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Household of God Volume 1 - Chapter 69:8-12

69,8. "Just as God is for us only God in the love and our most loving, holy Father, we too can become His children only by love. God's union with His love is like the obedience. If we with our forward intellect obey the perceived demands of the spirit and thereby unite the light with love we become children of love, full of wisdom and God's goodwill, and children full of eternal life.

69,9. "Now look, dear children, when you through your forward intellect became unfaithful to the innermost love out of God within you, you became disobedient in your soul, your sanctuary, and to the love in God. Then your love withdrew and you lived only in your soul striving for expansion (to infinity, if that were possible). Now judge for yourselves and tell me what would be more solid: a mist spreading in all directions, its transient extent enveloping entire vast regions, or a little round stone transparent like a dew-drop? Behold, therein lies the cause of your fear and your blindness!

69,10. "Is not the little stone so solid that no one could squash it and does it not resist every storm, every pressure and every knock? Yes, you did see the tiger tearing a big ox suddenly to small pieces, but surely, if this tiger had bitten into such a barely egg-sized little stone that would have been the end of the tiger's most awful weapon. And had it swallowed it as a whole, it would have swallowed its death and in the decomposition the little stone would have remained undamaged.

69,11. "Look, children, man in his obedience is like this little stone, but as an external, rational man he is like the mist. But does it not happen that when winds condense such mists this results in drops of water and when many drops flow together they form a lake? When the great weight of the mass of water presses hard in the depth its parts take hold of each other under such pressure and they form a transparent stone, which is then a firm block of rays, one and the same as Thummim, which is a symbol and a great sign of the returning obedience through true remorse.

69,12. "Behold, through your disobedience you became a mist. But all kinds of winds appeared and pushed and frightened you from all sides. You felt the pressure and wept tears of pain. Behold, that is the rain. But it did not suffice for you to become water in individual drops; you had to become a lake in your remorse. This you have now become In the depth of your life it pressures you now more than before, but hear and see and comprehend it well: Through this present final pressure your dual life has once more taken hold of itself like the little drops of water, and a new stone of life and true wisdom has formed within you. Therefore, rejoice and be of good cheer, for we did not come to destroy you, but that you may gain a new life in the true love for God, our most holy Father. Amen."

Household of God Volume 2 - Chapter 137:12-17

137,12. "If someone might say: 'How can I be a lord of my life if I always have to live like an obedient servant?'

137,13. Then I tell you: While you are servants of the world and your flesh, you are harnessed to the yoke of servile obedience. But once you are servants of My love you will be liberated from any yoke whatsoever and will thus be perfect lords of your life; for love alone will and can make you completely free.

137,14. "How should love not be able to achieve this, being a living and exceedingly delicious spice of one's own will?

137,15. "Of what benefit to such a man should then be some commandment to be obeyed when he has love which comprises all the commandments within it and is a master of all law?

137,16. "Or is it necessary to coerce someone to an action which he would have carried out spontaneously with all his heart?

137,17. "Thus love, superior to all commandments and laws, as itself life, is also a perfect lord of one's own life!

Obeying the Conscience

Free Will & Conscience - From the Third Testament Chapter 34

14. The conscience is the Divine spark, a higher light, and is a force to help men not to sin. What merit would there be in men if the conscience had the material strength to force them to remain on the side of good?

15. I want you to know that merit consists of listening to that voice, in persuading yourselves that that voice never lies nor is mistaken in its counsel, and in faithfully obeying its dictates.

16. As you can understand, to hear that voice clearly requires preparation and concentration within one’s self. Who practices such obedience in the present times? Ask yourselves?

17. The conscience has always manifested itself in man, but man has not achieved the necessary evolution to guide all his life by that Divine voice. Man has needed laws, teachings, precepts, religions and advice for guidance

18. When men come to enter into communion with their spirits, and instead of looking for it outwardly, seek it within themselves, they can hear that gentle, persuasive, wise, and just voice that has always been vibrating within them without being heard, and they come to understand that the conscience is the presence of God, and that it is the true means by which men should communicate with their Father and Creator.

And hereto from the Message to Clare 'Let Me do it My way' from February 18th, 2017

“You are stubborn, Clare. It is hard for Me to turn your head once you get going.”

Yes, I know this, Lord. It is a fault, that can easily lead to sin.

“That is why I have to push the brakes to the floor in your conscience or you don’t listen. If you would take a clue earlier on, it wouldn’t cost you so much. This cost you much today. And beloved, your very real enemy gets on your back and rides you like a race horse to his appointed finish line – not Mine.”

