Predestined in the Beloved

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Run quickly to Me, let go! My Judgments fall upon the Nations Predestined in The Beloved, to the Joy of the Father

July 30, 2009 – From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord spoken to Timothy during an Online Fellowship, for all Those who have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord YahuShua… Beloved, why have you not surrendered to Me? How is it you have not come to abide in Me fully?… Let go, beloved, let go. For I have defeated the world, and soon shall the adversary be made to kneel at your feet, even as he is made to kneel at Mine already. Behold, even all his works were put under My feet from the beginning, for I am Lord and Savior. For as The Father has put all things in subjection to The Son, so then shall he called lucifer and satan be put in subjection to you. For you are Mine, and I live in you.

Beloved, I see within you great love and sincere desire, yet how is it your trust and willingness to walk in Me remains lacking?… RUN, is what I say to you! Run to Me, beloved! Remain in My love!

For the time has come for Me to tread upon the nations; yes, the time has indeed come for Me to gather and to destroy, to pour out judgment and to make an end. Therefore beloved, take My hand, for I am The Healer, your only escape, The Only Sanctuary… Come to Me, therefore, and do not hesitate! Run very quickly, beloved!

Again I say, the time has come! It is here!… Therefore, you must let go of this world, you must lay down your pride, and cast away all these foolish expectations, and believe!…

Beloved, ask of Me and you shall receive… Seek, and you shall surely find… For that which is finished, and written in My own blood, was accomplished even from the foundation of the world.

And of the Book, which was and is written, and is written still, even it too was known to Me from the beginning. Yet by no means is it finished or completed, until all is fulfilled. And of the Day, in where I shall do this, behold it has come! Therefore, do not draw back in fear, nor be swallowed up over much sorrow, doubt no longer… Rather stand up and rejoice, for I am come!

My people, give up and you will surely receive The Victory. stand no more on your own, rely no more on human power. For anything less than trust absolute is to deny the truth of who I am. For I tell you the truth, the time is coming and is already here, when I shall reveal My glory, and in you shall I come to dwell fully… Each in their due season, according to My will and your willingness to give up everything and follow Me.

Stop putting the one in the mirror before Me! And those in front of you, why do you focus only on them, offering up prayers and supplications on their behalf only? Or do you only love your own? Yet I tell you, they are Mine, beloved; they are Mine. For all things in this world belong to Me, even everything you behold with your eyes, for all is given into My hand by The Father…

Yes, I know your tears, beloved, for it is I who numbers them and wipes them away. Yet I now ask you to see with My eyes, to receive of My tears. For you have not known the depths of love and sorrow, until you have drunk from the fountain of My tears.

My children, you remain blinded by this world! And until you taste of My tears, you will never understand what love truly is!… Oh My beloved, come to Me and cry upon My bosom, that I may show you the depths of My love! Let Me wash all this mud from your eyes, let Me heal your tears! Then shall your eyes be fully opened and you shall see! Then shall you know, the love of your Father in Heaven and Him crucified upon the tree! For this is to truly know Me.

And this is how you shall walk in Me… Stand up, gird yourselves with the knowledge of My love, and take My hand. And let us walk together in grace, wherein My strength shall be made perfect in your weakness, with your trust progressing quickly toward perfection.

Yet remember this also… Whatsoever you have done for the least of these, assuredly I say to you, even all you have done for them you have done for Me. And that which you did, you did in Me. And when you forsook them and drew back the hand, you forsook Me; and when you turned away from them, you departed from Me.

Therefore, discern no more according to human ways, see rightly. Learn to judge according to right standards… See with My eyes! And how shall you do this, you ask… Surrender and ask, lay yourselves aside and ask, yea stop and bow down, run into your closet and shut the door, submit to God and ask, and it shall surely be given you. Seek My will, and also be willing to receive of My correction, even every word, embracing everything I reveal to you, whether soft or hard; yea, receive it with a willing heart, with joy, eager to please your Father in Heaven.

My children, do not draw back when correction comes, nor push out the hand, nor wag the head against The Lord’s rebuke… Beloved, rush forward and embrace it! For My correction is love, even a tightening of My grip! And who is able to separate you from My love?! Who is able to steal you from My arms?! For you are My children and are called of the same, even sons and daughters of God because of My blood which you have received.

Come to Me, therefore… And I shall love you with a love this world has not known, a love that heals, a love that never fades, a love that gave up everything to save you…

An all-encompassing love… Love of such power and majesty, which The One True God of Heaven and Earth, of all things seen and unseen, known and unknown, revealed and accomplished through Me, His only Begotten who was given up for you…

Slain from the foundation of the world… Also from which you were Mine, even as you were made through Me and for Me… Predestined in The Beloved, to the joy of The Father.