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January 26, 2007 - From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For a Sister in Christ, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

[God The Father] Thus says The Lord to His servant: Be not troubled nor down-hearted, for that which I am about to do shall be done quickly. And though it tarry, it shall surely come; and when it comes, it shall not tarry.

You speak of many things, all of which the devil has used to cast you into confusion and doubt. The Holy One comes nigh, and the wicked shall soon suffer at the hand of the One True God, the only God, the God of Israel… Yet you question. This is good, My child, for one can not receive unless one asks in Messiah’s name, He who is called Jesus and Christ… His name, YahuShua. He is the gift of which you have received, but only in part, and His Spirit has begun to work in you… This is also your feeling of uneasiness. For the Truth, when it is established in you, must destroy that in you which is not of the Truth and is a lie… And so the battle rages. Yet this battle has already been won, for The Christ died so you could be free and live. Though you do not yet understand all these things, abide in faith with all long-suffering, with all patience in faith, trusting in your God, the only God.

Abide in My Son… He is your Sanctuary in these times of trouble, That are from within and without and shall encompass you roundabout. Trust in Him, and He shall give you rest. In true faith, one does not need all the answers. One only need rest in the knowing, I AM The Lord… and there is none like Me.

And by Him, who I have sent, is that rest of which you have known from the beginning, Being the same One through which you were made, Even all these worlds and all things of which you have seen with your own eyes… They are His as you are His. I have given Him to you, and in Him shall you have life in His joy, Having received of the Living Water, receiving life because of Him the second time.

All have sinned… And in that same moment, those who live have died. And in the same moment of which I draw them, and they turn to Me in Christ’s name, are they made alive… Not as at first, but forever, for the power of the second death has lost its grip on the redeemed.

So then, My child, continue to seek Me, for that which was written is coming to pass in your lifetime, but is by no means complete. All, that must be, is not accomplished… Much work is to be done. Even in you do I work, for My Spirit, which is in Christ, is always working, for in you is much of man’s doctrine. For one need only call on My name, by Christ, and then walk in My ways according to how your Lord, your Redeemer, has taught you. Abide not in the doctrines of men, nor follow their teachings, for in no wise do I dwell in the churches of men. For the light has gone out of the churches of men… Only bitter and corrupt doctrine resides there, fed to the multitude, who are asleep, sitting in the dark. Break free, beloved, and seek Me in all truth and supplication, and then you shall begin to know Me as I really am. Shed the skin of this world, and do not give heed to any tradition of men. These, though they have a veneer with a similitude of truth, they are not the Truth, for any pure water mixed with poison becomes poison. Drink not from the cups of blasphemy, held fast by the hands of men… Turn to God!

Read My Word only. And there in the pages of My Book, the Scriptures of Truth, shall you find Me and have peace from all that ails you. And so it begins, the final temptation by him called evil and him who he sends, who shall lead many into perdition. Fear not… I am coming quickly. And The Holy One shall gather even all these, who He sees of Himself in them, those who know Him and walk in Him, and He in them, for these are converted in their innermost parts and give heed to all the Spirit speaks to them.

And so you groan… These are but the birth pains of your heart. To be born again is the process by which you become, in all ways, liken unto Christ, of whom you have come to love with your whole life, strength and soul. Not that you shall be, at present, perfect… There is none perfect, save He who remains perfect, having come from He who alone is righteous. No, My child, I say that you shall strive for a completion in faith, which is all in all in Christ Jesus, for He is the Author and Finisher, the only True Gift, the Fulfillment of all things… The Love and Mercy of God.

[Jesus The Christ] You also ask of tithes… Here is wisdom… Abraham, your father, gave ten percent of his spoils to the king of Salem, Melchizedek, and later a portion was also given of the tribes of Israel and to the Levites so they may serve God, and so it is today. Yet today, the voice of God is not with His people, as it was then, for none will listen. So give directly to the poor, as your heart leads you, for in serving God shall no man profit by monetary means, but shall profit only by that which The Lord God gives. And the profit God gives is true, and in no wise is it of men or mammon. For The Lord delights in that which one gives to another, in My name, and by the works of their own hands and feet in all righteousness… This is the tithe in which The Lord delights most. If one comes to you, saying, ‘Give me a cup of water’… Give them a drink in My name.

If one comes, saying, ‘I need a shirt, for I am naked and cold’… Give them your shirt and your coat also. And if this same one asks, ‘Will you walk with me this far?’… Go with them double.

So tithe not just of your money, but of your possessions, of your body, of your strength, of your time, of your very life, and you shall receive ten-fold in Heaven and in the Kingdom to come. Do this, and you shall really know Me and The Father also, for I am of The Father.

And it is He who has sent Me to live in you, because He had also given you to Me, and I had given of Myself for you… Even of My very life to save you. I know you, beloved, I have always known you… I created you. I am your Father, as God is your Father. I am your Fashioner, the Carpenter, your Shepherd. Come to Me, and dwell in My sheep pen, and dwell no longer in the world’s or the churches… I am the Church. There are no walls preventing you from seeing Me as I am. I am all around you and in you… You are in My body. My church is not made with human hands… It stands forever by the power of God’s Spirit, which is in Me and I am. All those, who love Me with their whole hearts and drink of My blood and eat of My flesh, are the True Church, which is of Me and in Me. No church of men, made by human hands, shall endure… Only the church of My body shall endure. For it is built upon the Rock of the Everlasting Covenant, which is in Me, and I am in The Father… The Chief Cornerstone of which all things have life and are built. Trust not in man’s doctrine. It is built upon the shifting sands of religion and tradition.

No one comes to Me unless The Father first draws them to Me. No man can draw you… Human power is of no use at all. Abide in Me, and I shall abide in you and give you life in abundance.

I am the only Begotten of The Father… There is none other and none like Me. I am the only Way to follow… The only Path to redemption… The Truth and the Word… The Life that never ends… The Light that shines in the darkness… The Beginning and the Ending, who comes quickly to make a quick end, So again there may be a new beginning which has no end. Amen. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Restoration of all things, The Unbreakable Stone that fills the entire earth, which will endure forever and ever, And forever shall I be… I AM. And in this is all wisdom and all prophecy fulfilled: In the knowing that there is One God and One Son, the Way to The Father, And One Life, which is never-ending, of which all were made and have life, If they so choose to receive of this Gift… I am that Gift… Receive Me and have Life. My Kingdom is coming and has come already. Come and dwell in The Father’s Joy, which is in Me. Amen and amen.