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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 238 - The officer as evangelist. He drives out their doubts, leading them to the Lord

1. The officer makes a deep bow before me, going into the crowd and giving out the Gospel to them in such a vital form that they all get dazzled, with the women starting to cry, as some of the more feeble ones think that Judgment Day is about to come, and they are awakened and judged.

2. But the officer barks at them, saying: “Oh you foolish women and church runners, how can you think of something so foolish? Do you think Judgment Day has to be as the parsons paint it? Over here there indeed is a Judgment Day for us all, for we had lived in deepest night; but God the Lord has Himself awoken us this day, and this is the right Judgement Day, on which everlasting salvation has come over us. There is also a judgment to death, in which we were stuck skin and bones to his hour, but it is a judgment out of ourselves and not God. It is God’s word and the free will given to us that judge us, or we should be lifeless stones. But if we ourselves gave us the mortal blow, no longer being able to help ourselves, then comes the Father with His angels from above and helps the dead back to life! When the dead in spirit then awake to ‘everlasting life’ in and with God, then that is a veritable Judgment Day for every awoken one. Hence do not continue to foolishly await a certain day of dread that shall not be making an appearance in this spirit world. If I remember rightly, then does it not say in Scripture: ‘And I, saithe the Lord, shall awaken him on Judgment Day!’ and not: ‘I shall kill and condemn him on judgment Day!’

3. God the Lord has created us humans for light and not an eternal death-and-torment night, and thus He himself awakens all who are still buried within death. Hence be wise and accept counsel; the Lord has given all men the best through His divine doctrine. It is not the Lord’s fault if out of foolishness and avarice men completely misinterpreted it. Hence away with all scruples, and follow me to the Lord: He shall make you all blissful to the extent of everyone’s capacity.”

4. Says the woman: “But, dear friend, it specifically says in holy scripture that after resurrection, all shall be gathered together at the Valley of Jehoshaphat –starting with Adam, to the last human. There they shall see the son of God come amidst His holy apostles, saints and martyrs, accompanied by countless hosts of angels. Whereupon the judge shall sit upon the terrible judgment seat, judging the dead and the living. Note well, this too is written in Holy Scripture. How do you explain such terrible words?”

5. Says the officer: “Dear woman, can you believe that our God and Father can make a child’s coat, without enlargement to fit a giant? Without either reducing the giant to the child’s size or expanding the child’s coat this is not possible. What do you think?” “Indeed” Say the women and men “this is of course out of the question.”

6. ‘Good’, says the officer – we are already spirits in the spirit world; does it seem that you are bigger or smaller then you were in the world?” All say “We see no difference, provided, in God’s name, that we supposed to have died already.” Says the officer: “Well then, we shall shortly understand the Jehoshaphat Valley a little better!” That we really are in the spirit world is now clear and needs no further proof, but I can explain that we really are of the same size we were in the world by comparison.

7. Behold, here is the Stephens’ tower, the dome, the houses all exactly as we saw them upon Earth, thousands of times, and our proportional sizes are the same as in the world. And I notice also that your sizes are what they were in the world. In short, here we are, if anything, bigger than in the world. But the most telling proof is that the Lord himself over there, whose form surely is no deception, is of a size similar to us. But pay attention, we shall do some reckoning!

8. I was once with an Asian expedition and actually saw the good Valley of Jehoshaphat: It is not very far from Jerusalem. The Promised Land’s valleys are narrow, quite stony and not very long. A valley of a few miles in length and half a mile width are rare. Even the Jordan valley, one of the most impressive, is not wide or long, just like Valley of Jehoshaphat.

9. If I find quarters for two thousand men there, then they have to start looking for more space. But if I tried to quarter six hundred thousand men there then the soldiers would fill the Valley like sardines, hardly able to turn around. One million men in the Jehoshaphat Valley would have to start sweating blood for the resulting crush; would a hundred million find space? But we now calculate at least five thousand years –an epoch for three hundred thousand million past lives (And only our dear Lord God will know best how many more shall still dwell there. Should this dreadful number of people find room in the little valley of Jehoshaphat on the day of Judgment?

10. People, just think of the weirdness. To make it feasible, man would have to be reduced to infusorial-size, and God’s angels advised to provide themselves with microscopes, to sort the good from the bad after judgment, a somewhat sour task for God’s good angels. If however the entire Earth was turned into the Jehoshaphat Valley, then not all would catch a glimpse of the severe judge and everyone simultaneously hear the terrible verdict. The Lord would have to somehow enounce the verdict every second with immense volume, because the Earth rotates about five (German) miles every second. Calculations however will show that a cannon-like voice would be needed, taking the thing materially, for it to be heard even three German miles.

11. You can see the insane result, if God’s word is taken literally: God’s word must always be taken spiritually, because it is completely spiritual, if one wishes to get to the truth, which alone frees man’s mind from all stupidity.

12. Behold, due to its peculiar nature, the Jehoshaphat Valley was often used for funerals by prominent families. And as we have a saying: “Ultimately, great and small, rich and poor, friend and foe all come together at the cemetery” This is said also about the Jehoshaphat Valley. The Valley also denotes a grave on account of its narrowness and unhospitability and in the spiritual sense the spirit world to the extent that we found ourselves within it. For the spirit world too is man’s death grave of the spirit, until the latter is awoken there from (as are we) by God the Lord through his holy, almighty love-will.

13. We have therefore until now been in the actual Valley of Jehoshaphat. But the Lord came now with his limitless love and mercy, with his grace, showing us our direction for life. Hence we should figure out how to thank him for such endless grace. Hence come with me and give the Lord the honour, since he now has saved you from the valley of death and judgment!”

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