And in the Lord's Sermon 23 revealed through Gottfried Mayerhofer - My eternal Destination

Those who have only vague concepts or no knowledge at all of My Word, I cannot make as much responsible for their actions as those who know My teaching and understand how and when they have to act in accordance with it. When they intentionally sin against it, they deserve punishment and will be accused – not by Me, but by their own conscience – of fickleness and faint-heartedness because of their great lack of strength and because they, notwithstanding all the aid from above, let themselves be ensnared in the net of worldly pleasures to such an extent that they lost their spiritual dignity.

And from the 14th Secret of Life 'Human Dignity'

26. Man is not ennobled by the conventional adherence to social rules and state laws. Not at all! Man is ennobled by his own conscience, when he is aware of having done everything out of the most noble, most exalted motives, of having done everything out of love for his Creator and love for his fellow created beings.

27. Not the deed determines the worth, but the “Why”, why an action was performed! To be sure, man sees the action, but the motive is known only to two, to Me and the one acting, in which case I represent his approving or disapproving conscience.

28. What are “pangs of conscience” if not the uneasiness to have acted contrary to one’s spiritual dignity! Therefore, whenever you do something, whenever thoughts assail you, pay heed to them lest they debase you. For everyone carries within him his book of life, and at the end of his earthly career he will be shown in a picture the kind of physiognomy his spiritual man will assume on his demise. And so the reflection of the life as it was lived on earth will be the expression of the soul-garment, where the sum total of all the thoughts, wishes and inordinate desires will reveal the spiritual man to the other spirits, not according to his physical, but his spiritual form.

Christianity, Churches, Cults & Baptism - From the 14th Chapter of the third Testament

41. If that spiritual baptism, instead of being understood as the purification that men achieve through an act of true repentance before their creator, you convert into a rite, and you are satisfied with the symbolism of an act, then I tell you certainly that your spirit shall achieve nothing.

42. Who acts in this way, lives still in the times of the Baptist, and it is as though He had believed neither in his prophecies, nor in the words that He spoke about spiritual baptism: the Divine fire with which God purifies his children, and immerses them in the immortal light.

43. John called to men who were of adult age, to pour over them those waters that symbolized purification. They came to him when they were conscious of their acts and could already have the firm will to persevere in the path of good, of righteousness, and of justice. See how humanity has preferred to practice the symbolic act of purification by means of water, instead of a true regeneration through repentance and the firm purpose of reform that is born of the love for God. The ceremony implies no effort at all, in contrast, purifying the heart and struggling to remain pure means effort, watchfulness, and even sacrifice, by men. That is why men have preferred to cover their sins with appearances, settling for carrying out ceremonies, acts, and rites that do nothing to improve their moral or spiritual condition if the conscience is not involved.

44. Disciples: That is why I do not wish rites to exist among you, so that you do not, to comply with them, forget that which truly gets to the spirit. (99, 56 – 61)

45. I am the one who sends spirits to incarnate according to the law of evolution. And truly I say to you that it will not be the influences of this world which will make Me deviate from My Divine plans, for My Divine will shall be fulfilled in spite of mans ambition for power.

46. Every human being brings a mission to the earth. His destiny is outlined by the Father, and his spirit anointed by My charity. In vain men perform ceremonies and anoint little children. Verily I say to you, that at no material age will water be the one to purify the spirit of its shortcomings to My Law. And if I send a spirit which is free of all sin, from what blemish do religious ministers cleanse it with baptism?

Christmas & Traditions from October 7th, 2004 (The Lord's Message to Timothy)

You wish to celebrate My name and My earthly birth, do so; bring glory to My name by your obedience, sacrificing all these things which are against Me. You wish to enjoy festivals with your family, do so; I have given you seven. And in these seven is wisdom and understanding, the very mind of God, revelation beyond words, the will of God made manifest. Yet no more do as the pagans and false teachers would have you do. For you must be separate from this world and the churches, Timothy; be set apart for My name.

Therefore, this is what I command you… Cast off this holiday; throw away your tree and lights, rid your house of all decorations; turn away from these filthy traditions. Honor Me as I truly am, obey the Scriptures, and turn away from the commandments of men. And yes, Timothy, continue to teach your children that which is written in the Scriptures of My earthly birth and the Salvation Day of Men, for this is well pleasing in My eyes… And blessed are all those who receive this Word, and obey it, choosing to follow in your example, for they too shall be set apart.

