Nuclear Annihilation of Miami will precede the Rapture

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March 13th, 2015 – Dream from Sister Clare

This Video contains the narrative of two dreams, one vision from above the earth and one Rapture message. They were given at different times but I believe, fit together like a puzzle, given the lukewarmness of many Christian hearts in America.

The progression is as follows: nuclear annihilation of Miami followed by nuclear attacks on American cities, I was not shown other parts of the world except that the attacks were in some way instigated from North Eastern Europe (Belgium?) and the missiles originated in the Middle East. Whether they were fired from there or were operated by Middle Easterners was not clear.

One thing I did not mention was a long dream about Russian and Korean occupation of the Southeastern United States. It seems that Cuba and Venezuela may very well be staging areas to bring this about after the bombing.

I believe the Lord spoke with me and said that He would Rapture the Bride within seven days or perhaps the very day, of these attacks.

I believe this word has a great deal of merit because we all know there are many Christians who are simply not ready for the Rapture, I for one, feel that way, because every day the Lord is revealing another sin for me to repent of, another person to forgive, another way I could have been like Jesus and wasn’t, another way I could have given but was instead very selfish. We can also deduce that because He has not Raptured us yet, there is a very good reason. Knowing His nature of Mercy, it seems obvious.

Taking that into account, a devastating war on our soil could turn many lukewarm American hearts back to God in crushing repentance. Many seem to agree that 911 was a warning shot that America no longer enjoys the protection of Almighty God, because of her sins. That in mind, I believe there will be many who recognize the judgment of America in its destruction, and will turn back to God in authentic repentance for their participation in these sins. This one event, heart wrenching as it is, I believe, is capable of taking thousands of luke warm hearts and restoring them to God, literally overnight.

In Ezekiel’s Rapture Dreams 2/4 he talks about a sweeping line of warriors that came out from behind the luminous cloud that Jesus was on. These warriors were descending to earth as we were ascending into Heaven.

In Matthew 24, the Lord talks about times of unequaled distress on the earth, ‘the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.’ Certainly the fallout from such an attack will darken the sun and obscure the moon in smoke. And for all of us these will be unparalleled times of agony.

Towards the end of this video is another word from the Lord, “Do not fear death oh righteous inhabitants of earth.” because He has made detailed merciful plans for those who ‘die by the sword.’ He also rebukes the ruling elite who have planned this atrocity and mentions that even their underground cities will be breached and flooded killing those who thought they had their own personal survival secured.

I would like to mention here that we cannot imagine the agony this is causing Jesus. He already suffered and died to redeem a sinful world and to see this happen to men, women and children as well as His creation is heart breaking beyond our ability to understand or feel. I do believe, and hope that the Lord will lessen the suffering of humanity in these events, that He will provide a provision where we will leave our bodies and ascend to Heaven before we have a chance to really suffer. In fact one of the visions is of souls ascending to the throne of God like fireworks on the fourth of July except from Earth to Heaven.

We cannot calculate the love Our God has for us, but we certainly can calculate the hatred Satan has for the Creation and all mankind…surely this event makes his motives clear.

With this information, we can be armed in prayer and pray that God’s mercy will intervene in millions of ways as the destruction is underway. That He will indeed deliver the tender souls from the suffering that could have been theirs had they lived more than a millisecond after the explosions. Oh Dear God, Have Mercy.