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June 13, 2005 - From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Timothy, write as I speak to you this day, so the multitudes may hear and know, says The Lord… Behold the man who fears he is of no consequence; he has been exalted for The Lord’s purpose. And according to My purpose shall many wonderful things be done in the sight and hearing of men. He is not alone, but part of a multitude who are called and stand with him. For they together stand before The Lord of the universe, and shall follow Him wheresoever He leads them, all acting in concert according to the Word of The Lord given them.

Therefore, thus says The Lord through His prophet… Come, My people! From every land, tribe and nation, come out and meet your God! Come forth, My people, and be gathered from the four corners of the earth! Your Lord and Savior calls to you! Be drawn home!… Come back to Me!

Who will be reconciled to The Father? Who will be lifted up?! For I am coming quickly, to steal away all those who belong to Me; behold, in a few short years I shall return for My elect. And though many yet dwell in the house of the strong man, I am The Thief who is coming at a day and hour unknown, to spoil the house, to steal away My elect.

Behold, I am also He who is coming to bind the strong man for one thousand years. Then shall all My beloved enter into My rest. For I have prepared a place of peace for My people, a reward for all those who had sought to overcome the strong man who deceived them, all those who sought to be free from he who tempted them without ceasing, accusing them day and night. For all these things were purposed from the beginning, and evil allowed by The Father for only a short season, so His created ones may know both good and evil, and choose… That His beloved might choose righteousness and embrace the love and mercy of The Father, which I am.

And now the conclusion of all things is here, the end of this age draws very near, for I am come. Behold, the door lay open, and My beloved have invited Me in; I no longer wait outside knocking. For The Father has sent Me to fulfill all things, to enter the house and fill My chosen with My spirit… Therefore, listen to them, for it is I who speaks!

Soon I must gather My wheat into My barn, And separate and bind the tares together to be burned…

Yet not all will be lost, for there is another crop, a wild crop, Many sheaves of wild wheat lost and scattered abroad in the wilderness; And these I must gather also…

For I shall cut down the forest, and break up all this hard and cracked ground, And reseed this field with new seeds which will be accepted; This is the second harvest…

Yet blessed are those who take part in the first, For they shall be first partakers of The Glory.