Those with steadfast Faith in Christ are free from Doubt from August 25, 2005 (The Lord's Message to Timothy)

Thus says The Lord… My people are disobedient and stumble always into doubt. How easily they give heed to every subtle and dark speech of the evil one, how easily they are misled.

Beloved, all is forgiven you! Your sins past, present, and yes, even those of tomorrow! For I know your heart and the love which you have for Me. Therefore make your love perfect by obedience, and no longer let your flesh rule over you or prevent you by any means.

Do you wish to obey? Then obey. Do you wish to stay clean? Then stay clean. Doubt is your enemy, doubt is a stone of stumbling placed at your feet. For I tell you the truth, one whose faith has come to completion, having received the full revelation of who I am, will not sin. For only the face of The Holy One is before his eyes.

Thus says The Lord… Only One is without sin, YahuShua The Messiah, for He is of Me and I of Him; The Father and The Son are One. Yet the desire to sin is still within you, My people, and now also The Truth, and so the battle rages.

Therefore, beware. For doubt leads to disobedience, and to disobey God is sin, and the penalty of sin is death. Yet He who is The Way, The Truth and The Life, has overcome death, having written your name in the Book of Life from the very foundation of the world… What is left then? Only the death of sin itself, and the passing away of death.

Steadfast Faith & Obedience from December 18th, 2005 (The Lord's Message to Timothy)

Thus says The Lord to His Servant… Timothy, hear My words, and have understanding of the power of steadfast faith and obedience to God, with love and acceptance of His Christ:

All those, drawn to Me, are drawn in spirit… And when they are drawn, they come to Me by way of Christ. I give them to Him, so He may bring them to Me. And when He brings them, they must come as He is… In Spirit and Truth, devoid of sin.

In My presence will one come into the full understanding of love and truth… All tears wiped away because of My love, and by My understanding given to them who have come to Me. So then, to know Him, who I sent to you, is to know Me, because He is in Me and I in He. Love Him, and you love Me. Hate Him, and you shall be forever separated from Me.

In perfect faith will one also have perfect obedience… These listen to My Spirit inside them.

My Spirit is also His Spirit, who you receive the Spirit from, because of your acceptance of the Truth, that HE IS WHO HE IS. So then, all those, who obey, know Me by their obedience, because they had followed that which My Spirit has given them.

Thus says The Lord, your Redeemer… Remember My apostles… They came into perfect faith after My death and resurrection, after which I breathed on them, so they would receive the fullness of that part of Me that would remain with them to the end of the age.

This Spirit, inside them, is in perfect faith and obedience to God, Being altogether equal, because I can not deny Myself, Nor that part of Me which is God.

The Father and The Son are one, yet two and three… Being that third part, called Spirit and Holy, which is given to men, so that We might be one with them, whom We love and created… Our beloved temples made without human hands, caressed by the hand of God. So come into My joy and receive of Me, and receive the fullness of My Spirit, through faith and obedience.

This is where My apostles dwelt… In total faith, nothing doubting, men become gods, because that which is God is a part of them… Ask anything in My name, and it will be given you, According to your faith and My will, proven by your obedience, Believing what I told you because of your faith. Receive My love, and share it with others… Then pray for them, in My name, and it will be done.

Remember… All things, asked in My name, shall be done, if you yourself do them. If you ask for another, and you yourself do these things not, then how can My Spirit work through you? The Spirit is equal, yet men remain unequal. Miracles worked by men are possible, and have been manifest by many prophets and apostles… Theirs was steadfastness of faith and obedience to God. So they asked, and it was done and came to pass, in the sight of men. Their spirit was equal, and in balance with the Spirit given them, fulfilling My will… So then, the dead awoke, the lame did walk, and the unclean and sick made well. Strive for steadfast faith, and live your life in obedience to God, and your faith will grow… And likewise will your stumblings cease, and your obedience become natural to you.

Walk in The Lord... In Love, Faith and Obedience from January 8th, 2006 (The Lord's Message to Timothy)

Thus says The Lord, your Redeemer… Little children, I ask you, do you love Me? Then do as I command you, until The Thief comes. Be wise in Me, and live your life according to My Word, even according to all these Letters I have given you, which are of the same. Be cognizant of My presence, for I have indeed come to live in those who have received of Me and also obey My Word. Therefore listen to My words, and grow wise. For how can one who professes to be in love with Me, continue to live contrary to Me?…

Beloved ones, I love you as I love The Father. In the same way, whoever loves Me loves The Father also, because of Me. I obey The Father in all things, because I love The Father and The Father is in Me. Likewise shall you obey, because you love Me and I am in you.

