My Hand is outstretched, the World is given up

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Jesus says… The Day of the Lord is here! My anger burns hot… The World is given up

November 20, 2009 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to a Brother in Christ and Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord God, yes I, The Holy One of Israel, The Mighty and Strong One… I AM COME! Yes it is I, The Lion of The Tribe of Judah, whose eyes are like flames of fire!… I AM COME! I am come out in My anger! And with the sword of My mouth I shall strike down the nations! For I have come forth to judge; yes, the time has come! Therefore, prepare and shout!

Thus says The Lord to the United States… Your nation is given up; behold, the mighty nation is cast down! It has fallen on its side, and who is able to deliver them?! For all who remain shall fall! They shall fall hard, and they shall break!… Behold, they shall be broken in pieces without hand! They shall be stricken and brought very low! Says The Lord in His judgment.

Behold, My anger burns hot and My fury has come up into My face, because of you, O mighty nation! Says The Lord, yes I, The High and Lofty One. For He who holds the key of David has spoken to you, yet you would not listen, indeed you have refused to hear, nor have you walked in The Way of The Lord; your ears are full of pollution and your eyes are covered with violence…

You are as a cake unturned, milk gone sour, honey which has altogether lost its flavor, a wayward people who wallow in their own filth, a most backward people! You lay snares at the feet of all who seek to do good, while persecuting those who stand up for what is right!… A most wicked and slothful generation!

Therefore, thus says The Lord: I shall make you as stubble fully dried; and behold, in the midst of you I shall kindle a fire! Upon you shall I bring distress and tribulation! For the whole land shall be as a woman caught in the midst of great travail; like a man overcome with madness, shouting and foaming at the mouth! The land shall convulse and your glory shall be thrown down, your loftiness bowed down, in the day I trample you underfoot! Says The Lord.

City by city shall be broken down, and the blood of the wicked shall be poured upon the ground! For as lightning sets the tree ablaze and boisterous winds drive the flames, so shall I consume you from off this land, from one end to the other!… With blackness and death, with desolation and great distress, until there is no place!

Behold, I shall wear you out, O mighty nation! Calamity upon calamity shall batter you and break you down! Your enemies shall persecute you, without respite, and breach the wall! For you have not ceased from doing evil before My face!… Behold, day and night the innocent are murdered because of YOU!

Thus My hand is stretched out against you, O nation not desired! FOR YOU HAVE SINNED AGAINST THE LORD!… Behold, I shall set you forth as an example, a sign to all nations, a warning for all those who forget God!… And it shall come to pass, that all who look upon you shall be greatly astonished. They shall hide their faces and draw back from you, because of the terror of The Lord!

Therefore hear the word of The Lord, O peoples of the earth, even you who call of yourselves by My own name, thus says The Lord… The Day of The Lord has come; behold, it is at the doors! Yes, it is here and has come! The time has come, when I must remove My Bride and take My innocent lambs; it is time for My sheep to be called home.

For they have followed close behind Me, and did not stray; indeed, many which were lost have been found, and now seek to go wheresoever I lead them. For I have called to them, and they have harkened to My voice… Behold, I have gathered them together, and soon they shall be given rest upon My bosom, in the house of The Lord.

Behold I shall pass through, and the judgments of God shall be poured out, even upon the whole earth and every inhabitant; and the whole world shall be shaken!… For the days of wailing are here, many days of sorrow have come in and shall not cease, until the people grow weary with groaning, until every face is wet and every garment is drenched with tears. For the day is coming when many shall be left alone, in a moment, when many knees shall buckle with fear.

Behold My anger is kindled, and My jealousy is brought forth like fire, and who is able to quench it?! For the wrath of God can not be turned aside; neither can the indignation of The Father be returned to its place! Like a flood bursting the banks it covers the land; like a monstrous deluge increasing in height, it eats up the shore and undermines the foundation, until the towers topple and the remnant thereof is carried away!… Behold, like the terrible mountain it spews its fervent heat and rains down upon men! It rushes down the mountain with terrifying speed, consuming all in its path!

And thus is the wrath of God, thus is the indignation of The Father… An ever-increasing weight, a rising tide that does not recede, an overflowing cup in the hand of The Almighty, poured out without mixture…

Yet call upon My name in sincere repentance, and turn back from this evil way you have chosen, and I shall have mercy upon you; behold, even I shall deliver you. For there is but One Way and One Escape, One Salvation. Cry out therefore, call upon The Name, the only name by which you must be saved, YahuShua HaMashiach; yes, He who is called Christ and Jesus, Yeshua and Messiah!

Shout, My people! Lift up your voices to Heaven! For I have sent out My messengers before My face, My witnesses who cease not from declaring the glory of The Lord… Behold, they have the testimony of YahuShua HaMashiach, of Him called Jesus and Christ; they keep The Commandments of God and honor My statutes; they are virgin in spirit, and have been washed clean in the blood of The Lamb, fully worthy.

I have set them up as beacons, lesser lights sent out to reflect The True Light which shines upon them and gathers strength within them. Behold, these shall go for Me, and in them shall I burn bright in the Day of Darkness. They shall be like lamps burning and shining, and all those who enjoy their light shall be warmed by it.

Behold, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not faint; and they shall be hidden, says The Lord. For those I send shall be fully clothed in The Spirit of God and shall accomplish great things, doing many mighty exploits in My name, to the astonishment and anger of the people.

