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You are My Vessel & like the Twelve you’ll be a Witness for My Name

October 22, 2004 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For Timothy, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

[The Lord] Timothy, why do you beseech The Lord your God? Do you not know I am with you?

[Timothy] I need to know what you ask of me. I have much doubt in myself.

[The Lord] Oh you of little faith, how long must I suffer your doubt? Indeed I have asked of you many things, and will continue to do so; even much more will I require of you in the days to come, for the time is short, My son…

Behold, I am transforming you for My purpose, recreating you anew, preparing you for the Day, making you ready for those things which are coming and for those things which I am about to do.

Yet I tell you, this must be done gradually, and you must be willing. For a gift bestowed upon the unwilling ceases from being a gift and quickly becomes a burden. Yet your heart is open to Me, your very heart’s desire I know.

Your love for Me is great; and the love you have for your fellow man is great also, though you repress it and fear what is to come… Fear not, My son, for I am with you to deliver you; yes I, your beloved Savior, whom you called beautiful and precious, though you saw Me covered in the blood of your redemption.

Indeed, everywhere you look you see beauty, recognizing the hand of your Father in Heaven. Even as a boy you aspired to be like Me. Yet as you grew older you gave into temptation, loving the pleasures of this world more than Me. Yet I never left you, having set you apart from the beginning… Search your heart, Timothy, and remember. For you have always known, indeed your calling was revealed to you even many years before the time, the day My works would be done through you.

Therefore, beloved one, give thanks and also remember: Whosoever I have cleansed is worthy of everything I have and shall give… Heal the sick? Yes, Timothy, it will be done. The casting out of demons? Yes, it will be done. Behold, you shall prophesy, dream dreams, and see visions, even I shall speak plainly with you.

And by the power of My own spirit shall all these things be done through you… Through you shall the warning be given, through you shall the trumpet be blown, through you shall I make My plans known to this generation. For I am The Lord, and I do not change. For as it is written: The Lord God will do nothing, until He has revealed His plans to His servants, the prophets.

Timothy, you are My vessel, My prophet, a beacon, and bright will I shine through you until the day of My Coming… For like the twelve, you shall be a witness for My name, testifying to the truth of who I am. And as John, you shall prepare My way before Me…

Again I say to you, fear not, for I will be with you. Behold, I shall go before you and dwell within you, and remain always your rearguard… You are never alone, says The Lord.