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January 21, 2005 - From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Hear The Word of The Lord, all you multitudes! Cry out to The Lord, all you inhabitants of the earth! Call upon The name of The Lord your God, for He is God alone; there is no other! Call upon the name of The Savior, for He is The Only Way, The Only Truth and The Only Life; apart from Him there is no salvation! Cry out therefore, wail loudly and lament, for the Day of The Lord is at hand and the days of judgment are about to come in!…

For thus says The Lord… On account of your continual disobedience, My people, have I come forth to rebuke and to discipline, for you have surely joined yourselves to another! And because of all this wickedness, which is before My eyes, day and night without ceasing, am I come out to punish and to cleanse! For the anguish of The Lord is great, and the pain of My heart has increased beyond measure!… My own people reject Me, My own servants turn and fight against Me without cause, for they want no part with Me as I truly am! Oh My beloved, why have you turned your cheek from Me?! How is it I see no love for God in your hearts?!

My precious created ones, My love for you is great. And in My mercy I have delivered you, cleansing you in My own blood, for I am The Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the world. Yet you want no part with Me as I truly am. And now I am returning; behold, I am coming quickly as The Lion, to devour all that is unclean, to tear in pieces all who fight against Me, to consume and to destroy, to carry away all that offends! Yet the heart of this people has become stone, the countenance of this generation is set hard against Me; wholeheartedly do they rebel against The Living God!

Therefore, because you have hardened your foreheads, and because you have replaced the heart of flesh I had given you with a heart of stone, so also shall there be a stone placed at your head. For you are about to stumble, you are about to fall into the pit, for you are a most wicked and vile generation, a great multitude of deceived and dying peoples!… Therefore repent, O wayward generation! Turn from this wicked way you have chosen! Put away all this iniquity; cease from doing evil and learn to do good! Again, I say, REPENT! Return to Me, that I may grant you mercy and show you compassion, that I may raise you up and break all these stones which hold you captive, that I may wash away this dirt which covers you! For My Kingdom comes!

Beloved, come and be partakers of My joy, be set apart in My love, and I will lead you to springs of living waters and wipe every tear from your eyes. Let not the winds of deception and lying blow you into the fire; hold fast! For the Day of The Lord is at hand, and all that is written shall be fulfilled and brought to completion… Behold, I shall speak to the four winds, saying, “Cease your assault, your time has ended! No more shall you fill My people with lies and bitter doctrine! No more shall they be led away by vain deceits! No more shall you push them backward! No more shall you cause them to stumble!” For I AM THE LORD, and I shall surely sit upon the throne of My glory and reign, over all dominions, Heaven and Earth!

Open the flood gates, let the waters of Heaven fill the earth! Drown the wicked and revive the upright, awaken the sleepers! Quench the thirst of those in the desert, wash the eyes of the blind! Lift up the downtrodden, bind up the wounds And set every back straight, free every captive! Make the timid courageous, and the weak strong!…


He who gives the poor the riches of Heaven And causes the meek to inherit the earth, He who fills His people with joyful Expectation and The Blessed Hope… For My kingdom comes!