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Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-239 Chapter

From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 239 - The peoples’ enquiries and petition. The officer’s patience put to the test

1. One person of rural descent and of fairly old appearance and seemingly limited intellect steps up to the officer, stuttering awkwardly: “He he, you’re a mighty clever man, saying also that our dear Lord God is here! He. . he, say which one it would be?! Beg to be excused, your grace!” The officer suppresses laughter at the comical peasant: “My dear friend, look that away, it is the One now conversing at the house corner with a certain Robert Blum, and with the blissful Emperor Joseph, the one with the strikingly blond hair second to none! How do you like Him?”

2. Says the peasant: “He he, are you saying this is dean Lord God? My God, My God, my God; would have imagined Him quite differently. No bigger than us, yet so almighty! Verily, this is amazing! Such small God, yet so almighty; who would have thought that?! But don’t mean it badly, your grace, just talking the way I can.”

3. Says the officer: “Indeed, my friend, that’s how it is; cannot tell from His outward appearance of course, but it nevertheless is Him. But come over with me now, together with the others; I shall introduce you all, and He Himself shall counsel you best and rapidly lead you to your goal. Only do not keep Him waiting too long, least His patience wears thin, and this would not be funny; understand me, dear friends!”

4. Two more of them come up, saying “We left our house in a mess when we heard the commotion, and our people don’t know what’s become of us; if we could only run over there and stop them being troubled! ’

5. Says the officer: “Fools, you have the opportunity to come to God the Lord; what can possibly matter more? Over here your house is in any case no more than illusion. Truth and reality only commence now, the rest was idle dreaming till now! Ought you to entertain the dream and wager holy reality? When God calls us we must be able to instantly let everything go and follow Him, or not be worthy of Him.

6. Here God the Lord of all life Himself is calling, to give us unspeakables everlastingly! What are you not going to leave behind for the love of God that He cannot replace a thousandfold? Will you not recognize God’s order and what is wrong and right! Generate love for God in your heart, and don’t come up with more foolishness, following me over to God, or I let you stand and sit in your Jehoshaphat Valley!”

7. Says an elderly lady with a book of prayer and rosary in her hand: ”But, gracious officer, do you not think one should pray to the blessed Virgin Mary along the way, and say at least a half rosary for bitter tribulation!”

8. Says the officer: “Oh God, give me patience, now we have the old churchie with her objections?” (to the old one) Would you not also confess and have communion first? If the real God stands here before us, then surely you won’t need a baked one tool Look, you old sleeping bag, your suggestion seems stupid and dull; how stupid must it seem to our dear and wisest Lord and God?

9. Cast away all the old spirit and soul-killing parson instruments of death from yourselves, and come with us to the One Who alone is life! He shall tell you what you need to do henceforth. The Lord indeed shows all patience and forbearance with blind men, but there can eternally be no talk of His joy or pleasure in that. Tolerance means suffering out of love when the most futile things are paraded before God, with which no God can ever be pleased. I say unto all of you for the last time that, whoever comes up with one more stupidity in this most holy and eternally portentous moment, shall be cast out of this company and be allowed to go back to his phantasmic quarters and bake himself potatoes forever!”

10. Say the old one: “No, no, beg your forgiveness, Mr. Officer, did not know prayer was such a bad thing. I know that praying is not exactly pleasant. But prayer being an unpleasantry, I thought that one denies oneself, taking the cross of prayer upon oneself to follow Christ the Lord. And carrying a little cross along the short way would, I thought, earn us a little something into bargain. But I realize that Mr. Officer understands these holy things better. And so let us do as the lord officer desires!”

11. Says the officer: “Leave me along with the ‘lord’! God alone is Lord, ourselves all being brothers and sisters. Oh Lord, how dreadfully stupid your people have become; prayer, the delightful uplifting of the heart to Yourself, holy Father, they take for a kind of self-flagellation - a burdensome cross! Ah, this goes too far. Unfortunately their most unspiritual and mindless type of prayer that only kills the spirit basically amounts to that. At least these people assess their prayer correctly, and so one must show them patience, but one has to shake them up a little, before they become too mouldy for stupidity. Lord, show patience with the poor one’s stupidity. They are not all that bad, but stupid as the night. Yet let it not concern us, as they accept counsel, although one has to sometimes stir them up so they would drop their stupidity more readily. Are a couple more old dames perhaps going to cough up more?”

12. The officer had hardly mumbled these words when another old hag comes up to him with an old silver-relic of a cross, saying: “Excuse one question! This cross, blessed three times by the pope himself, was bequeathed to me by a most worthy Pater Cappuccino monk, for my having once paid off a debt on behalf to the cloister. There is remembrance of Christ the Lord in this cross; do you think I should perhaps take this treasure-gem over to Christ the Lord for a presentation?” The officer somewhat jumps in anger, saying: “Keep it coming thick and fast! Oh God, oh God, are these people unbelievably stupid beyond imagination!” (to the woman) By all means make your present in God’s name!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-239 Chapter