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Chapter 31 - Luke 19:4 - Zacchaeus

Written down through Jacob Lorber on February 14th, 1844

1. "And having run ahead, he (Zacchaeus) climbed up a sycamore tree to see Him, because He was about to pass by."

2. This verse indeed only contains the statement of a fact, and you could conclude, thanks to a previously sent forth teaching, that there would also be a hidden deep meaning, which one can never fathom completely; however, that is not the case here, because it is only practiced by man, and not by the Lord Himself. Nevertheless, this seemingly unimportant scene has an inner and spiritual meaning, and for that reason, it is mentioned in the gospel, because it contains a good applicable teaching for every human being.

3. One or the other of the wise men of the world may say here... What could be hidden behind such a common, ordinary thing? What else did Zacchaeus know from Jesus Christ, than what we know nowadays from a so-called miracle worker.

4. But if we know in advance of a place, where such a miracle worker will pass by, then everybody will come out onto the streets and alleys and everybody will await the entry of this miracle worker with great longing. If there are some easy to climb trees near the street, they will for sure be used by the boys and maybe also by some older, but very curious human beings.

5. What meaning lies within this phenomenon? - Certainly nothing more than the one, which can be grasped with the hands, namely... that several curious dandies also wanted to see the miracle worker!

6. The moral of this could therefore only be... Listen, you boys and curious men, as well as you short ones, who are not able to look over the tall cads. Try to take possession of a tree as early as possible, when such an occasion is coming up, so that you may be able to satisfy your eyes, without considering, that if by heeding this moral, some of the trees would be damaged.

7. Here we have an interpretation, as the world would give it. Therefore, I gave it here beforehand, to make it easier for the world, to satirize (agitate, make fun of) with their assessment of my interpretations, which are incomprehensible for them.

8. But we want to see now, what completely different meaning and moral is contained within this simple text. We want to start this explanation as odd as possible, as well as sending the practical part ahead and then let the theoretic part be understood by itself so to speak.

9. And therefore I say... The entire world is full of Zacchaeuses, and you yourself are one of them! Therefore, do what he did, and then I'll say and do to you as well, what I said and did to Zacchaeus. The path that I choose to walk with My Own is known to you, you are, like Zacchaeus, sinful tax collectors of the world.

10. But what did Zacchaeus do to see Me along the path? - He was a short person, he ran ahead and climbed on a sycamore tree, which means as much as... The sinful human being recognized his unworthiness before Me, he was full of humility and corresponded to the tax collector in the temple, which also did not dare to raise his head.

11. However, humility is the main sustenance of love. The love grows stronger and mightier towards the one, before which she feels her great unworthiness! The more unworthy she feels, the more she will be drawn towards Him, because her respect grows to the extent, as she lowers herself in her own eyes. Such a love then only thinks about the one whom she holds dearest and greatly respects as her highest good.

12. In this preoccupation with the highly respectable object of such a love lies a light, which becomes brighter and brighter, in which man continually thinks and seeks, how he could bring his most sublime object closer to his contemplation! This thinking and seeking resembles the rushing ahead of Zacchaeus.

13. He is on the right path; but he also knows, that the Lord is the Innermost of all things, and is therefore in a great hustle and bustle and it will not be possible to spot Him even on this right path. However, the desire to see the Lord is greater than this hindrance and mightier than this hustle and bustle, and it summons all strength within man, to elevate himself and reach a point, from where he could contemplate the Lord across the hustle and bustle and in the mittle of it.

14. A tree is chosen and climbed... a sycamore tree, resembling the tree of knowledge, in whose leafs the fine radiant substance for the royal gowns is hidden. So, through greater understanding and through the light of faith, man wants to behold the Lord; that is why he runs ahead and climbs the symbolic tree of knowledge, which might have a sweet fruit, but still, no one will be satisfied by it. It seemingly satisfies, but after such a pseudo satisfaction usually follows an even greater hunger, as one ever had before.

15. It's the same with the more elevated insights on the road of the intellectual research. These insights also seem to satisfy the spirit at first; but shortly thereafter, the desiring stomach says... The few sweet grapes only made me tired, but did not satisfy me; I have had a short lived feeling of fullness, but in the end, I was still empty!

16. See, this is a clear picture of what the sycamore tree signifies, which Zacchaeus ascended with the best intention, - and it would be good for all such worldly taught tax collectors and sinners, if they would climb the tree of knowledge along the Lord's path with the intention of Zacchaeus! They would accomplish the same as Zacchaeus has accomplished.

17. But sadly, the tree of knowledge is very rarely climbed with the same intentions as Zacchaeus did, even though some Zacchaeuses ascend the tree of knowledge with better intentions, - but usually one, which is not situated along the Lord's path.

18. Up to now, everything is clear, but now the question arises... Is it enough to achieve eternal life, if somebody does, as Zacchaeus did, with the best intentions?

19. This question is answered in the verse of the gospel, where the Lord says to Zacchaeus, who was peering down from the tree... Come down, for I must dine in your house today!

20. That means as much as... Zacchaeus! Relieve yourself of your elevated speculation of Me, and step down into the chamber of your love for Me. In your house, there is nourishment for Me, and I will enter and dine in your house!

21. And even more clearly this means... Zacchaeus! Step down into your first humility and love; thus I will move in with you, and I will refresh Myself with this fruit of your heart!”

22. Behold, this is the practical-theoretical meaning of this text, and the moral of it in short... Look at your brother Zacchaeus, and follow his example, so that, what has happened to Zacchaeus will also happen to you!”

23. I mean, any other theory would be really superfluous here; for the said things are already very clear. Whoever reads and considers it, will certainly find the portion of Zacchaeus, and I will say to him what I said to Zacchaeus.

24. This should be considered well by all of you! Amen.

Main Page Scripture-Explanations SCRE-31 Chapter