Perfect Trust in the Lord’s Will

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November 4, 2008 - From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, for a Brother and Sister in Christ, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

What is it that you would have Me speak? What more shall I say, than that which you know and is written? Have I not always comforted you?… Even to the fulfilling of My Word, through My servant, David? (Psalm 23). How is it, then, that you seek My prophet and miracles for one who I know, yet you do not. Why did you not go to him, and say, “Beloved, how is your heart and to Whom does it belong?”

My children, what is the fleshly body to Me? Is it not here for a time, then soon passed away, even as the fading flower?

None of you will truly believe and trust, unless I do miracles of flesh. Nor shall one embrace My prophet, and heed the Word he brings, unless he also performs signs and wonders. Indeed, he will perform them, even in the sight of men, yet they will in turn say, “Aha, now we know you have a devil, for you perform signs and wonders to fool the elect, if that were possible”… Not at all beholding that which is done by the Spirit, which they say is in them, for they remain lacking and destitute. Neither do they hear the name by which these things are done, being blind also, looking past the glory shown them, even before their own eyes. For that, which is first born in the heart, is reflected in the senses… Either from the light to light, or from the dark to darkness.

Yet of those, who are humbled and have received of Me, they will behold My hand through men, and see My glory shining there, and they will fall down and give Me glory, and be healed of all that which had afflicted them. For many proclaim their righteousness before men, but few have truly received.

And so you have asked of this certain man, who is kindred and beloved. His time has come, and he shall sleep. Therefore, pray that he receives, and I will surely receive him… Even all those I see of Myself in them, when I call them to awake…

For this is the true miracle and eternal life.

Trust in Me, and seek not after miracles for the dying, for they only sleep, and I will raise them up at the Last Day, which is upon you and is coming quickly.

Ask anything in My name, even as I have taught you, and do so believing… and you shall receive it and that which I have laid up in store for you also.

Pray, beloved, and trust in My will. Submit, and lay yourselves aside, and your will will become Mine, and Mine yours, as we become one….

You in Me, and I in you, together in the Father.

Then you will see that which no eye has seen, and with the understanding that comes from knowing the Only True God and His Christ, The Messiah…

All tears wiped away… Perfect Love. Perfect Trust… Peace.