This was such a curious vision, yet I knew instinctively that she was demonstrating vocations to me. In other words, people who are called to this kind of life. I became even more convinced when she allowed me to see that within each hull was a precious diamond. Then she began to list words to me, words that I was familiar with.

(Mary) “Outer covering, common, poor, rough, plain, nothing extraordinary or unusual, commonplace, plain wrapper, simple, humble. All these things and more are what we want you to be. Nothing, nothing, to draw any attention to you as being special.”

(Clare) As I looked at the table full of walnuts, I saw that it was in a very rough room in the wilderness. While I was watching, little diamonds went on fire with light, emerged from the hulls and went off in different directions. Our Mother Mary took me by the hand to follow one and it went off into the forest towards a precious spot that we planned to build an hermitage at the Refuge. Then she resumed speaking…

(Mary) “They are vocations. Souls who love to pray. Souls I am entrusting to you. Soon, very soon, there will be much excitement in your lives. I will teach you how to serve them. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t give them to you without the grace to direct and serve them. Each baby comes with instructions, and special helps from Heaven.”

(Clare) In the background of the meditation, Father was saying… “We are not to hold our heads down and cower in fear.” That sure described what I was feeling while she was saying this.

Our Mother took a diamond from a walnut shell and held it before me. It sparkled in her fingers, as she continued…

(Mary) “Each one is so different, special, unique. No two are the same. Oh, how lovely is Your dwelling place, O Lord, my God. How special Your virgin souls, called to love and serve You. I give You praise, Father, for you have hidden these things from the high and mighty, but given and revealed them to the lowly and poor in spirit. Continue to be lowly in spirit. I will send you pure gemstones to build this community.”

(Clare) Dearest Mother, I entrust myself to you. Even today I found that I had to keep a serious guard over my soul, because I could feel my thoughts drifting in the wrong directions, contrary to this commonness you are teaching me. I feel most at home with this and it is most conformed to my holy state of life, this rule of life. Yet it is so very difficult to protect.

(Mary) “I will not let you down in this; only just trust me. I will show you what to do. Don’t worry, it’s going to be very beautiful. Just trust me… That is all I require.”