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August 4, 2010 - From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Beloved, pray as one who comes to Me, with all trust and thanksgiving… As one who knows that, which should be done, will be done, in The Father’s own perfect timing… Oh yes, beloved, as one who comes to Me in prayer, knowing in his heart, even it is present in all his thoughts, that I AM THE LORD. For a servant, such as this, comes to Me with great peace, with thanksgiving and praise upon his lips for that which is done already… Though he has not yet seen, nor has he heard, nor is there any evidence at all that it is done, or will come to pass according to his own expectation or desire… Rather, he KNOWS that My will shall be met, and is accomplished already…

For whatsoever I think comes to pass… And the will of The Lord is set, and can in no wise be changed… For as I AM, so is My will… It was, and is, and shall be… Therefore, give Me glory!

The prayers of a righteous man avail much… For a righteous man abides in trust absolute, wavering not, praying according to My righteousness, knowing, I AM WHO I AM… For this servant’s prayer begins as it ends.

Here is wisdom… The prayers of My sheep are indeed precious in My eyes, and in My ears they are as a unique song, a beautiful song, played by the heartstrings of My beloved. Yet every song, sung in My name, whether soft or loud, sorrowful or full of joy, is received up before The Holy One of Israel, as a memoriam and testimony of the saints’ devotion, even as incense before the altar… Incense, which shall indeed be poured out.

Yet I tell you this… It is poured out already, and shall yet be poured out upon the whole world, as a recompense in judgment, at the time appointed. And that which had come up, which is poured out already, is that blessing which is received back again, upon the head of the very same one who offered it… Even to the filling of their heart, if they so choose to receive it… A wonderful recompense for fervent prayer on another’s behalf.

This, then, is the blessing… That prayed according to the trouble of the heart, offered up on another’s behalf, comes back again, to heal not the heart of the one on whose behalf the prayer was offered, but to mend that which is torn in the heart of the one who offered it… Whether it be from anger to forgiveness, or from anguish to peace, or from tears of sadness to tears of hope and joyful expectation… From hopelessness to thanksgiving, flowing from pure trust which rests solidly upon love… Knowing, I AM WHO I AM.

For I know all My sheep… I know all who are Mine, having always known them… Behold, the entire field is Mine!… And I shall surely reap all I have sown… Not a single grain falls to the ground, apart from My will.

Therefore, hear Me, and understand My love… All those you love, I love also. And every tear you shed, on their behalf, I have shed also… Lo, I weep with you.

I know My own. Did you think I am set apart from your pain?… I know it and share it. Behold, My own Spirit intercedes on your behalf, for you know not how to pray as you should. Beloved, the intimacy we share you have not understood, for you yet keep Me at bay though I have come in… Embrace My love!… KNOW ME, AS I AM! And not as you would have Me be.

I am He who suffered for you, pouring out My life… And I was glad!… It is finished!…

And that, which appears undone in your eyes, is finished also… For it was accomplished, Even from the foundation of the world… Of which I was also slain… Eternal love.