Oh My beloved little ones, you stumble, having not yet learned to stand or walk… Come to Me in sincerity and truth, and I shall teach you, for I will always lift you up…

And once you have come to stand by the grace I have given you, then will you also learn to walk in Me, even as I walked… Until the time comes when we shall run and leap together, in fields you have not yet known, nor can you imagine.

So then, seek always to walk in My ways, stand steadfast. For the path’s end is in sight, no more time to tarry… Beloved, be My examples! Reveal that you have received of My life, that I live in you, and let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven! Show them The Way by your faith and obedience, that they too may come to walk beside you, even upon the Highway of Holiness in due time.

For I tell you the truth, to walk where The Son of God Most High walks, you must become like Me, crucifying your lives of old, separating yourselves from the bitter enmity which is of this world and men. For as I had spoken it to My disciples of old, so also do I now speak to you: If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross, and follow Me; for whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.

For as it is written, only those who obey My teaching are really My disciples… And oh, how blessed are those who overcome for My name’s sake!

Abide in the Doctrine of the Messiah from June 28th, 2006 (The Lord's Message to Timothy)

What of you, Timothy? Have you, yourself, saved even one of these thousands who have turned to Me, by your own doings? Did you cause yourself to write these words? Did you give the newly redeemed understanding? Did you pour out your own spirit upon them? Timothy, have peace… I know you know the truth of My words, and the answers of your heart have spoken truth and righteousness. Yet I have, and will continue to make you an example to the people.

My beloved, all of Timothy’s apparent success in the conversion of these many thousands is answered in one word …obedience. He has obeyed the voice of The Lord. I gave him the seeds, he planted, and I gave the increase.

So then, beloved, how then shall you change even one thought or action of those, whom you love, by your presence? Rather, that which is clean must stay clean. For that which is unclean is of a high concentration and does continually flow into that which is of a lower concentration, contaminating it. Only The Lord your God, Maker of all things, can turn back the tide and cleanse that which is contaminated. Why kick your foot against the bricks?… You will only limp away wounded by the effort. You shall go where I send you.

Thus says The Lord… I have come to make not peace, but war, a great division, families in derision… Parents against the children, and the children against the parents… Even sibling against sibling, friend against friend… Your enemies will be they of your own house and kindred. The wheat and the tares must be separated for the harvest, And the wheat taken into My barn.

Many are called... Few are chosen from November 12, 2006 (The Lord's Message to Timothy)

No name, nor mere proclamation or work, shall bring you into My Father’s house, for I search the hearts and minds. Do I then require perfection? Certainly not… I require sincerity and truth, a loving heart, a sincere striving to obey, a man fully converted in his inward parts, a man who continually humbles himself before Me, seeking My will with all trust; a servant who does not hesitate to come to Me when he stumbles, a man of My own spirit, a man after My own heart.

For I have indeed freed you from the curse of The Law, yet I have not freed you from obedience to The Law. Rather I have given you the means, by My own spirit, to keep The Law… Oh My beloved, why do you not understand My speech? Why do you not love Me?! Why have you lost the desire to follow Me?! My love has not changed, yet you have changed, removing your hearts far from Me, walking always in a way that is not good to your own hurt. You have all become lords unto yourselves! Beloved, delight in what The Father has given you; stop desecrating His Sabbaths! Keep what The Father has commanded you, for The Law stands forever, even as all contained therein stands also. Behold, even from Sabbath to Sabbath, in the Kingdom, shall the nations come up to Jerusalem and worship Me.

So then, My beloved, follow Me, and make our love perfect in obedience. Embrace My prophets. And separate yourselves from those who are falsely called so, all those who deny My name by all they say and do.

Love without Condition from November 27th, 2012 (The Lord's Message to Timothy)

Years passed by, and the three men continued in their walks, serving The Lord, each as they were able. Then the day came when each was presented with a new choice, one which they had not faced before…

To the first, The Lord sent a prophet, saying, “Thus says The Lord: Draw back now your hand from the needy, and no more go out to feed the poor and the hungry roundabout, but obey the word of My mouth and sound the trumpet”. But he refused, and went away in unbelief, appalled by the Word he had heard by the mouth of the prophet.

The second man was faced with a similar choice; to him God sent the Word of The Lord in a book. Yet because it was not found in his Bible, the man immediately rejected it and went his way in unbelief, appalled by the Word which had been given him in the name of The Lord.