O peoples of this world, where do you stand?… Your hearts have turned, and from The Lord your God you are far removed! For you have polluted The Holy Covenant, neither do you seek The Holy One in truth!… Behold, darkness has fallen, a veil which remains very heavy, a large stone hung around the necks of this dead generation.

And you, O churches of men, how long shall you profane My name and dishonor My Sabbaths?! Behold, you break The Commandments of The Father, in the name of Grace, saying… ‚We are delivered!’… YOU ARE NOT DELIVERED!

For you have all together forsaken The Lord your God! I see no truth in you!… Behold, only lawlessness dwells there. For anyone who turns away their ear from hearing The Law, from them also will I turn away; even their prayer shall be an abomination before The Lord.

Behold, there are even many who offer up prayers in the name of the dead, while treading upon My every command… Evil workers, vicars of Christ, whose end shall be according to their works! Therefore, O mother of harlots, you are condemned! And you, O daughters of adoption, are forsaken and left to the fire!… YOU SHALL BE PURGED! For your faith has no root, and all your testimonies are mere proclamations spoken in the wind, lies spoken in hypocrisy, many false words spoken in vain, a multitude of detestable speeches which plague My ears! Your prayers are a foul odor in My nostrils, a polluted offering which has come up before Me, quickly fading, coming to nothing before the Glory of The Holy One of Israel!

Am I not a revealer of secrets? Says The Lord. And by the light of My glory are not all things exposed? Behold, under the full weight of My Truth all fall down! ALL are broken in pieces!… Churches of men, revive and awake! Awaken from all this darkness! Purify your hearts, you hypocrites; and mend your ways, you double-minded! And return to Me! For you are a very rebellious people, a people with hardened hearts and unyielding spirits, a multitude of unwilling servants, a proud people who refuse to be broken! Therefore, because you are neither cold nor hot, I shall spit you from My mouth!

Oh misled and ill-favored sheep, I am come. Yet from you I must remove My hand and withdraw My Spirit… I must turn to you the back and not the front, leaving you in bewilderment and bitter tears, in deep and heavy sorrows… For unless I humble you, you shall never enter My rest.

And though you say… „We have already entered““, I tell you the truth, you have surely forsaken Me and deny Me still… YOU HAVE NOT ENTERED IN! For I have declared the day; a day which has remained unchanged throughout the generations, which you were to remember and keep holy; a blessing and a foretaste of things to come, a sign between Me and you, that you may know I am The Lord who sanctifies you. Yet you refused to be set apart for My glory, having cast your lot with the deceiver and those being deceived, seeking glory for yourselves, pleasers of men. Therefore, I have indeed set you apart… Behold, I have divided you from My flock, as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats, leaving you to refinement in the Day of The Lord.

Therefore, let My people now turn from the ways of men and the churches! Let them come out from among them with a shout! Let them heed the call and make a great noise! Let them lift up their voices to Heaven, and give Me glory, saying… „We give thanks to The God of Heaven, The One who is and was and is to come, because it is time for You to reveal Your mighty power and reign! Hallowed be the name of The Lord! All glory is Yours, O God! All praise and thanks and power and dominion and authority belong to The Holy One of Israel, forever and ever! Amen!“

Thus says The Lord God… Son of Man, go forth! Stretch out your hand, O God, and destroy! Cast the wicked into darkness, and let the naysayers be brought down into silence! Cast them to the sides of the pit, for the mouth of sheol is wide open! Says The Lord God Almighty. Let them lick the dust like serpents, for this is their due reward! Let the flames consume all these unrepentant dogs, and the sword strike through all these goats fit for slaughter!… Tremble in fear, all you who forget God and spit at His Holy One! Be horribly afraid! For The Lord God has a Mighty and Strong One who shall judge and make war, a Righteous One whose sword proceeds from His mouth with which He shall strike down the nations, The Mighty One of Jacob who shall tread the grapes in the winepress of the wrath of My fury!

For I am The God of judgment and I shall fulfill every word, and it shall be finished! Affliction shall not rise up a second time, for I have prepared a fire!… And the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars shall be cast into it, destroyed from My presence forever! Behold, ALL evil shall cease from before Me! Every form of wickedness shall be utterly consumed in My fury! For I am a great king, says The Lord, and My vesture is a consuming fire! Behold, I am come, the time has ended; this world is given up and handed over, and shall soon be cast into darkness.

Yet My witnesses shall shine and bring glory to My name, even 144,000 who belong to Me. For they are Mine, says The Lord; yea, they shall sing for Me! They are My sealed ones, of whom I have chosen and sent, for they have the name of The Living God written upon their foreheads.

I am El Shaddai, YaHuWaH Yireh; Behold, I am YahuShua, both Lion and Lamb, God and Savior, Elohim; For in The Son does the fullness of The Father dwell… Thus at the name of YahuShua every knee shall bow.

Behold, He has a name written on Him, of which only He knows, the name by which My witnesses are sealed and sent out… Blessed, therefore, are those who go out in the name of The Lord, and by the name I have given My Son, My name…

The name which is of Me and in Me, and given to Him, Who is risen and seated forever at My right hand, He who is in the bosom of The Father, The Righteous One, He who is from everlasting to everlasting… I AM.