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March 19, 2005 - From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Timothy, write these words, to those who call of themselves brothers and sisters in Christ, who act in accordance with their own doctrine and doctrines of men.

Oh you hypocrites, where is your heart? Look inside… Do you see Christ there? Have you even unlocked the door for Him to come in? Why do you do this vain and contemptible thing? Do you not know how to worship your God through His Savior, Christ, your Lord? Wherein have you ever found The Christ, who is Almighty and filled completely with the power of God, in paper printed with ink?… Only in the Bible and through these very Letters, of which I have given to My prophet of the end of this age, shall you find Him and know Him. Do not use graven images, nor vain sayings, before your God!… Nor lead others in such practices… For you set at their feet a stumbling block, and the weight of sin and blasphemy upon your own shoulders.

Oh, beloved children, be not ignorant of My ways…

Cast from yourself all things that separate you from Me, Those things that are contemptible in My sight.


For you are tempted of the one, called the father of lies, For he uses that which sounds like truth, to lead you from the Light into the shadow.

Do you not know your Father in Heaven knows that which you desire and need, even before you know or speak? Come to Me as you are, in humility. Ask of Me all that you wish, and remember I do all things for all those who believe and love Me, that is in accordance with My will.

Lay not up for yourself treasures on earth, For these things abide only for a moment, and then pass away. Rather, lay up for yourself riches in Heaven, where it never passes away… Wealth that abides forever.

Pray, with all supplication, for all things that are well and good and are given freely by God. Pray them for others and for those with whom you disagree and dislike, and for those who dislike you, even for those who have hurt and persecuted you. Pray blessings and treasures for them, and watch and see how they are manifest in your own life… For it is better to give than to receive. Greater still are those who ask of God, on another’s behalf, with no thought to themselves, for nothing is given unless The Father wills.

Do all things in faith and purity of faith…

And when you arrive home, to the place I have prepared for you, Will you find an abundance of treasure laid up for you, The treasures that never pass away.

Pray for forgiveness, and you shall have it through the blood of Christ. Pray, next, that He shall reside in you. Pray that you live the way of Christ, and you keep the commandments of God… Every one. And all these things, that you desire, shall come to pass in your life, as it is purposed by The Father. Do not ask for such things that may lead you into sin or prideful living.

When you are free from pride, and resist sin in your own heart, Then shall you receive the things of the earth, with all thankfulness, Knowing they are not the true treasure, of which you had been seeking… For the gift of God is His Son, given to and for the whole world.

You only need accept Him… For He is The Way, The Truth and The Life, all seek. All people are healed, and all things come to fulfillment through Him, As it is purposed by The Father, only as it is written.

Worship not any idol, nor thing made by the hands of men, nor any man or woman… Worship The Father and Son only. Worship not statues or things made of gold, nor men or women called saints, for they are servants of The Most High and are asleep in death. What help are they to the living? Would you ask permission of the servant, to abide in the Master’s house?… Call directly on The Master, in The Heir’s name, and it shall be given you. Even the mother of The Heir has no power, nor ears to hear, for she does not receive prayer, but also prayed as you should pray. She was only a beloved vessel of God. It is the one, called evil and lying, that wishes such things, for he lays a snare shrouded in beauty and glory… It is a mirage. Worship God. Be not distracted, or separated from God, by vain things, though they seem like truth and beauty. Follow only what is written by God and spoken by His Begotten.

Repent, and be cleansed from your iniquities… Repent, and I shall cast them away from you. The One, called Father, is in Heaven… No one else shall be called by the name above all names. Come now, My lost sheep and sheep led away… Return to your First Love and receive your reward, for The Thief comes quickly. Be watchful and ready, for He comes to steal away all those who belong to Him… Be not left in the house, alone in the dark.