And to the third, The Lord Himself said, “My son, the time has come for you to give up all you hold most dear, to let go of everything you own, to give up your very life for My purpose, to serve without constraint… To be greatly hated and persecuted for My name’s sake”. And with tears streaming down his cheeks, the servant said, “Yes, Lord.”

Therefore My sons, I ask you, of these three men which one was truly devoted to Me, though all did good and fruitful works in My sight? For indeed many are called, yet few are chosen; lo, few recognize Me when I draw near.

Thus learning the lesson of obedience is far greater than witnessing a prophecy come to pass, and much greater than receiving healing by a miracle, for obedience is born of love.

Buy of Me fire-tried Gold from May 6, 2015 (Message from Jesus to Clare)

“My Children, I have such wonderful things for you to do, but your obstinacy in choosing your location ties My hands. There are connections waiting to be made, a broadening of your horizons, and deepening of your understanding, if only you would come under the yoke of obedience."

“Many are confused about what it means to honor and obey your mother and father. It does not mean let them take My place in your life and let them dictate what your life should be. Honor them in their old age, help as you can, celebrate their birthdays with them, treat them with respect and reverence in all your dealings. But never give them the helm – this is meant for Me and Me alone.”

Matthew 10:37 Is it not written, Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

Steps in Obedience from May 18th, 2015 (Message from Jesus to Clare)

"My Bride is beautiful beyond description. Every footstep, every intention is sanctified in holiness because she is Mine. She has given herself over to Me, 100 percent. Her obedience is not just beautiful, it is exquisite. While the rest of the world is running to and fro in their own will, her footsteps are divinized by her obedience. She cannot see the beauty of her feet and each step she takes, but even that leaves a divine fragrance behind her.

“If I were to paint you a picture of the value of her obedience, you would see beautiful and perfect feet in golden sandals, studded with pearls and jewels and each foot step would give of a sweet melody of chimes. And when she lifted her foot, lilies would immediately spring up and give off their fragrance. Luminescense would surround them and give off light.

“And the more difficult her tasks, the more wonderful the sounds given off, the more copious the flowers and Fruits. And as she travels that well-worn path every day, fruit trees would begin to spring up on either side of the path with delightfully fragrant flowers, and eventually delectable fruit that sustains even the most weary and war torn of souls.

“This is the meaning her obedience has to Me, and these flowers of love never fade like the ones on the earth. No, rather they continue to multiply until there is a forest full of them. They are flowers that can be picked and last forever, giving off their fragrance throughout time. And I come to her garden and prune these trees and flowers so they will give off even more fruit…and how beautiful is this garden with its trellises and delicately hanging branches that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate.

“So, you see, obedience is no small thing. Not only does it bring forth fruit for the moment but in eternity as well. And I come into the garden and pick this fruit and ship it off to many different places where healing is needed. You see, there are graces invested in this fruit because it was done in love and obedience so the grace brings forth a fruit that can be eaten and benefit others.

“Oh, the mysteries I would love to share with you all! So many mysteries and things that would amaze you Endlessly! The doings of Heaven and the spiritual life are without end. You see, this obedience creates an atmosphere of Heaven of sorts. Truly My kingdom has come, My will has been done. And oh, yes, the devils hate these spiritual gardens and are constantly figuring out ways to destroy them.

The refining Fires are coming from September 13th, 2015 (Message from Jesus to Clare)

The force of dark matter and proliferation of demons entering through portals will cause such anarchy as man has not known on this Earth before. Finally, science has the weapons to destroy humanity from the inside out. Eaten up with jealousy, greed, rage, lust and rebellion, each will be his own undoing. This is why virtue at this time is paramount. Without virtue, you will be taken captive or slain in the battle field. Without intimacy with Me, you will not have virtue. Without obedience to Me, there will be little if anything left of our relationship.

“My Brides, love is what our relationship is based on. And if you love Me, you will obey Me. If you are slandering or undermining your neighbour you are destroying your relationship with Me. Without faith it is impossible to please Me, and now I tell you truly, without love for your brother, it is impossible to please Me.”

“Do not for one moment abandon the gate of virtue, nor for one second give into the burning desire to hate. This is coming directly from demons who are flaming you with the fires of hatred satan has for everything and everyone I created. Do not partake of his poison; do not fall under his influence.”

