O mighty and perverse Nation, take your Fill!

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The Lord says… You adulterous and wayward Generation… Take your Fill

April 19, 2010 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to a Brother in Christ and Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord… My sons, have you seen all these abominations wrought in your land (America)? Have you seen how they pollute My name day and night without ceasing, how they parade their iniquities continually before My face?… Behold, the sins of this people are very great, sins of every kind, iniquity beyond measure!

Therefore prophesy, My servants, lift up your voices and prophesy against this nation, and say to this people: I am against you, O nation of harlots! I have set My face against you, O wicked nation! Yes, the season is here! Declares The Lord.

THE DAY OF THE LORD HAS COME! AND ALL SHALL ENTER IN!… And upon this nation, once called of itself ‚Under God‘, I have purposed ruin, even calamity upon calamity!… DISASTERS OF EVERY KIND!… Behold, I am calling the earth to rise up and fight against you, O proud and arrogant people!… Says The Lord God.

For you are a very adulterous people, a wayward generation who have removed themselves far from Me, a people who walk in the ways of the pagan and delight in the ways of the heathen!… A WHOLE NATION WHO LIFTS UP THEIR HEELS AGAINST ME!… A nation who murders the innocent without cause, a nation who casts the widow and the elderly aside in their affliction, and forgets the needs of the fatherless!… A NATION WHO DOES NOT UPHOLD THE CAUSE OF THE POOR AND THE NEEDY!… A nation who oppresses the alien and does not aid the stranger in their time of need, a hard-hearted generation, a very rebellious people who reject My every decree!

Therefore, thus says YAHUWAH… Yes I, The God of Israel… You shall become the afflicted, and I shall leave you fatherless in your time of need! Behold, I have turned to you My back already! Says The Lord. You shall be left poor and naked, oppressed, with no one to uphold you or listen to your cause!… A lost stranger wandering in desolate lands, says The Lord.

For My anger is kindled against you! Behold, the heat of My indignation has come up into My face, and shall burn as a raging fire in the day of your recompense! For I have seen your wickedness, and I have looked upon the deceit of your heart, O fallen nation! Therefore I am coming down to break this people, to severely humble this great nation! For the wicked have become a sore, an awful sickness spreading across the land, a disease which I shall command the earth to cleanse, until all this wickedness is consumed!

Yet I shall not make a total end. For I shall clothe all who have come to Me naked, with fine robes. I shall feed the poor in spirit, who have called on My name in sincerity and truth; indeed they shall be well fed in that day. I shall wipe the tears of the remorseful and uphold the broken, as I shelter the penitent and give grace to the humble. And the pure in heart shall behold My face, in the day they return home… Indeed all, who have washed My feet with their tears, shall be comforted for one week in the house of The Lord.

MY PEOPLE, COME UP AND SEEK THE MOUNTAIN OF THE LORD!… Come out from among them! Do it now! Run quickly, rush forward, for here I am upon My throne!… BELOVED, SEEK THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS!…

For He is a strong tower against the Day, a fountain of life and righteousness for My people, a sanctuary for all who call on His name in these final days of calamity.

And though you deny Him for your hearts do lie, and though your mouths speak many lying words, even one to the other, in an effort to hide the truth from your consciences, even this truth which I have placed before your very eyes, My Word lies not!… Behold, in a loud voice I proclaim The Way of Salvation and announce the coming of The Holy One! For I am The Lord and I do not change!

Thus says The Lord, The Only God, The God over all creation, Creator of Heaven and Earth… Summer is near, for I am come!… O My peoples, come home! Return to Me and bow down! Be again united with your God! Seek union in Christ, for He is The Only Way!… It is time.

Behold, the time has come for this nation to know the indignation of The Lord; it is time for them to taste of My bitterness and to receive of My anger. Lo, this nation has tasted already, though that which was poured out was but a very small portion… My hand drawn back in anger, a call to awake, a shout from The Almighty to rouse this nation from slumber.

YET I HAVE HEARD NO REPENTANCE, OVER ALL THIS EVIL THEY HAVE COMMITTED!… Nor has this nation turned and done that which is right and good in the sight of The Lord!…

Instead, they continue in their sins, proliferating their iniquities before My face, as they shake their fists toward Heaven!

Therefore, thus says The Lord… My anger shall be poured out upon this nation! And this nation shall be shaken to its core, suffering calamity upon calamity! Even as a woman in great travail, laboring to bring forth, so shall My wrath grab hold of this nation!… And oh what a cry shall be heard, a great multitude of tears, with the wailing thereof echoing throughout the land.

For you have altogether forsaken Me! You have become a people who continually spit upon your King!… My Son, YahuShua HaMashiach, The Only Begotten of The Father, yes He who is called Jesus and Christ, THE LORD. Behold My anger burns hot! And from the least, even unto the greatest, shall the heat of My indignation be made known! For I have called to you, yet you fail to answer; I have spoken to you, yet you refuse to hear.


Son of Man, remove your hand from this people, and no more withhold!… Let this nation now receive of the wrath of My fury! Let them come and sup from the table of My judgment! Let them eat from the plate of My punishment and drink deeply from the cup of My indignation!…