My Hand shall strike you down! Says The Lord

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The Lord says… My Hand shall strike you down!… You have become Satan’s Mouthpieces

September 8, 2009 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy and a Brother in Christ, For all Those who say ‚Thus Says The Lord‘, when The Lord has not spoken, and For all Those who have Ears to hear

Hear the word of The Lord, hear the indignation of The Father… Woe to you who speak in the name of The Lord, when I have not spoken! WOE TO YOU! Says The Lord God of Israel. For I shall stretch out My hand against you, and you shall surely fall! You shall no more stand, nor shall you be given a voice, anymore!… For you have no place before Me, says The Lord God.

Therefore hear the Word of The Lord, all you who speak falsely in My name… You stand divided, and every house divided shall surely fall! Thus I shall tear you down; I shall take everything you have built up in your arrogance and cast it into the fire! Says The Lord God of Hosts.

Now hear My words, bow down and listen! Shut your mouths! Yes, all you who blaspheme The Spirit, be silent, lest I strike you down where you stand for all your foolish-talking, for all these heresies which you have spewed before the people in MY name!… You have no voice before Me! And the prayers of all those who embrace your foul speech will not be heard, for you shall be given no voice at all! I will not share My glory, nor do I change! Thus in the day of My anger I shall strike you dumb, and you shall no more speak falsely in MY name!… Indeed, many shall be brought down into silence on that day, says The Lord.

Thus says The Lord to all those who speak in the name of The Most High God, when The Lord has not spoken… You shall all surely die! Repent therefore, and give Me glory! Stop polluting My name, and come to Me, and fall upon your faces with your mouths closed!… And I may yet have mercy upon you.

Yea, guard your steps when you come before Me and My house, you who have endeavored to speak in My name though I did not call you! And when standing before My throne remove your shoes from your feet and be still, and do not be hasty in your speech nor utter one word before your God, nor let the musings of your heart lead you into temptation! For I am HOLY!

Behold, I dwell in the unapproachable light, My throne is set high above the heavens, and the sound of My voice carries across the ages!

Yet you dwell here upon the earth below. Behold, darkness covers you, and the pit opens its mouth as you draw near. Destruction waits for you, as you continue to tread the wide path!…

Therefore, repent of all this false-witnessing! Cry out and wail! Turn from all these heresies you have propagated in MY name!… For I tell you the truth, you have all become mouthpieces of satan!

Therefore close your mouths, and speak no longer in the name of The Lord Most High, lest I destroy you utterly when the wrath of The Lord is fulfilled, both body and soul. For strong is The Lord who judges you, and righteous are My judgments and just are My ways!… Again I call you to repent, to humble yourselves before The Lord, and I may yet turn from My anger and lift you up, granting unto you a new voice with which you shall uplift My name, and a new heart by which you shall honor Me in truth and righteousness, says The Lord.

Thus says The Holy One of Israel, The Lion of The Tribe of Judah… All those who speak blasphemies, in the name of The Lord, shall be stripped of their life when I come in My glory! For in that day I will not withhold My anger! Says The Lord. For with My hand I shall strike you down, and by the sword of My mouth I shall divide you asunder!… Yet repent in truth, with sincere remorse, and you shall keep your life and be spared.

Yet of My servants, of whom I am also sending, I say this… I, The Lord, reside within them; and they have been chosen, redeemed and filled with My Spirit… Cleansed. These men, in number 144,000, shall speak with great and pure testimony, and pronounce My judgments. Behold, even profound and deep wisdom, surpassing human knowledge, shall come forth from their lips.

For I have placed My words in their mouths, a gift which can only be received by God through the power of His Christ, according to His Spirit which He has given them. For these hear the Word of The Lord Most High… His voice they know, in His presence they dwell.

For I shall surely glorify My name by those I am sending, for I have put My words in their mouths, and only My Word is found upon their lips. And nothing in the heavens, or upon the earth, shall withhold them from speaking to the truth of who I am… Behold, their time has come! For I have poured out My Spirit on all nations, and those who have received shall be given a voice!

Yea, they shall shout in concert to the glory of My name, even in the name I have received of My Father, YahuShua HaMashiach, which I shall cause to resound in all the earth! For the words, which I shall put forth through My prophets, shall bring down the mighty and abase the proud! And at their strong rebuke, many will fall to their knees and give Me glory in the Day of The Lord!

Yet you who cover your ears and hold fast in your rebellion against The Lord, even all of you who continue to walk in satan’s cause, shall come to know the anger of The Lord God wrought through His Mighty and Strong One, manifest in the brightness of His coming and carried out through the sword of His mouth!…

YOU SHALL ALL BE STRUCK THROUGH! Behold, you shall be torn in pieces, when I execute My terrible vengeance on the nations, when I bring My punishment upon the people!… You shall not see life! Your inheritance is removed! Says The Lord.

Therefore hear My words and repent, all you who serve satan. Repent in sincerity and truth. Fall down and give Me glory, and I may yet deliver you from the midst of all this darkness, from all this punishment. For I tell you the truth, The Father calls to you from Heaven, and My voice beckons to you from deep within… And still you forbear.

Why do you flirt with death and court destruction?!… Receive of Me and live, everlasting life is what I offer you, Life filled with the peace and joy you have longed for!…

Become again God’s children, made to abide in My love!… For I AM HE who was nailed to the cross, The One who shed His blood to save you, He who was raised to glory; from the grave I am risen!… He who reigns and has come!… The King of Glory, yes I, YahuShua HaMashiach, The Holy One of Israel.