Let us live this Life together from February 11th, 2016 (Message from Jesus to Clare)

“Keep up with your daily duties, but do not get bogged down with any projects. I need for you to be as Gideon’s wise soldiers. They had come to a watering hole on their way into a major battle. He was told, only to take the men who bent on one knee, and drank with their hand as they were alert and watching, even then for the enemy. Those who bent down with their hands and knees, drinking like dogs, he was told to send back home. They would be of little or no use in the great battle that was about to ensue. Even with that, I would yet test Gideon’s obedience further still.”

“I cannot stress the importance of obedience strongly enough. You need to spend more quality time in prayer. By that I mean, it isn’t enough just to have a “Personal Relationship” with Me now. Now you must have a familiar relationship with Me. What do I mean by familiar? You are saved, and you know Me in a loving, beautiful, and personal way – as I do you. But we are coming into a time when, as I said to My apostles, ‘I no longer call you servants, for a servant does not know what His Master is about. No, now I call you Friends.'”

Obedience & Willingness from November 25th, 2016 (Message from Jesus to Clare)

“The making of a vessel unto honor is a messy business. The pot must be broken and every vestige of the old life must be given up and ground to a powder, if not given up in fact and in practice, at least given up by resolution and continued attempts in obedience.”

“A potter must work the mass with his hands and slam the clay down on the slab to remove the hidden air bubbles – the Pride – which will cause the vessel to burst in the pressure and temperatures of the kiln. Unless that lump of clay is willing to be slammed down repeatedly, with great injury done to their pride, that clay is useless to Me. It will only explode under pressure, and pressure is what is necessary to bring that vessel to completion and into My service.”

“So, I entreat you, if you are showing up and offering yourselves to serve Me, and are not prepared to sustain heavy losses. Losses of all you are, all you could be, all you have been in the world, if you are not willing to have the pride pounded out of you, please do not weary Me with a double mind. Rather stay in the world until you are fully sick to death of it and truly are willing to go through anything to serve Me.”

Your greatest Protection is Obedience from March 24th, 2017 (Message from Jesus to Clare)

“Dear ones, I cannot use a disobedient soul effectively. Obedience is the very hinge on which other things depend. Those who understand this and are brutally faithful, taking their will by force and making it behave, are the ones who reach the high calling.”

“Those who compromise and put off obedience are the ones I must set aside for the mission I intended them to have. Please, do not be one of these any longer. Do what is right WHEN it is right and do not delay.”

“Someone once said, ‘Delayed obedience is not obedience at all.’ And oh, how true that is.”

“Now I do not want you mourning over this, but grabbing hold of the rope of the grace of obedience and NEVER letting it go. Obedience is your protection and guarantee of graces continually flowing and feeding those around you. Once you abandon obedience, you have abandoned all the benefits I could have given you had you stuck with it.”

“This is a massive problem in your society, because so many distractions present themselves and are laid at your feet as traps to ensnare you and frustrate My will for you. Pride is also behind this. Giving in to your own wisdom instead of cleaving to My instruction. Satan brings many down this way. Please do not be another one of his victims; rather, do violence to your will and follow steadfastly in My footsteps. This is how you will reach the high calling I have for you.”

“The most direct path to pleasing Me is obedience, which opens the windows of Heaven, which pour forth graces on you and all those around you. Conquer your flesh with the power of obedience. When you are lacking, cry out to Me, ‘Lord! Deliver me from evil.’ That is, the evil of disobedience.”

“The battle is raging, Clare – raging and raging.”

You know, what would disqualify you for the Rapture from April 7th, 2017 (Message from Jesus to Clare)

“If you are deliberately in disobedience and rebellion and turn from the right way to follow your own will, you will be left behind.”

“Right now it is looking good for you, but guard your ways, My Bride; the enemy is clever and has his sights on you. And not just you, but all ministers. The sheep follow the shepherd and if the enemy can mislead you, the flock will follow. This is why ministers and their children are big targets.”

“However, you are loving Me and wanting to love Me more by your actions and will, and this is the safest place for you and the flock to be.”

“But to answer your question directly, it takes a long time to turn a man’s will from the world to Me. And if they heed the warnings now, they may indeed be ready. That is why these warnings are still being sent out. And as we discussed, I have been in your life, shaping your behavior for nine years.”

“My people, if you are living for yourself, you are at high risk of being left behind. If you are living for Me and obedient to My known will, you are safe and will be taken. It’s just that simple. Examine your hearts and your life for fruit. Examine your motives. Get to the bottom of why you do what you do. If it is done out of any other motive than love for Me and your brother, you are at risk and need to abandon those ways.”