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11. Chapter - Mark 10:50 - “And he threw away his garment, rose and came to Him.”

Written down through Jacob Lorber on January 9th, 1844

1. When you have chosen a text, write the it down quickly!

2. And he (Bartimaeus) threw away his garment, rose and came to Him (Jesus).

3. You have chosen a very appropriate text; this text should be a powerful guideline to all, who are blind in this world, so that they would do, what this blind man had done to receive the true light of the spiritual eyes!

4. Why did the blind man throw the garment away? He could have rushed to the Lord with the garment, when He called him?! - The blind man was clever. He knew and calculated it well, that the heavy outer garment would be a hindrance on the fast tread to the Lord. Therefore he threw away the heavy garment and got rid of the impediment, which would have made his tread cumbersome - and the advantage was, that he arrived much faster by the Lord, who, in turn, gave him his eye sight back.

5. Who actually is this blind man? - This blind man is an academic man of the world, who is luckily aware of his blindness and at the same time he also knows, who is able to heal him of his blindness.

6. There are many blind people like him sitting along the path and many toddle around in their corners. But those who sit along the path, fall asleep, completely intoxicated by the opium potion of their acquired knowledge, and then they dream also, as if they would see. These do not know in the daze of their scholarly dreams, when the Lord passes by them on His Way, and they also do not know, that they are blind; therefore they also do not call... "Son of David, help me!"

7. But half of those, who toddle around in all corners, are looking for the one, who could make them see, and they depart from the path. So when the Son of David passes by, they are not there and miss the moment - on account of their foolish searching - when the Son of David passes by on His Way to Jericho; therefore they also do not call and remain in their blindness.

8. What is this path? - This path is the testing track through this world; and Jericho is the finite stack space for those, who have traveled this path, or in other words, first it is the spirit world.

9. Our blind one was not afraid of the threatening disciples, for he knew quite well that the Lord is mighty and much more merciful than His disciples, who had threatened him; therefore the Lord also heard him, and when he called him, he even threw away the last impediment, namely, his garment, so he could reach the One - who had called him - as quickly and safely as possible.

10. This blind man is a great example, and I tell you... Do the same, you who are also blind ones, sitting along the path! Await the Lord along the path, and when he passes by, let yourself not be discouraged by the world, but call upon Him in your heart, so that He may have mercy upon you and give you the light of eternal life! And truly, He will have mercy upon you and give you what you have asked of Him!

11. The blind man threw his garment away. What does the garment want? - It is the world, as well as all the literacy and acquired knowledge of the outer mind. Throw this away, since I call to you every day, so that it does not hinder you on your way to Me!

12. Would it have been wise of the blind man, if he clothed himself with even more garments when I called him? - These would have hindered him at the end for sure, so that he would not have been able to arise from the ground and he would also have rushed much slower to the One, who called him!

13. But if I call to you every day, as I have called to the blind one, is it wise of you, that you want to clothe yourself with all sorts of skirts and coats of worldly knowledge? - Surely, that would be the greatest folly! Instead, throw everything away, and hurry to Me in your heart, and I will open your eyes and make you see in your spirit, in a living manner, so that you will achieve more with one glance, than if you would toddle around in your blindness thousands of years!

14. Of what use is the blind man's fantastic eyesight in a dream? Once he wakes up, he is still blind - and even more blind than before!

15. What does a whole garment of such deep and severe scholarly wisdom avail? It hinders him, so that he may never arise, when he is called to the reception of the living light!

16. The spirit of man has everything within himself anyway; all he needs is the opening of his eyes, to see the endless fullness of life's wonders within himself.

17. But what does the spirit gain, when man fills his memory and his mind with nothing but shadows and empty shells? - Nothing - but rather he even loses thereby and becomes imprisoned within the chaos of the outer bark of all sorts of shells and shadows, so that he indeed cannot reach freedom easily and even less the reception of the living light of his eyes!

18. Assume, that you would have memorized the whole bible in your head; another one has internalized only a few verses, but he had based his life stricltly on them. The verses will become alive with this one and they will free his spirit. But with you, the whole scripture lies dead, and you don't understand one single verse in a living manner.

19. Now, what is better... The two living and active implemented little verses, or the whole letter salad of the Holy Scripture, of which you didn't implement one single verse into your life? - Certainly, the two living and active implemented verses will be better!

20. One will probably say here... "If someone knows more, he can also implement more into his living activity" - But I say... "Man is My creation, and that's why I know best what is good for him."

21. Take a student - I set the task... Put before him in music - right at the beginning - a really big study, and let him start with all the chapters at the same time! Tell Me, what will become of him? - Certainly nothing; because he will get tired of the work and soon he will hang the whole study on a nail!

22. But take a small study, and start with the first level, and let him practise it well! When he is able to play the first level without any problem, wouldn't that be more valuable than trying the whole study at once?!

23 Therefore I tell you... 'Throw away the unnecessary garment, make the study small, and you will arise much easier, like the blind man along the path, and rush with much faster steps there, whereto I call you every day now!

24. Indeed, you may read through all the libraries of the world, but you will not stand before Me any better and you will not know more, as if you'd never had read anything! How come? - Because, if you want to receive the light from Me, you must let go of everything; because all of this is nothing more than an empty shell and empty straw, which is destined for the fire!

25. If you are not able to remove all those empty shell and straw accomplishments from yourself, before my loving flame of light reaches you, this fire will set the straw ablaze, and there will be a frantic fire within you! But if you manage to get rid of all that stuff and throw away the vain and foolish garment, there will not be a fire, once My fiery light comes to reside within you, but rather it will warm you up and enlighten your entire spirit - just like the blind man along the path was able to see in the self-same moment, he came to Me.

26. I think, this illustration cannot possibly be made any clearer; but it must, like all previous ones, be implemented into life, if it shall provide a living beacon. As long as that is not the case, you will probably read it in passing and then say... "This is really pretty nice!" and I can say to that nothing more than... "This is really pretty foolish of you, because as long as you continue to perceive my living cry as nothing else but 'pretty nice', you build houses on the sand, and with you, My living Seed falls on the path and it will be easily trampled underfoot and bear no fruit.

27. But if you internalize it immediately in a living manner and act accordingly, then you are wise, because you build the house on the rock, and My Seed falls on good ground.

28. I care little about whether you perceive My Words as being nice or not - but it means all to Me, that you act accordingly, for I do not give them to you because of admiration, but for the sake of your own salvation.

29. These things should indeed be considered by you, because otherwise, it will be of no benefit to you! - Soon again another central sun!

Main Page Scripture-Explanations SCRE-11 Chapter