Please keep praying… Vision of Ezekiel… 1 Minute of Mercy Left & Air Force One in Danger

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Please keep praying… Vision of Ezekiel… 1 Minute of Mercy Left & Air Force One in Danger President Trump visited Troops in Iraq & Germany on December 25/26, 2018

December 26, 2018 – Emergency Prayer

Part 1

My dear Family, this is an urgent message, calling for prayer.

Ezekiel has been going through a painful passion for the last 45 minutes. And he just had a vision. In the vision was a giant clock. God the Father was on the right of the clock. Jesus was on the left. And over the center of the clock was written ‘Mercy’. The clock was one minute to midnight. Beneath the clock was the United States.

And Ezekiel heard ‘One minute of Mercy left’. Then he had a vision of Air Force One travelling north. And it was hit in the very center by a missile shot straight up, in the belly of the plane. He said he thought it was red, but he wasn’t sure. But it was hit and it broke apart.

So, please, please pray for more Grace, more Time, more Grace, more Mercy.

Along with your Divine Mercy Prayer, for the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have Mercy on us and on the whole world. Grant us more time, more mercy. More time, more grace, more mercy.

That’s all I have for you right now, but I’m putting it out as an alert. Let’s get on our knees. This is critical.

Part 2…

Heartdwellers, I’m requesting emergency prayer for President Trump’s plane. He is currently in the air, going from Iraq to Germany. And when Ezekiel saw that missile hit, he was heading north. So, please, pray for the safety of Air Force One.

The angels of God surround it. The Lord put HUGE angels to surround it. And the Lord send angels to completely snaffu any missile. Any device. Any weapon aimed at Air Force One. That it would be totally destroyed, or it would never launch.

Please, pray for our President! He’s got four hours in the trip, and he’s already gone through one hour. So, please pray for his safety in Air Force One. (This was on December 26, 2018)

Lord Jesus, we repent for the sins of America. For the sins of materialism and ignoring You at Christmas time. Forgive us, Lord. Forgive us for our materialism. Forgive us for not loving You more than we love the world. Please, Lord, grant us more Time, more Grace, more Mercy! Please, Lord, grant us more Time, more grace, more Mercy! Please protect our President. Surround him. And send a spirit of repentance and contrition across this nation, to touch the hearts of people. That the Lord will honor the prayer for more Time and more Mercy, because of the repentance.

Please, send that spirit upon us, dear God. That we might be able to live out the Times that You had for us to live out before the Rapture. Thank You, Lord. Thank You for hearing our prayer.